December catch up post

Hey everybody,

The beginning of December had been quite busy for me, but since I am home, enjoying festive season with my family and friends, things got more chilled and relaxed. It means I could find some time for a quick catch up post :).

At the very beginning of the month I’ve got couple of days off which I used for studying for my upcoming exams. Obviously I didn’t kill myself with too much manual reading, I went out to the beach with my friend and the weather was so lovely. The name of this place is “Kite beach” and it is quite close to my area but we still had to take a taxi. This is a public beach it is pretty long and empty, I am so surprised why I haven’t came here before. Here is some pictures for you to enjoy.

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Cabin crew graduation

Welcome everybody!

My graduation day finally came on 12th May. And the last day to wake up at 5 am :P. Me and the fellow graduating crew from my building went down to took the bus to the college which was totally full with ab initios when it arrived. The driver seemed to be upset and he was trying to confess us that the next bus would come soon which takes us to the other building where the graduation was gonna take place. Obviously he had no clue about it, and the next bus never came. This is something I noticed here – people usually just say something if they don’t know the answer just to make sure you gonna leave them alone. So this is exactly what happened, that’s why we had to share a taxi and go to our graduation on our own expense. Whatever, we had fun singing the latest Calvin Harris song with the radio :P.

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Back in training college – End of probation

Hello again!

As every company, Emirates also has probation period, which is 6 months long – 2 months of training and the rest 4 months is flying. We all had to complete a so called portfolio which had different tasks to do. First of all, we had to collect feedback from our cabin supervisors and also from our other colleagues. Sometimes it was not easy, as not everyone likes writing these king of stuff for others. I even had a cabin supervisor who’s reaction was the following: “fuck”.
Seriously, this is what he said when I asked him to complete the form for me. It was not even a short light, he would have had plenty of time to do it for me.  He told me he would do it another time for me but I had never asked him again. Even when I had a question (about anything) I asked the other economy crew. Once he even asked me “are you shy to ask?”. Obviously I was not shy and I said no. End of the story. In my imagination I said: “No I am not shy, but I prefer asking questions from those who don’t mind helping me”. Never mind.

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Overall review about the cabin crew training

Hey there everybody :),

It’s been 7 months since I came to Dubai and for approx 6 months I haven’t posted anything. Not sure if I am gonna come back, but right now I feel like writing, so why not make a post for you (if there is still anyone out there reading my phantom blog).

I did make post about SEP training, which was the hardest part of the whole thing, and it took 2,5 weeks. I was in the afternoon shift, which means I started 2pm and finished at 10pm and I got home around 10:30pm. The schedule is not the best, because most people get tired once the sun goes down and you gonna loose concentration but I still prefer this timing over the morning ones. Some batches started at 5:30am!!! which means they had the pick up at 4:30am, so they had to wake up around 3:30, even earlier. I have a new flatmate and she is in this schedule and I can tell you that she is not happy at all. However she likes the part that she finishes very early (1:30pm).

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This is the end of our session – End of SEP

Hey everybody!

I know, I know, it had been a LONG time since I’d posted here, but honestly I was not in the mood :). During the weekdays, I was studying when I had free time, during the weekend I was out or I was too lazy, haha. To be honest, I was active on my Hungarian blog and I couldn’t find time to update this one as well. I am about to visit Miracle Garden today, which means I still don’t have much time, so I would summarize this amazing 3 weeks in nutshell.


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End of the induction week

Hello everybody,

This is Sunday morning and I am off til 1 pm :). The SEP training starts today and I feel very excited about it. During the week, all of our trainers said it would be a very tough period for us and we would have to study a lot. Honestly they scared me a bit, haha.

I would like to catch up with writing, I finished on Tuesday if I am not wrong. I was lucky, because on Wednesday, my batch started later than usual, so I could sleep until 9 am. It was the first day we went to the training college. First I had an IT session, we got the access to the crew portal and we also discussed some dangers of social media. The trainer was  from Egypt, he is also a half time purser, he had such a great sense of humor. When we finished this session (around 3-4pm) we all (batch 3008 and batch 3007) went to another building of the training college, where we met Ali, a local induction specialist who first took photo about the batches. The professional one will be uploaded on the crew portal, however we couldn’t find it yet.

The batch 🙂

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4 days in Dubai

Hey guys!

So, it has been 3 days since I have arrived in Dubai and everything is happening so fast! I also started to write a blog in Hungarian (for my family and friends) and I wrote a post there, so I couldn’t find more spare time to write. Now I have like one hour to catch up :). I wanted to write everything in very detailed way but I can see I won’t have time (nor energy) to do so :(. Anyway, I try to give you as much information as possible.

So, the flight from Budapest to Dubai was amazing. The purser had welcomed me and I already told him I was a new joiner. He got so excited, he was a really nice guy from Egypt by the way. The SFS of the economy class escorted me to my seat and my friend Lilla came to say hi. I managed to say last goodbye to the beautiful Budapest, then the aircraft disappeared among the clouds. The purser took a cabin crew from the business class, so he could also say hi to me. He even shaked my hand, I felt myself so special! 😀

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