First flights of 2017

Hello everyone,

January has been a quick and great month so far, if you are a cabin crew based a warm country you don’t suffer from “January depression”. My very first flight was Hamburg which started in December 2016 and ended on 1st January 2017. I was kinda in bad mood when I entered the briefing room – coming back from Christmas leave, getting back to “normal” (if there is such a thing with my lifestyle), so it was not the happiest moment for me. However the crew was really great (I’ve got lucky all the time recently) and the flight was not completely full, so all went great and I quickly found my good mood again. German people are very polite and lovely, one of the best passengers (at least for me) I would say.

The previous day one Hungarian crew member texted me that she would have her parents on board and they don’t speak English or German at all. So she asked me to look after them and to give them water sometimes. They were sitting in the last row, such a lovely elderly couple, they were very modest every time I offered something for them. It was a great “extra” for me to look after them. It was extremely cold in Hamburg but I still wanted to go out. Did’t have any special plans, all I wanted is to see the harbor and to have some shopping. When I got on the bus I asked a ticket from the driver but he did not speak English at all. He was kinda rude to me, I was so surprised. There was a girl there who spoke some English so she could help me. At the beginning the driver refused the 5 euro note from me, saying he has no change however it was not true, I saw the whole box of coins with him. The girl also reminded him so eventually he took my money. No comment…

Beautiful building – I took this photo from the bus on the way to the hotel
Hotel room

I only had to take few stops and to make sure I would not miss the station, I asked a fellow passenger to remind me where to get off. As I wrote before, it was super cold, my thick feather coat was just enough for me. Before approaching the harbor, I took a cup of mulled wine from a street vendor which was perfect for some warm-up. The sunset above the Elbe was beautiful and comforting. I was listening my music and strolling around, couldn’t have imagine anything more relaxing at that moment. Eventually I picked one out of the several restaurants and cafeterias and (finally!) the waiter spoke good English :D. I had some “wurst” with fries and also a cup of latte as far as I remember.


It got even colder so I decided to proceed back to the area of the hotel. It was pretty close to the local shopping street so I decided to have a look there. I went to Rossmann and DM and left most of my allowance there :D. It was already dark (but not too late yet) when I got back to the hotel. I had a lazy evening with some relaxation, wrapping into my duvet while it was cold and windy outside. I had a not so pleasant night with some tears and super strong emotions – just like before the flight. Well, I had my period and you know ladies how it can be – all your feelings become stronger and even thinking about something bad makes you cry. Next morning I had one of my best hotel breakfasts ever. I met one girl of the flight and we spent like an hour in the restaurant. We found out that the flight from Dubai was super late so our departure would be delayed as well. I didn’t mind, at least I had some more time left. I decided to go out again, as I forgot something important from DM. It was 31st December, last day of the year and Hamburg was still and quiet (plus super foggy as well). As I was walking on an empty street, something happened; I saw a man sitting next to a building, having his paper cup, hoping to collect some coins from the people passing by. He was looking downwards, but I could still see his face expression. It was sad and tired and there was something more about him. I don’t know how to describe but his look was sober and clear which made the whole scene very sad. I took 5 euro out of my purse and I put it into the paper cup. He suddenly looked up at me and the way how his face expression suddenly changed was priceless and I will never forget it. His eyes were shining and his look did shine up. I turned away and I immediately started crying. I was in a super emotional mood as I wrote before, it took me like ten minutes to calm myself down.

Gloomy day with same shine

I got what I needed from DM and on my way back I gave my last euros to that man. He was smiling again and wished me happy new year. It was very touching and it made me upset again. While I was getting ready for the flight I was still sniffing but once I met my colleagues and I got surrounded by people, everything got fine. The flight back to Dubai was full but once again, German passengers were super lovely and everyone was happy and chilled because of the upcoming new year. At midnight we had an “all attendant call” from the pilots, wishing us happy new year. We hugged each other and shared this happy moment.

I landed around 3 am in Dubai and I was lucky – no traffic at all. I wish I saw the Dubai fireworks but I did not mind doing this Hamburg flight as well. I would love to go back once the weather got warmer.

I had my first flight on the A380 to Frankfurt, Germany. As you know from my previous post, I had to wait a lot to get any news about any upcoming flight. Actually I had to email my manager to help me find out what was going on, because I only had 1,5 days left but no flight yet. With her kind help I’ve got Munich which made me happy. I checked my roster on the next morning and they changed it to Frankfurt. I didn’t mind it because there was a fellow Hungarian crew on the flight. I don’t know why, but I was very nervous, it felt like being a super new crew again. The A380 aircraft is much bigger than the Boeing 777 and it felt so different to me. As a supernumerary crew, I had no responsibility, no door, no jump seat. I had the luck to sit in the cockpit for both takes off and landings. The crew was nice they did not expect me to work, I did work a little bit but not too much indeed :D. I spent lot of time on the upper deck, hanging in the super famous and exclusive business class bar which you can know from our advertisements. I was chatting with the girl who was assigned to be the “bartender”, she even gave me some small snacks and sweets. When I realized we were flying through Hungary, I got super excited and I couldn’t leave the window. The landing took so long, I almost fell asleep. The Captain told me that they made him do a star shape in the sky, this is how they make sure that the pilots are awake and alert.

The view of the Balaton from the cockpit (on the way back to DXB)

As I have done Frankfurt flight before, everything was familiar to me so I knew where to go after landing. I went to the close by shopping center with the Hungarian girl and we had a cup of coffee with a slice of cheese cake. After we finished our cafΓ© time, she went to meet on of her friends, myself had a look around the shopping mall. I did not do any serious shopping, only got some small stuff from DM ( I am obsessed with the Drogerie Markt). I bought a pack of 6 Budweiser beer and a big jar of Landliebe yogurt from the supermarket, then I headed back to the hotel. Once again I had a lazy evening with room service and series watching on my laptop. Next morning I went down for breakfast but it was not as good as the one in Hamburg. The flight back to Dubai was smooth and nice and I did not have to work too much. To be honest I do not like the A380 yet, but hopefully I will get more comfortable and confident. I am gonna have my first operational flight to Amsterdam after tomorrow ( I managed to swap my Brussels flight), so please wish me luck :).

Have a great weekend my dear readers!




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