Overall review about the cabin crew training

Hey there everybody :),

It’s been 7 months since I came to Dubai and for approx 6 months I haven’t posted anything. Not sure if I am gonna come back, but right now I feel like writing, so why not make a post for you (if there is still anyone out there reading my phantom blog).

I did make post about SEP training, which was the hardest part of the whole thing, and it took 2,5 weeks. I was in the afternoon shift, which means I started 2pm and finished at 10pm and I got home around 10:30pm. The schedule is not the best, because most people get tired once the sun goes down and you gonna loose concentration but I still prefer this timing over the morning ones. Some batches started at 5:30am!!! which means they had the pick up at 4:30am, so they had to wake up around 3:30, even earlier. I have a new flatmate and she is in this schedule and I can tell you that she is not happy at all. However she likes the part that she finishes very early (1:30pm).

Anyway, I am not a morning person at all, so for me the afternoon training was much more comfortable. Every time when I got home I took a shower, wrote my homework and read through the lessons we discussed on the same day, so I went to the bed around 12:30-1am. I woke up at 7-8 in the morning and continued my day with studying.

During the 2,5 weeks, we had 3 computer based assessments and several practical assessments, don’t even remember all of them. Yes, you have to study a lot, but personally I always had fun at the weekends, I didn’t kill myself with studying. If you prepare day by day, you will be fine and actually you will have lots of fun :). SEP was definitely my favorite part of the training.

Group Medical Training

We call it GMT. Well, well, what should I say? At the beginning I expected to have lots of fun but eventually I found it very boring. We had horrible schedule, had to start at 4pm and we finished at midnight!!! Everyday I was very tired during the training, it was extremely hard to concentrate. We had lots of theoretical session, and a less practical. The good thing that we only got homework to write for the very first day (it was a lot tho), but at least no more homework for the rest of the week. It was not stressful at all, after all we had more free time than during SEP. I didn’t study much, most of the time I was only reading my manual, you don’t really need to know things words by words. We even had a session about how to do this job in order to prevent yourself from back injury. So they showed us how to bend down during work and how to lift the heavy containers. I already knew this technique tho,  because I used to do aerobics and other exercises in the gym where the trainers showed the proper bending. But it is very useful for those who didn’t know before.

We only had one computer assessment which was a bit tricky. First I thought I would get bad score but eventually I did a very great job and only had 2-3 mistakes. We had a last mock up in a simulator where we got a medical situation presented by our batch mates and we were working in pairs. I was acting tonic-clonic seizure and I was a perfect actress, my trainer was impressed :D. My poor batch mates, even though my acting was very good so the medical case was pretty obvious, they couldn’t do anything, but I guess they were nervous, that’s why.
My situation was a choking baby with panicking parents. My batch mate herself was panicking as well so first I had to calm her down. I knew what to do so I was giving instructions to my batch mate. On the other hand I had to convince the parents that we knew what we were doing, I had to gain their trust. This is something they also teach us during GMT.
We watched the notorious video about birth giving, which was, khm quite thorough, if you know what I mean. At the end of the whole GMT, we got face to face verbal feedback from our trainer and I got a very positive one :). He liked the way I was assisting my batch mate during the mock up. That’s it. It was 24th December so they let us go home earlier to celebrate Christmas. I was watching Christmas movies and I was talking with my family on Skype, this is how I spent my night. Next day I went for dinner and party, it was much better.

Image and uniform day

They measured us after SEP and we got our full uniform during GMT. This I&U day was the first one when we actually had to wear the uniform. Well, I was not happy at all with my skirts, they were HUGE. But now it’s much better :).
During this day I was expecting much more useful information about how to maintain the perfect image during a long flight but to be honest, there is no certain recipe. If any cabin crew has a secret, it’s not from the company but from their own experience. Later I will make a post (hopefully) about my own tricks and ways.

So we had nail session, hair session and make up session. At the end they checked us from tip to toe and put their review in our files. Everything was fine with me, my image and uniform was up to standards :).



Nujoum day

This is the secret day. We have to respect the new joiners and let them experience this day without any previous knowledge so that’s why they asked us not to talk about it to anyone. I was so excited about this day, because I didn’t know anything about it, but eventually I got disappointed. And at the end we had a kind of ceremony which was way too much. But we had free lunch which was cool :).


Safety and security

2 days long training with a former military officer who was tough but he had good sense of humor as well. This course was very interesting with lots of useful and insider information, I wish it was longer than 2 days. We had practical session about restraining someone on board and we had to to this “fight” in our uniform. Imagine! 😀 After this practical session my knee was full of purple marks. We just finished the session when we had exam straight away, but it was not too serious, they don’t expect you to be professional martial artist after 1,5 hours exercise. We did the computer based assessment on tablets (cool) and I scored 100% for the first time.

Service training

My less favorite one. I was very angry because they divided our batch, which means 2-2 of us had to join to another batches for the whole 2,5 weeks long training. I didn’t know anyone from my new batch, because they had been always in morning shift, so we didn’t have chance to meet before, since I was always in the afternoon classes. Some people were nice, some were not so nice. They were completely different than my beloved, original batch. We were always respectful and kind with each other, we didn’t make much noise, and the new batch was the opposite. I felt myself in high school and not among adults. I was in am shift, so I had to wake up at 5am every single morning, which was the most difficult part for me. I remember, all the time I finished and I was on the bus on the way back to my apartment, I always fell asleep :D. We had like 5 practical assessments when we had to serve real airplane food and drinks for each other, and we also had to take care about the “special customers” onboard. Who are the special ones? Mothers with infant, Visually impaired people, Deportees, High valued customers, etc. They taught us how to approach and treat these kind of people, how to solve different kind of problems and how to talk generally with others on polite, “Emirates” way. Actually this knowledge is very useful for the future, the service training is very well prepared. We got written feedback everyday, our trainers were monitoring literally everything. We got verbal feedback 2-3 times, but this is something where I expected a bit more than I got, like more thorough review.


We had several computer assessments, like 4 as far as I remember. I scored 100% all the time, only the “last big exam” was ninety-something. During the whole cabin crew training I never got less than 90%, so I am proud of myself :).


The training is an intense, long, but fun period of the whole “being here”. You get your first impressions of the company, which is positive for most of us, but some people have worse experience. I wouldn’t say this training was too long but definitely had some not too useful sessions. For me it was not stressful at all, but people are different. I think only the service training was a bit too much,  for the last two weeks I got very inpatient and I couldn’t wait to finish the whole training.  Everybody who I talked to, had to same impression, we all couldn’t wait to finish and start flying. But finally all things have come to an end :).


If you have any question about the training, feel free to ask :). I have to follow the company regulations so I am not able to give very specific information, however I will try to answer on the most diplomatic way. Deal? 🙂




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