Cabin crew graduation

Welcome everybody!

My graduation day finally came on 12th May. And the last day to wake up at 5 am :P. Me and the fellow graduating crew from my building went down to took the bus to the college which was totally full with ab initios when it arrived. The driver seemed to be upset and he was trying to confess us that the next bus would come soon which takes us to the other building where the graduation was gonna take place. Obviously he had no clue about it, and the next bus never came. This is something I noticed here – people usually just say something if they don’t know the answer just to make sure you gonna leave them alone. So this is exactly what happened, that’s why we had to share a taxi and go to our graduation on our own expense. Whatever, we had fun singing the latest Calvin Harris song with the radio :P.

It was the same building where we gathered on our “mini graduation” when we finished the cabin crew training. We didn’t start straight with the ceremony but many other sessions. Again, I don’t even remember any of them, so you can imagine how interesting it was. I only have the last session in my mind which was about image and uniform. During this one hour I could see the pain on everyone’s faces, we all couldn’t wait to finish and finally graduate. In my previous post I forgot to mention that during the service assessment, we had image and uniform check with weight measuring. Most of the crew are scared about it, because it is a well-known fact (actually statistics) that most cabin crew gain weight during the first months of flying (and even later). I remember I could hear on the corridor that everyone was asking the others: “how many kilos did you gain? I gained three!” And so on. Guess what, I didn’t gain a single kilo :). I was exactly the same as 5 months before, when they measured us for the first time, before we got our uniform. Since we got our face card I go to the gym regularly so that’s why I didn’t gain extra kilos. I also try to eat healthy, but sometimes it is challenging, specially on board. We have a so called “crew meal cart” in the galley, which is full of hot meals, salads, yogurts, bread, desserts and so on. There is also a “dry store” container with lots of chocolate bars and biscuits, plus there is a “crew dry store” in business class full of goodies only for the cabin crew. Sometimes we even get leftover meals from business class, so you can see that the temptation is very big, specially if you have plenty of time on a long flight and you start to feel bored. Let alone the layovers, where we have the allowance to eat in restaurants. I think if someone is visiting the gym on regular basis (or doing any sports) they can eat anything they want on board, but it is still good to be careful.

Gathering in the lobby
Batch photo 🙂

wp-1467441003682.jpgAfter all the sessions we welcomed our guests for the ceremony. I had my best friend Lilla who came to see me and also my twin sister from Hungary, so it was a very special day for me :). She arrived last night and she stayed few days, I might gonna write about it in a future post. It was so funny, everyone who saw us together didn’t understand what was happening because obviously we look alike. It was funny to see the surprised reactions :D. All the batches had to stand next to the stage in numerical order (only one batch in the same time) and they invited us one by one to get our diploma and to shake the hand of our new manager. After you complete the probation you will have a new manager until you get into the next class (like business class). I’ve heard negative stories about managers, but I am very very lucky, because my manager is a super nice lady from India, she used to be a cabin crew as well with Emirates, so she has been with the company for a very long time. She is kind, cool and very helpful, again I am so happy I have her :).

The stage is waiting for us
Here I come 🙂
We did it!

The lady who called us to the stage even said “congratulation” in our own languages, it was a very nice gesture from the company. After the ceremony we had free food in the cafeteria (selection of sandwiches, cakes, soft drinks) where we could eat with our guests. After a while I went home with my sister and we had a some time to relax before we went out for dinner. We wanted to gather with all the batch as it was the last time when everyone was free in the same time, so perfect and last chance to organize something together, but most of them didn’t care. Actually I am disappointed a lot in my own batch, because all the time it was very hard to do something together because they simply didn’t care. So eventually it was only me, my sister, three of my batch mates and one of them took her dad as well. We went to a very good Spanish restaurant next to the creek where we have 50% discount with the face card, the food is very good and authentic, there was live music and flamenco :). So it was fun. This is how I spent the night of my graduation.
Even though I graduated on 12th May I officially finished the probation exactly after 6 months of the joining date, so on 20th May. This is the day when I was entitled for many benefits – roster swapping, traveling on day off (and not only on leave) and so on.

I hope you enjoyed the post, have a nice day!





4 thoughts on “Cabin crew graduation

  1. Hi, congratulations on passing your training! I have lots of cabin crew ‘wannabies’ who visit my website in search of info about life as crew, the training and the application process. Would you be interested in writing a guest post? Of course we can include a link back to your page and I’m sure it will get you lots of extra traffic! My website is Drop me an e-mail at


  2. Congratulations Dorottya.. Would it ok if I could ask you for the schedule of your cabin services training and SEP too. your daily schedule with topics covered each day that is ..would be a great help to me. I can be contacted on my email.


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