My timeline

Hey everybody :),

I thought it would be important and maybe useful as well to share my own timeline with you. Actually, all the timelines are different, but I know that many people interested in the others’.


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After the final interview

Have a lovely day everybody!

I’ve just got home and my first thought was to write a new post! Feels like I am getting addicted to my blog :).

I would like to share with you what happened after the final interview. As I have written before, I felt I was absolutely wrong and I made a big mistake. Only 5 days after the interview I traveled to Crete, Greece, which was an amazing week for me (in spite of a car accident) and I simply didn’t have time to think too much about the whole interview. I didn’t check my status on daily basis, I was not active in the Facebook group chat which was made by one of the other girls I had the final interview with. She made the chat for those who had their final interview in Budapest. I was too busy with the sea, the sun and the Greek cuisine.

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Photos for the interview process

Hi there,

I have written a post about how to make a successful CV, so I thought I would share my advice about the photos as well. I am referring to those photos that you are going to submit for the final interview. I think the pictures you upload when you apply online are not that important. I don’t think that anybody would ever check them, so you don’t need to worry about those :).

What photos do you need before/after the final interview?
– Full length photo in business attire
– Passport size photo in business attire
– Full length casual photo
– Shoulder + head cropped photo in casual wear

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Tips for the final interview

Have a lovely Monday everybody 🙂

A new week has started, and I feel myself happy and excited! The sun is shining, I have no much work to do (that’s why I am blogging from the office 😀 ) and I have facial treatment appointment in the afternoon, haha!
So let me give you some advice for your cabin crew final interview. It is a huge result to get there, but the job is not guaranteed yet.

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Final interview

Hey everybody,

Sunday has been a long and tiring day for me, because I had some extra work to do, but now I am ready to continue posting with a hot cup of mint tea :).

As you know, my open day/assessment day was on Saturday, and I’ve had my final interview appointment on Monday, at noon. I spent my whole Sunday with preparing, I tried to answer many possible questions which could have been asked during my face to face interview.

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How to write your CV

Hi people! 🙂

At the beginning I didn’t intend to write separate post about the CV, but when I realized, that there are so many details and tips I would share, I quickly made up my mind. Your CV is one of the most important thing during your whole application, so make sure it is as perfect as possible. The recruiter has less than a minute to have a look at your CV and your photo, so you have to make it remarkable and clear.

Your CV should be:
– Maximum 1-2 pages long
– Only with relevant information (no one cares you have driving license or you completed a language/scuba diving course)
– There is not too much to read, you do not need to write in sentences
– Colorful (always have 1-2 extra copies with you!)

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Tips for the assessment day

Good afternoon everybody,

This is weekend, which means I have plenty of time to write posts for you! 😛 I would like to write more details and tips about the whole assessment day, I hope you are going to find it useful.

I guess there is no need to mention, that you need to arrive in time. I totally find it unnecessary to get to the venue an hour before, but if you go there 20-30 minutes earlier, you can have a look around and start to make new friends.
Do not spend the day alone, you have to be friendly and open with all the other applicants. You are not enemies there, you will find the whole day easier, if you have nice people by your side.

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