End of the induction week

Hello everybody,

This is Sunday morning and I am off til 1 pm :). The SEP training starts today and I feel very excited about it. During the week, all of our trainers said it would be a very tough period for us and we would have to study a lot. Honestly they scared me a bit, haha.

I would like to catch up with writing, I finished on Tuesday if I am not wrong. I was lucky, because on Wednesday, my batch started later than usual, so I could sleep until 9 am. It was the first day we went to the training college. First I had an IT session, we got the access to the crew portal and we also discussed some dangers of social media. The trainer was  from Egypt, he is also a half time purser, he had such a great sense of humor. When we finished this session (around 3-4pm) we all (batch 3008 and batch 3007) went to another building of the training college, where we met Ali, a local induction specialist who first took photo about the batches. The professional one will be uploaded on the crew portal, however we couldn’t find it yet.

The batch 🙂

After the photographing we went to a special Arabic room which aim is to relax and socialize, unfortunately I forgot the proper name. We talked a bit about the culture and customs, we tasted Arabic coffee and dates and I was the one who knew two special ingredients of the coffee :). It only has 5, these are water, coffee, cardamom, safran and rose water. I knew the last two ones :).
We also had some small tasks and games to get to know each other a bit more. Later we had a short break with complimentary tea and biscuits. The last session was about the company and its great progress, about us, being the special ones to get selected and so on. It was around 8-8:30pm when we finished, everyone was tired we couldn’t wait to go home.


On the next morning we started in training college again and we had an interactive session. It was about everything; get to know each others, get to know the company, how to behave with customers and colleagues on board, etc. When we finished, we went outside to the bus which took as to the immigration office which was in the middle of nowhere :D. They got our finger prints and they also took photo for the ID card, then we had to wait in the bus until the guys were finished. There were separated sections for males and females and we (ladies) only had to wait for few other women, but the guys had to wait for approx 100 people! So me and few other girls who also lives on Sheik Zayed Road, decided to get a taxi and go home. We had to be very patient to get one, it was not an area full with cabs. We got home around 6pm, while the others who didn’t want to take a taxi were waiting until 9pm! When I got back home, I completed an e-learning session then I started to get ready for the party! 😀 We went to Barasti Beach Bar, not only my batch, but others as well, it was such a great night with so much fun, I really enjoyed it. Were were dancing barefoot on the sand, it was such an enjoyable first night out in Dubai.


Friday was our only day off, I woke up around 11:30 am, had a small shopping (water, breakfast and latte), then I cleaned my bedroom. Dóri, another Hungarian girl who started only a week before me, came to my apartment and we went together to Dubai Marina. We had our interview together back in August, however we didn’t talk that time, we started talking on Facebook, when we figured out we both got successful. So, she was very lovely in reality as well, we had lots of things to talk about. We even tried the tram as well, the area was amazingly beautiful, I simply fall in love with the Marina! Finally we ended up in Barasti, it was full with people (again). We took some photos, we chilled in the sand but we didn’t want to swim, the water felt too cold for us. We wanted to go to Burj Al Arab as well, but we were unsure about the route and we also got very tired because of the long walk, so finally we decided to go home. I had a bigger shopping in the huge supermarket which is only 10 minutes away from my building, then I wrote a long post on my Hungarian blog and that’s it, the day was finished :).


On Saturday, we had early pick up and we all went to HQ. We had last two sessions, one is about the upcoming training and all the requirements then another one about social media. Once we finished, we all went to a nearby mosque, where a lady who converted to Islam, talked about the religion. We (I mean girls) had to wear long sleeves and we also had to cover our knees and we got a scarf as well to cover our hair. Honestly it was a bit boring for me. Don’t get me wrong, I am interested in all religions, but the lady couldn’t really tell me new things about Islam.


Once we finished (around noon) we went back to the HQ, were me and Galyna (batch mate from Ukraine) had lunch at the canteen. I couldn’t wait to get back home, because with the others we arranged to go to the pool! It is still warm and sunny in Dubai, it feels like European summer but the water is already cold. Very cold. After taking a cold shower (to brace myself) I managed to went inside the pool and I had a short swimming, but that’s all. After sunbathing I decided to go to the gym! 😀 It was the first time since I’ve been here, I only had 35 minutes running on treadmill, but it was enough for the first time. I got pleasantly tired and very satisfied, haha.

I went to the big supermarket and had another big shopping. I still haven’t bought all the essentials but I am getting close :). Once I got back, I cleaned my bathroom and that’s all, finally I could rest and wrote on my Hungarian blog. Now I am still in bed, enjoying my one and last free forenoon, because from tomorrow, I will wake up around 7am each days and study during these hours. I don’t mind to be in afternoon shift, at least I don’t have to wake up that much early and once I am awake, I don’t need to rush to get ready, I can have a coffee and breakfast and I can study in my bed still wearing PJ’s :D. Sounds better for me.

Okay guys, I am starving and can’t wait to have a breakfast, I wish you all a good day, keep reading me! 🙂




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