4 days in Dubai

Hey guys!

So, it has been 3 days since I have arrived in Dubai and everything is happening so fast! I also started to write a blog in Hungarian (for my family and friends) and I wrote a post there, so I couldn’t find more spare time to write. Now I have like one hour to catch up :). I wanted to write everything in very detailed way but I can see I won’t have time (nor energy) to do so :(. Anyway, I try to give you as much information as possible.

So, the flight from Budapest to Dubai was amazing. The purser had welcomed me and I already told him I was a new joiner. He got so excited, he was a really nice guy from Egypt by the way. The SFS of the economy class escorted me to my seat and my friend Lilla came to say hi. I managed to say last goodbye to the beautiful Budapest, then the aircraft disappeared among the clouds. The purser took a cabin crew from the business class, so he could also say hi to me. He even shaked my hand, I felt myself so special! 😀

After take off, the crew started with the service. The food was really nice, not like in restaurants but I guess no one expect that quality on board. I couldn’t wait Lilla to take me to the galley, it was a really good experience. The crew was really nice, we made more photos and then they took me to the galley of the business class. They served very taste French wine for me, I got two boxes of chocolate and Evian water. I was received it in purpose to had something to drink once we arrive and before they take me to my apartment.

We had only 2 hours left when I tried to have some rest, but couldn’t find anything interesting to watch/listen on ICE. I tried to sleep, but of course I couldn’t. Dubai was amazing from the sky, the view was really breath-taking. I was so excited to enter the famous airport.

The marhaba staff escorted me during the whole process, and guess what, they couldn’t find one of my luggage! They wrote a report and promised me they would find it within a day or two. I was still nervous, being without half of my stuff in a new country could have been a very tough situation. Then with fellow joiners we had to wait like 2 more hours at the airport. New people were constantly coming from different corners of the world, everyone was so excited and tired as well. It was around 2:30am when I finally reached the 21st Century Tower with two other girls. Honestly I had big expectations but I got disappointed as soon as I entered my apartment. Smell of smoke was floating everywhere, I saw a cat-carrier and everything was a mess… no one came to welcome me though I heard some noises from one of the other bedrooms. My bedroom and bathroom were also dirty, I couldn’t believe it was happening to me. Okay, someone did some brief and quick cleaning, but it was still far from CLEAN. I had a shower, then I tried to get some sleep, but I couldn’t, even if I was so exhausted. The room was so smelly and cold and the traffic was noisy (disadvantage of living in downtown). So around 5 am I started to unpack my one and only luggage when I heard someone was outside the corridor. One of my flatmates, she was due to leave, because she had a flight. She was nice and showed me some things around (also gave me the wifi password) then she left. Later I had another conversation with her, actually she is nice. Finally I managed to have like 5,5 hours sleeping. I got a phone call from the reception, they received my missing luggage from the airport. I was so happy and relieved, at least I could tick one thing off to worry about.

I met my other flat mate. It was a bit weird, her door was slightly opened, she could hear me, but she didn’t come to say hi… I was the one who knocked on her door. She was nice but a bit closed as well. I figured out she and the other girl are both 33 years old and they have been working here for 4-5  years. Not the best people to get a newbie, they were not interested in me at all. But I got toilet paper from her, haha.

I spent the half of the day with cleaning my dirty bathroom, later Lilla and another nice girl, Panni, came to visit me. Lilla brought me coffee and almond croissant from Starbucks which is in my building! We had some chit chat, then we headed to the city to go to Carrefour , because I wanted to buy iron and hair dryer :D. It was so hard to catch a free taxi, even if we could, they didn’t know the location where we wanted to go. So after 3 unsuccessful trials, we chose to go by metro. It was awful :D. So crowded, the people don’t really pay attention to each other, public transportation is much calmer in Hungary, but anyway, I’m sure I will get used to it.

