Important documents check list

Hey guys, 😉

So I’m 100% ready now. I had packed all my stuff, my room is clean and I also sorted my leftover things out. I feel myself very calmed and relaxed, never expected to have this feeling :). I guess I don’t have more tears, nerves and concerns after last week, haha.

I don’t care that much about my personal belongings and clothes, because if I leave something at home, I can still buy it in Dubai. But there are some things, which can not be replaced. These are the documents! I made a check list for myself, I’ve got everything and I would like to share it with you, maybe it’s useful for others as well :).

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Ready for Dubai

Hello girls and boys! 🙂

Okay, the title is not 100% true, my bedroom is still a disaster (I need to clean it), but I’m ALMOST ready to go :).
Let’s start with a quick update about myself; I got my fleet this morning, me and 14 fellow joiners will be trained to operate on A330 + A340 + B777. Actually we are the only group who got the mainfleet, all the others have A380 + B777. To tell you the truth, I was upset at the beginning, but now I’m okay with the mainfleet as well. This is what I got and I’m sure I’m gonna love it, no matter what. 🙂 A380 can wait for me, I’m pretty sure one day I will be crossed trained.
Other thing: I’m extremely busy these days but I’m sure you are not surprised. I could hardly find time to make this post (somehow I wasn’t even in the mood), actually I started writing yesterday. I’m having my last meetings with my dearest and best friends and I also try to spend time at home. Last week (and weekend) was pretty hard for me (as you could read in my previous post) but I’m better now :).  A girl from my final interview team joined last Friday and she said it was the same with her as well – I mean before the joining she was not that much nervous nor sad.

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7 days left until the big day!

Have a lovely day everybody! 🙂

This day has come eventually… today is the day when the real countdown starts, because I only have a week left! Last weekend, last Monday, last Tuesday, last… everything :(.
This last 2 weeks has been more than intense and hectic for me. I have mixed emotions, most of the time I am happy and excited, but on the other hand I feel sorrow as well… not easy at all, believe me, I even burst into tears sometimes. Somehow I also feel myself lonelier than every before in my life. I meet many of my friends, I spend lots of time with my sisters, I’m at home with my parents, but I still have this unexplained feeling. Damn, I’m gonna leave in a week and who knows what’s gonna happen to me, when I’m gonna come back and live in my country again?! Maybe never. Who knows? Sometimes unpredictable future is a bit scary.


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21st Century Tower

Hello everybody! 🙂

Yesterday I had been waiting impatiently to receive the accommodation info on the selected candidate portal, but it didn’t want to come. I was out during the night and when I checked the Facebook group of the 20 November joiners around 1 am, I saw that all the other people had shared what they got. I quickly checked mine and I couldn’t believe my eyes!


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Airport codes

Hello guys,

JFK, ACC, YYZ, KIX, IKA, GIG, BUD, LIS, LED, PER, NBO… if you are in the same boat as me (joining or already working for a big international airline) probably you gonna find the above codes familiar. These are only few from the hundreds of IATA (International Air Transport Association) codes, each airport has a unique one and the whole aviation industry identify the airports with using these codes.


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Aircraft types

Hello everybody,

Only few days left until I get the information about the fleet type I’m going to operate on in the future. There are many people who have no idea about the differences and the destinations, so these reasons made me to write this post. 

Basically there are two different fleet type, these are the following:

  • Main fleet (A300, A340, B777)
  • Crossed fleet (A380, B777)

As you can see, everyone will be trained for Boeing 777, which is great, cause this aircraft flies to many amazing places. Most of the applicants want to be crossed trained, cause Airbus 380 is a legendary enormous bird with amazing destinations and I guess it is also about prestige to be a cabin crew on this aircraft.

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Important things to do before the joining

Hey everybody!

Only 17 days until I move to Dubai… really hard to believe :). I don’t work anymore (which is great!), but I can’t completely rest, I still need to do many things before the big day. This is what I would like to write to you, so you can get one more glimpse of the whole joining process.

Before I start, I would like to share something with you; I had so many visitors on my blog yesterday, it was the busiest day in the life of the blog 😀 ! Thank you very much for all of you who are following me, I really enjoy writing about my experiences and I promise I won’t let you down during the training! 🙂 I might won’t be as active as I’d like to be, but I will do my best to come up with new post on regular basis. 🙂


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