Big sister in Dubai

Hello again 🙂

During my last roster bidding, I asked for 5 days off in a row to be able to spend some time with my big sister. If you have been following me since the beginning, you should know that I’ve already had my twin sister here in last May and it was a great 5 days with her. This time with the other sis, we only had 4 full days and I wanted to make the most out of it.

My sister arrived late night on 12th January. Before she came I had the whole day to prepare, to do some cleaning and I also bought city sightseeing tickets. They have very good offer for Emirates platinum card which means I could buy 2 for the price of 1. If you buy 48 hours valid ticket, you get many other free tickets as well. I would mention the Dubai Mall aquarium and underwater zoo tickets which would cost around 100 AED but they gave it for free, so it was a very good deal.

On the first day we took this bus and went to see the Dubai Marina which is my favorite area in the whole city. I would love to move there one day but it is too far from the airport. She really wanted to try the Cheesecake factory so we had a slice of over sugared cake then we walked around the area. We had reservation to the Burj Khalifa at 5 o’clock and getting there by the sightseeing bus took forever. That was the moment when I kinda regretted buying those tickets. So we almost missed our appointment but eventually we made it. There were way too many people because it was weekend and also sunset time, it took like 40 minutes for us to get to the top. We almost had an accident on the escalator, people accumulated and some of them apparently couldn’t move fast enough, so people started to falling on each others. Thanks god we managed to avoid any injuries but it was terrifying and ridiculous to be honest. All the people paid lots of money to go there and being the tallest building in the world they should have a better crowd management. For this amount of money safety would be a minimum. We met some other Hungarians as well, just like 8 months ago, when I was there with my twin sister. We took many photos and we waited for the complete sunset to get to see the city with its night lights as well. No need to mention it was beautiful :). After we finished we got very hungry so we  decided to have dinner at the Souk Al Bahar. We also saw the famous fountain show (or dance) so it was a very productive day for us.

Next morning we went back to the Dubai mall to check the underwater zoo and the aquarium. We went quite early (around 10 am) to avoid the typical weekend mass and we got lucky. Even though I have seen everything before, it was very enjoyable for the second time as well. Once we went through everything, we took the city sightseeing bus and we headed to the old part of the city. I wanted to take my sister to the beautiful Arabian Tea House but when we entered, we faced with many other people, all waiting for free table. We didn’t want to waste our time so we decided to move on and check something else. We walked down to the creek and took the local water taxi (called abra) which cost only 1 dirham and it took us to the other side of the creek where the Gold Souq and the Spice Souq are located.  My sister was pretty shy and she felt uncomfortable a well so we didn’t stay much  time. We has some traditional lunch before we headed back to my apartment. I really wanted to show one of my favorites bars to my sister, named “Level 43”. It is on the opposite side of the street, takes only 10 minutes to walk there from my place. I really like this bar because it gives an amazing view of Sheikh Zayed Road and as an Emirates cabin crew we get 40% discounts on everything. It was very windy and chilly so they closed half of the place. We wrapped ourselves into blankets so after all it was not too cold. My flatmates were both flying so we were alone at home,  and I cooked some amazing roasted chicken and we also finished my last bottle of red wine 🙂

Posing with a shark in the background
All about sharks
Abra water taxi on the Dubai creek

Next day we woke up pretty late and headed to Dubai Mall (once again) to have some shopping. From 26th December until 28th January, Dubai holds a famous shopping festival and some shops gives a very good discounts indeed, but otherwise it is not too significant (in my opinion).Once we arrived back home we started to get ready for our most waited activity, desert safari! There are dozens of different companies organizing these events and most of them cost around 90-150 dirhams. When I participated in my first desert safari one year ago, I paid around 100 dirhams and I had so much fun, but after all it didn’t have good quality. Me and my sister decided to pay much more money for one of the best organizer in the region. Arabian Adventures gives 15% discount for Emirates platinum card holders which means we paid 320 dirhams per person. I know it seems to be super expensive but the quality was amazingly outstanding. First of all they took us to “Dubai Desert Conversation Reserve” which is one of the best location in the whole desert. They immediately welcomed us with some cold soft drinks while we were waiting for the falcon show. It didn’t take long, but a guy from the US shared some interesting information about these beautiful birds and he also showed us how fast they are.


We got back to the vehicle and before reaching our camp, we performed the notorious sand dune diving. In last January I got very sick and this time it was the same again. I really enjoyed the first few minutes but at the end I felt very sick and dizzy just like everyone else in the car (except my sister). The driver empathized with us so he managed to bypass the bigger dunes. When we arrived we had some camel riding which was really fun. I really like these animals, they look so calmed and cute and I really like the noises they make :). Before you start riding, you need to sit on them while they are still kneeling. Once they stand up you need to lean back  and hold on as strong as you can. I needed all my body strength to keep myself on the camel. It was already dark when we finished and went inside the actual camp. It was beautiful and very cosy, they were already serving the starters. We took some wine (this expensive package also includes complimentary wine and beer) along with the small bites and started to fill our stomach. We had to wait a little bit for the main course so we decided to get some henna painting for my sister which was also free of charge. After the hot meal we went to try out the shisha which became a great pastime to me during the last few months. They only had one belly dancer who was dancing approximately 15-20 minutes then they finished the whole program. I missed some other performances, but it was okay, I didn’t mind to go back home.

The sand is super soft and cool
When I gave my phone to one of the staff members, he decided to cut my head on purpose. They took professional photos which was ridiculously expensive, I guess they wanted us to buy that one instead of owning a cell phone photo. 
Hello Mr. Camel
Look at this cute face

We had a lazy last day, I took my sister to the “Kite  beach” which I have already written about few posts before. We were walking a lot, my sister was collecting some shells (Dubai beaches are full of them) and we also had some sunbath. Unfortunately the water was pretty cold for swimming so we skipped that activity. Once the sun went down we went to a very exciting and fun place, called “Dubai Garden Glow”. I have many amazing photos so I am gonna make an individual post and share some more information there.

My sister and the Burj Al Arab
Dubai Garden Glow
Dubai Garden Glow

We went to the bed around 11 pm and woke up 6 am on the next morning. I said goodbye to my sister and took her into a cab then I got ready for my  Manila flight. This is how we spent 4 days together in Dubai, I really hope she can come back to me soon.

I hope you liked this post, have a good day everybody! 🙂



4 thoughts on “Big sister in Dubai

  1. That was such a lovely, cheerful post to read whilst I was eating my Saturday morning breakfast. So nice for you to spend time with your older sister and I’m sure she enjoyed it too. I went across the creek on an Abra a couple of years ago as we had arranged several hours between flights on the way home so we could explore Dubai a little. Best Wishes, M.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you Dorottya. When we travel with Emirates next we might be able to fit in another look round. What do your twin and elder sister do for a living? It’s so nice that they can come and visit you. I look forward to your posts.


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