Dubai Garden Glow

Hello here!

I woul really like to share some very nice photo with you. These were taken in the Garden Glow when I had my sister here, approximately 10 days ago. They claim that this one is the biggest park (in this theme) in the world, which is pretty impressive but not surprising, at least not in Dubai :).
They also have a dinosaur park which was also fun however I have never been much interested in dinos, so I was not too much impressed. But they were cool, they were moving and making sounds, it was quite realistic.

Where: Zabeel Park
When: From 4 pm, only during the winter months
How much: 60 dirhams

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Big sister in Dubai

Hello again 🙂

During my last roster bidding, I asked for 5 days off in a row to be able to spend some time with my big sister. If you have been following me since the beginning, you should know that I’ve already had my twin sister here in last May and it was a great 5 days with her. This time with the other sis, we only had 4 full days and I wanted to make the most out of it.

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My sister in Dubai

Welcome everybody!

My sister arrived in Dubai on 11th May. It was the last day of the service assessment, after I got back home from the college I cleaned my bedroom, my bathroom, the kitchen and the living room, so I was ready to welcome my sister. The plane from Budapest arrived around 11pm but it took so long to get though everything. My sister came with a discounted ticket, all the close relatives (parents and siblings)  are entitled for two “ID90” tickets a year. This is a very great price, approximately 30% of the original price, but it can vary, depends on the destination. I myself have unlimited ID90 tickets which is pretty cool. If I had husband and/or kids they would also get unlimited cheap tickets. However I need to highlight that these are all standby tickets.

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