Things I can’t wait to do

Hello people! 🙂

You already know which places I can’t wait to see, so here comes another post about all the things I’d like to do once I get to Dubai, as soon as I settle down and start my new life as a flight attendant 🙂.


I hope it will be easier to fulfill my dreams with this life style I’m gonna live.

Probably we all have plans and dreams before every big journey we take, or “before we die”. This is true in my case as well, fortunately I don’t feel I would be in rush or I had no time left. I have time to do and try everything, but I hope to start in Dubai :).

Learn scuba diving


It has been my dream for a very long time, this is something I can’t wait to do! I’d like to be more than a casual hobby diver, which means I’d need more lessons, not only a basic course. Unfortunately the prices are pretty high in Dubai (yes, I have already checked it online), but we will see, I’m sure I’m not gonna miss it :).

Eat the World


It might be a cliché, but I love eating and I mean it! I’m not a tiny little girl, I have big body and stomach, which means I usually eat more and even faster than other ladies around me :D. I also do exercises, so basically I don’t have problems with my curves, although I need to be careful but never mind, this is not the point. My plan is to try the local cuisine everywhere I go, I don’t wanna stuck with chicken all the time. I even plan to taste roasted insect, but I can’t promise! 😀

Lear a new language


If you read my posts carefully, you already know I’d like to learn Turkish. I’m gonna live in an Arabic country, and I belive everybody should learn (or at least try to) the language which is spoken in the exact country. It means I should definitely learn some Arabic, before I would start Turkish lessons… I’m not sure how I’m gonna handle, I don’t think it would be a good idea to learn two languages in the same time, ’cause I don’t wanna get confused and don’t wanna mix the languages… Turkish or Arabic? This is the question.

Taste exotic fruits every day

Full frame of various fresh fruits, close upOkay, probably that would be hard (impossible?) to taste new one every day, but at least every week :). I’ve heard that the fruit selection is quite extensive in Dubai, let alone the countries I’m gonna fly to, so I’m sure it is something I will be able to do! Fruits are tasty and healthy, so I think everyone should eat once in a day:).

Learn how to cook


I know it’s a big shame, but I admit I don’t know how to cook! 😦 I still live together with my family, my parents always cook, so I haven’t been in the need to do it for myself. Well, if I don’t wanna eat in restaurants every day, which means I have to learn how to cook. That would be great to learn some exotic dishes from different cuisines (Arabic, Thai, etc.). I can’t wait for it! 🙂

Swim with wild dolphins


This is one of the oldest and most precious dream on my bucket list. I really love these mammals, that would be the best feeling ever to swim with them in the ocean. I know there are many opportunities to swim together with dolphins (even in Dubai) in aqua parks and aquariums, but I feel sick about the idea. I don’t wanna support this kind of madness, I feel sorry for the poor dolphins.

Shark cage diving

sharksAs I love dolphins, I love sharks too! 😀 ❤ I’m really amazed by these predators, and a dream would come true if I could see the Big White under the water. However I have mixed feelings about this program. I know these sharks are not in captivity like dolphins in aqua parks, but I would still disturb their habitat and probably this isn’t good for the animals. So we will see… I have to fight with my demons if I wanna fulfill this dream.

Visit a Turkish Hammam


This is (also) something I can’t wait to experience. Actually it doesn’t need to be in Turkey, as far as I know there are hammams in many Arabian countries as well, but obviously the best would be to experience in Turkey :). I’d like to have a full hammam treatment with vapor, body scrub, massage, everything. Sounds relaxing, doesn’t it?

I’m sure there will be many other things which will come into my mind, but this could be another never-ending list of mine :).



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