Cabin crew problems: Sickness

Hello everybody,

This topic couldn’t been more relevant… instead of wandering on the streets of Venice and checking Murano islands (as I planned) I am in my Dubai bedroom, getting back to life after being as sick as hell. So what did happen? I woke up in time, had my breakfast (orange juice, cherry and some Arabic bread), I went to work, checked in, I had the document + image & uniform check, I answered the safe talk, so I sat down to the table and I was ready for the rest of the briefing. Suddenly I started to feel myself sick. First I thought I might be only hungry as I didn’t have much food, but it became worse and I didn’t have another choice, I raised my hand and asked permission to go to the restroom. The purser stared at me and didn’t say anything, so I quickly told her I didn’t feel well. When I stood up and left the room, everyone was silent and I could feel all eyes on me. I was desperately looking for a toilet, I even had to cover my mouth, because I started gagging. Thanks God I found a restroom in time, locked myself in a toilet and started vomiting. When I finished I felt myself better however it was visible on my appearance that something was wrong.

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Guest post on

Dear everybody,

About a week or two ago I have been contacted by Hayley, the author of Lifeasabutterfly blog. She asked me to write a guest post about the recruitment process and the cabin crew training. I am always happy to share my ideas anywhere I can, so obviously I couldn’t say no to her :). Check out the post and the other content of her blog as well and enjoy!

> Top tips for the Emirates Cabin Crew Assessment Day and Training <



Things I can’t wait to do

Hello people! 🙂

You already know which places I can’t wait to see, so here comes another post about all the things I’d like to do once I get to Dubai, as soon as I settle down and start my new life as a flight attendant 🙂.


I hope it will be easier to fulfill my dreams with this life style I’m gonna live.

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Places I can’t wait to see

Have a lovely Sunday everybody!

I’ve AMAAAZING news! There is a really nice and lovely Hungarian girl Lilla, I know from the “famous” Facebook group, she had helped me a lot and we became “online friends” very quickly. She moved to Dubai in July (she has been flying for a month or so) and she used to encourage me a lot. She always said she would invite me for a coffee once I get to Dubai. When I got to the final interview, we were both thrilled let alone when I got hired!

We were waiting for Lilla’s roster to find out that she would be free on 21st November (my first day in Dubai) to escort me around the city. Soooo, she got her roster today and I simply can’t believe what se got! She flies to Budapest on 19th November, which means SHE WILL BE MY CABIN CREW ON 20TH NOVEMBER WHEN I FLY TO DUBAI!
Is it really happening to me??? This is simply unbelievable! 😀 She has a rest day on the following day, which means we will go out together on my first day! I feel myself very lucky recently, not only because I got the job, but because of many other small things. I hope this luck lasts at least until I get my aircraft-type and accommodation, hehe :D.


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My future cabin crew look

Hi everybody,

Short update about myself: I don’t feel healthy today, I have hardcore sore throat, I wanna do nothing and actually I don’t really feel like writing anything :(. I hope I get better very soon, because I scheduled my first big shopping for Emirates (tomorrow or the day after tomorrow) and I need energy to do it. 

Soooo actually I only intended to share a great photo with you all – this is something which was made by a lovely girl from the Facebook group, I think she made an amazing work, I love it!


I can’t wait to wear my own uniform and get the cabin crew look in reality. I am getting more excited day by day, although I still have some worries.

Have a better week than mine! 🙂 😦


The very first post

Hi Everybody,

My name is Dora, and I am going to start blogging about my cabin crew life in Dubai and all over the WORLD! I have been thinking a lot about making this blog or not, but I decided to give it a try… we will see what is going to happen :). 

Being a cabin crew for this exact airline has been my dream for almost 2 year now! It has been a long long journey, I had been preparing for 11 month before I attended my very first assessment day. It was a rainy morning in Budapest in early December and I did not even pass the first stage, the CV drop off process. I remember how sad and disappointed I was, specially because I had prepared a lot before that trial and I didn’t understand my mistakes. From last December till this August (when I finally approached to the Final interview) I made a long journey and I have improved a lot. Although I am damn nervous about the upcoming training and the whole new life, I know that I’m ready to start this chapter of my life. It’s really hard to believe, that finally I made it, I became successful!

I have gained inspiration and tons of help from different blogs and forums, so I would like to follow this path, and give motivation for those who want to work in this field as well. I am here to help you guys, so if anybody has any questions regarding to the whole interview process and the preparation, feel free to contact me, or leave a comment below.