I could hardly fall asleep again. I think I only had like 4 hours of sleeping. I woke up at 5am to get ready for the pick up which was scheduled at 6:30.  Business attire, full make up, neat bun with hair net and I was ready! I met the other newbies in the hall, they are all awesome people. Sunday was a very long day in the HQ, everyone got tired quickly and I have heard from almost everyone that they couldn’t sleep either. We got back around 4pm, so me and Melissa (from South Africa) went for a grocery shopping to a big supermarket which was 10 minutes away by foot. I bought some great stuff; Syrian pear, camel milk, hummus and oriental sugar wax. I got to see the view from Melissa’s apartment, it was amazing, cause she lives on the 47th floor! Can you imagine that? We also had a glimpse at the 53th floor, by the pool :D. You can see this picture below.

Later we all went to the 47th floor and we had dinner together :). It is the apartment of a guy from Egypt, he’s name is Ayman, and two girls were cooking, one of them from Italy (Federica), the other one from France (Suu) with Colombian roots. I took my Pálinka, so all the others could taste it, it was too strong for them hehe :D. We had amazing dessert, caramel flavored Cadbury ice cream mixed together with Kinder Bueno. Around 9:15pm I said good bye to them and went down to my apartment. I talked to my sister on Skype, then I went to bed but I couldn’t fell asleep, again! 😦 I was struggling and only had 4 hours sleeping.

Monday was a very long day in the HQ, we had blood test and other sessions during the day. We also had to wait a lot, more than the half of the day was about never ending waiting. When I got home I had a shower and I also had my first washing here. The  washing machine was such a mess, I couldn’t believe it! It was pretty hard to clean it, but finally I managed to do so. At 6:30pm a local friend of mine came to pick me up and he took me to Dubai Mall. It was my first time there. It is an amazing and breath taking facility, but to tell you the truth guys, I didn’t get excited about being there. Some girls can’t wait to go there and check all the shops around, but I’m not this type. I was also very exhausted, so I couldn’t enjoy the trip that much. We had a dinner, my friend invited me, it was very delicious, the staff was super friendly, so I liked it a lot. The only problem is that it was too expensive. I am trying to save money to get a new phone as soon as possible.
After the dinner we went outside to see the tallest building of the world, which is Burj Khalifa. We even saw the fountain show, it was so lovely. I couldn’t (and still can’t) believe I am really here in Dubai!

Last night I managed to have a better sleep, with 5 hours :D. When I woke up I felt myself more energetic than ever before in Dubai. This day was also a very long one with so much waiting. We had X-ray chest examination. The lady there was so rude and we all got scared a bit, it was so funny :D. Then we got the ID photos taken, it was the first time we wore the half of the uniform. Then additional waiting was coming, we had lunch and coffee and me with Galyna (from Ukraine) went to open a bank account. The batch had to be ready at 5pm, because we had pick up to the training college, where we received our cabin trolley! ❤ Then we all went home and here I am now, finishing this blog post I started yesterday :).Tonight I also went out, but simply has no energy to write more! I share my first Arabian pizza I had (the half actually), and that’s all for now :).


A bit more about my batch: our batch number is 3008, and we are the last one (in numerical order) this week. We were supposed to be 15, but a girl didn’t join eventually (I have no idea why), so it’s only 14 people in batch 3008 with 13 nationalities :). We get to know each others day by day and everybody seems to be lovely and nice. I am sure we are going to be a good team together :).


Dorottya xxx


8 thoughts on “4 days in Dubai

  1. I’ve been waiting for this post. I got so excited when I saw it’s up hehe. Your first few days sounds chaotic, but hey it gives you something to write about.. right?

    Thanks for the great post and enjoy!


  2. Hi!

    I’m joining in January and love reading your blog. Keep bloggin’. How is the smell of smoke in your place now? Do the other girls smoke in the appartment? (I’m slightly worried about this, I’m a firm non-smoker and couldn’t live with smokers 😉


    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you so much for writing the post in details! I join Emirates 1/01/15 and now I imagine my life there! Wish you to find good friends!!! See you in Dubai! Marina, Saint-Petersburg!

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