My March roster

Hello everybody,

As you have probably noticed, I didn’t post anything in the last month, I did not even share my February flights. Actually there is no particular reason – I was simply not in the mood to write. Sometimes I feel there is not too much new I could bring into blogging. Flights after flights, trips after trips, this is what my whole life is about, this is the “normal” to me. Sometimes the destinations are the same or I don’t take as many photos which could make a good and interesting blog post. Β That’s why I don’t promise anything for the future – I will only write whenever I feel like and whenever I have something exciting or beautiful to write about.

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Big sister in Dubai

Hello again πŸ™‚

During my last roster bidding, I asked for 5 days off in a row to be able to spend some time with my big sister. If you have been following me since the beginning, you should know that I’ve already had my twin sister here in last May and it was a great 5 days with her. This time with the other sis, we only had 4 full days and I wanted to make the most out of it.

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First flights of 2017

Hello everyone,

January has been a quick and great month so far, if you are a cabin crew based a warm country you don’t suffer from “January depression”. My very first flight was Hamburg which started in December 2016 and ended on 1st January 2017. I was kinda in bad mood when I entered the briefing room – coming back from Christmas leave, getting back to “normal” (if there is such a thing with my lifestyle), so it was not the happiest moment for me. However the crew was really great (I’ve got lucky all the time recently) and the flight was not completely full, so all went great and I quickly found my good mood again. German people are very polite and lovely, one of the best passengers (at least for me) I would say.

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My new year roster

Hello everybody,

I wanted to wait with posting my next roster, because I have been expecting some changes. I intended to (still do) swap some flight but I haven’t been able to do so, that’s why I post he original one and let’s see, it might gonna change. I am in Hamburg at the moment and I am gonna land around 02:30 am back in Dubai which means I celebrate new year at 36.000 feet in the sky :). The team is very amazing so I don’t mind. We were supposed to land like half an hour after midnight but there are some serious delays from Dubai which means our flight got also delayed with 2 hours. This is a very foggy season in Dubai, this is the reason behind.

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Christmas at home

Merry belated Christmas everybody! πŸ™‚

I requested annual leave for Christmas long long time ago. It is extremely hard to get it as most cabin crew ask for the same date and would like to go home for the holiday. Once in a year, when we request leave, we can add an option which is “priority leave”. This one should enhance the chance to get those days. This is what I used and even though being fresh new that time, I’ve got Christmas leave! I was super happy and excited. Approximately 2 months ago I manage to add some extra days to my leave so after all, I’ve got 9 days in a row plus days off. I also used my first annual leave ticket (which is not standby but confirmed ticket) just to be 100% sure in everything.

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December catch up post

Hey everybody,

The beginning of December had been quite busy for me, but since I am home, enjoying festive season with my family and friends, things got more chilled and relaxed. It means I could find some time for a quick catch up post :).

At the very beginning of the month I’ve got couple of days off which I used for studying for my upcoming exams. Obviously I didn’t kill myself with too much manual reading, I went out to the beach with my friend and the weather was so lovely. The name of this place is “Kite beach” and it is quite close to my area but we still had to take a taxi. This is a public beach it is pretty long and empty, I am so surprised why I haven’t came here before. Here is some pictures for you to enjoy.

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My December roster

Hello everybody,

I still owe you with my current monthly schedule. It was not so urgent for me to make this post as there is nothing you could have missed. I landed from Birmingham on the second of December (the departure was 30th so it still belongs to November) and after that flight I had three days off which I mostly spend with studying. Why and what studying?

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