First flights of 2017

Hello everyone,

January has been a quick and great month so far, if you are a cabin crew based a warm country you don’t suffer from “January depression”. My very first flight was Hamburg which started in December 2016 and ended on 1st January 2017. I was kinda in bad mood when I entered the briefing room – coming back from Christmas leave, getting back to “normal” (if there is such a thing with my lifestyle), so it was not the happiest moment for me. However the crew was really great (I’ve got lucky all the time recently) and the flight was not completely full, so all went great and I quickly found my good mood again. German people are very polite and lovely, one of the best passengers (at least for me) I would say.

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Important documents check list

Hey guys, 😉

So I’m 100% ready now. I had packed all my stuff, my room is clean and I also sorted my leftover things out. I feel myself very calmed and relaxed, never expected to have this feeling :). I guess I don’t have more tears, nerves and concerns after last week, haha.

I don’t care that much about my personal belongings and clothes, because if I leave something at home, I can still buy it in Dubai. But there are some things, which can not be replaced. These are the documents! I made a check list for myself, I’ve got everything and I would like to share it with you, maybe it’s useful for others as well :).

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Places I can’t wait to see

Have a lovely Sunday everybody!

I’ve AMAAAZING news! There is a really nice and lovely Hungarian girl Lilla, I know from the “famous” Facebook group, she had helped me a lot and we became “online friends” very quickly. She moved to Dubai in July (she has been flying for a month or so) and she used to encourage me a lot. She always said she would invite me for a coffee once I get to Dubai. When I got to the final interview, we were both thrilled let alone when I got hired!

We were waiting for Lilla’s roster to find out that she would be free on 21st November (my first day in Dubai) to escort me around the city. Soooo, she got her roster today and I simply can’t believe what se got! She flies to Budapest on 19th November, which means SHE WILL BE MY CABIN CREW ON 20TH NOVEMBER WHEN I FLY TO DUBAI!
Is it really happening to me??? This is simply unbelievable! 😀 She has a rest day on the following day, which means we will go out together on my first day! I feel myself very lucky recently, not only because I got the job, but because of many other small things. I hope this luck lasts at least until I get my aircraft-type and accommodation, hehe :D.


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