My March roster

Hello everybody,

As you have probably noticed, I didn’t post anything in the last month, I did not even share my February flights. Actually there is no particular reason – I was simply not in the mood to write. Sometimes I feel there is not too much new I could bring into blogging. Flights after flights, trips after trips, this is what my whole life is about, this is the “normal” to me. Sometimes the destinations are the same or I don’t take as many photos which could make a good and interesting blog post.  That’s why I don’t promise anything for the future – I will only write whenever I feel like and whenever I have something exciting or beautiful to write about.

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Somewhere in Europe – Photos

Hello my dear readers 🙂

I just realized I haven’t posted anything about any of my European trips even though I had several in the past 3 months. I have visited Portugal, Italy (3 cities) and Germany. I could enjoy the unique European summer, I had great shopping and better food.

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October roster

Hello again 🙂

We got the next month roster quite early (during the weekend which is rare) and I prepared for the worst. After top bid month, crew usually get “reserve” month if we don’t have leave or any other personal activity related to our job (like US visa interview or upgrade training). I was hoping that I would be different but I had no luck :'(.

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One day spent in a beautiful hotel

Hey everyone,

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted, but here I am today :).So I had a flight to Kolkata, India and I have already heard many things about the beautiful hotel where we stay there.

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September roster

Hello again!

It’s been September for a while so it is time to release my monthly roster to you.
I was very optimistic about this schedule, because I had my top bid month which means I had the biggest chance to get the flights I want. I had two bids for Rio – Brazil, one bid for Japan and the others for Venice and Zimbabwe.

Top bid or not, I was very disappointed  when I saw my roster as I got very average flights. I completely wasted my two biggest chances for Rio and the third one for Japan because didn’t get any of these routes. Complete waste. I think I am gonna give a break for Rio and stop trying for a while.

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Trip to the Great Wall of China

Hey everybody,

As I wrote in one of my previous posts, I managed to swap my days off to a Beijing flight. I was the third most senior crew in economy class,which was a pretty cool thing. Before the flight I’ve heard from different sources that Chinese flights are not easy and the customers, well… not from the cleanest type. One thing I definitely learned here that I should never take crew rumors seriously, because all of us have different experiences and many people like to go overboard. The customers were very nice, they were constantly smiling and they were very polite. They were kind of looking at us like we were some celebrities. Most of them didn’t speak English at all, but somehow we still managed to understand each others easily. We arrived late in the evening but it was still traffic outside. After check in, four of us booked a tour to the Great Wall at the concierge and we decided to meet 10 o’clock in the following morning.

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August roster

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since I posted anything, but my month became super busy with many flights and minimum rest between. It’s been a little bit tough, I really need longer rest now, but on the other hand I don’t mind that much, because I’ve been in amazing places and my salary is gonna be better than ever :).
I only had a slight change in this July roster – instead of Bahrain, I got Doha, which is a “never mind” situation. I did all the other flights without being removed, and I fly to Venice tomorrow morning, that’s the last flight of this tiring, busy month.

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