December catch up post

Hey everybody,

The beginning of December had been quite busy for me, but since I am home, enjoying festive season with my family and friends, things got more chilled and relaxed. It means I could find some time for a quick catch up post :).

At the very beginning of the month I’ve got couple of days off which I used for studying for my upcoming exams. Obviously I didn’t kill myself with too much manual reading, I went out to the beach with my friend and the weather was so lovely. The name of this place is “Kite beach” and it is quite close to my area but we still had to take a taxi. This is a public beach it is pretty long and empty, I am so surprised why I haven’t came here before. Here is some pictures for you to enjoy.


A380 conversion course

Overall it was a 6 days of course with one day off between. On the first day we started with image and uniform check. During this day it was only the economy class crew together however later on we were all divided into different groups for the conversion. The result  of the I&U check was quite interesting to me. They told me that the skirt is too tight and the jacket is too loose. They gave me a piece of paper I could hand over to the uniform department but I decided not to do. To be honest the skirt is not big at all and I don’t want them to change it and make me look ridiculous. After we finished we spent the whole day with a service trainer who was the same guy I had for two weeks, back in my ab initio time. He is an extremely funny and easy going person, I was so happy to see him again. We compared the service on the B777 and A380 aircrafts, we also highlighted the differences which is not outstanding at all. Later on we had duty free training which was very useful as I have already forgot everything they taught us back in May. The next day was off for everyone so I had some time to study a little bit more. On the third day I met with my group for the first time. We were couple of economy crew (around 5), many business class crew and some supervisors with some pursers. We started with the computer based recurrent exams, 15 questions from B777, 15 more safety security questions, and 15 medical questions. We also had to complete an emergency equipment location diagram. I had one single mistake in the medical exam and one more in the diagram, so I was pretty proud of myself. During the rest of the day we had practical GMT (group medical training) exams, but they gave us chance to practice before. We had to show them how to to CPR and how to administer the epipen. It was a very long and tiring day, we started around 07:30 am and finished at 06:00 pm. The next day was the same timing, I don’t even remember what sessions we had, something about the effective communication with the flight crew and so on.

I took this photo from the balcony. We had beautiful and clear weather during those days.

The real A380 course started on the third day with much better timing. We started at 8 am and finished at 04:30 pm every single day. The features and systems of this aircraft is pretty much easy to understand, I expected something more difficult. Even the door opening and closing is an automatic process. At the beginning I didn’t really enjoy being together with seniors because I felt myself under pressure and I felt myself “less important” for being only an economy crew. However this feeling went away day by day, I’ve got more relaxed, I could enjoy the whole course and I got used to be together with much more senior crew. All of them were friendly and open towards us, it was really fun to be together. On the last day we had our exams, this time we got 40 computer based questions and I managed to complete with only one mistake. Finishing the course was a very big relief I was so happy to get back to “normal” without waking up early every single day.

Cooking course

After my conversion course I had two days off plus one rest day to relax. On the 14th I attended a cooking class which was free of charge and organised for FACE card holders. What is FACE card? FACE is the abbreviation of Flight Attendant Club of Emirates, every cabin crew receive this card once they complete their ab initio training. This card gives plenty of discounts for us all around Dubai and the country; free access to fancy gyms and pools, 50% discounts for beauty salons, restaurants and a lot more. They also organize free events for us, like cinema, parties and cooking classes. They have cooking classes every Monday and Wednesday with only 12 vouchers per day. The venue is the International Centre for Culinary Arts which is in the Knowledge village. It is a very well-equipped school, we had complimentary water, juices and coffee. We all gathered around a big working table and we shared the duties of cooking. Our menu was the following:

  • Spinach mushroom tart as a starter
  • Chicken pumpkin risotto as main dish

Our chef made sure to explain everything for us, actually he was the one who did the biggest part of the cooking, we were only helping him with slicing and things like this. Once we finished we sat around a table and eat all the food. If I am gonna make it ever (I think I will) I will use more pumpkin for the risotto as I could hardly taste it in my dish. Four of us shared a taxi because we all lived on Sheikh Zayed Road. The Italian guy told me he would fly to Budapest soon and it came out that he would be the operating crew on the same flight when I go back home for Christmas. What a coincidence :).

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne was the last flight before my Christmas leave so I was not really in the mood, I was already thinking about spending my time at home. Maybe this is one of the reasons why I didn’t really enjoy this flight. The other one was definitely the long flying time. Almost 13 hours there and more than 13 hours on the way back. I had new shoes (both heels and cabin shoes) and the cabin shoes were extremely uncomfortable. I had so much pain during the whole flight, I wanted to throw those shoes to the toilet bowl. We had 2,5 hours CRC (crew rest compartment) rest but I couldn’t sleep. My skin got super dry during the flight, so I had too many problems. Thanks God the team was very good, no one was lazying around, it was a great team work. We arrived after midnight but guess what, I couldn’t go to sleep immediately. I didn’t have good night sleep and after 6 hours I woke up to have some breakfast. I went to the city with 3 Ukrainian girls, we walked around and we had some shopping, that’s all about Melbourne.


I was so exhausted so I had no energy to do something more than walking. I hardly even took photos, so I have nothing to show you :(. The way back was super tiring again, with so much feet pain. Once we landed in Dubai I went to my favourite beauty salon for 30 minutes life saving feet massage. I was so happy and excited because I flight to Hungary on the next day. I am gonna write about it in my next post :).

Have a lovely day everybody,




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