Places I can’t wait to see

Have a lovely Sunday everybody!

I’ve AMAAAZING news! There is a really nice and lovely Hungarian girl Lilla, I know from the “famous” Facebook group, she had helped me a lot and we became “online friends” very quickly. She moved to Dubai in July (she has been flying for a month or so) and she used to encourage me a lot. She always said she would invite me for a coffee once I get to Dubai. When I got to the final interview, we were both thrilled let alone when I got hired!

We were waiting for Lilla’s roster to find out that she would be free on 21st November (my first day in Dubai) to escort me around the city. Soooo, she got her roster today and I simply can’t believe what se got! She flies to Budapest on 19th November, which means SHE WILL BE MY CABIN CREW ON 20TH NOVEMBER WHEN I FLY TO DUBAI!
Is it really happening to me??? This is simply unbelievable! 😀 She has a rest day on the following day, which means we will go out together on my first day! I feel myself very lucky recently, not only because I got the job, but because of many other small things. I hope this luck lasts at least until I get my aircraft-type and accommodation, hehe :D.


I can’t wait to start my adventure as a flight attendant. I’m getting more excited day by day and I’m already wondering about the beautiful places I will be able to see. This is my personal list which consist my must see places around the world.

1.) Angkor wat, Cambodia

This is probably one of the most magical and fascinating places on Earth, every time it comes to my mind, I already have goosebumps! As probably many other people, first time I heard about this place was when I saw Tomb Raider and I already fall in love with it. It’s hard to describe what I feel, it’s like hearing the “Angkor call” in my mind and heart! 😀 There is no direct Emirates flight to Cambodia, but I will find the way to get here during my first holiday! 😉


2.) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I simply LOVE Brazil! ❤ During the summer of 2014, I met many Brazilian exchange students here in Budapest, so I got the chance to know their culture a bit more. They were amazing people, I spent really enjoyable days and night with them, they know how to party and how to have fun, they don’t worry about everything as much as European people do. Rio is the corner of my heart, but obviously I would like to see more than a city! São Paulo must be a great city as well, hope to see them both soon!


3.) Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok might be a bit mainstream nowadays, everybody wants to go there but I still can’t help myself! I love Thai cuisine, I love the movie Beach, Bangkok is definitely the place to be! Hectic, vivid, ALIVE! They say that most of the crew love this destination, and it doesn’t make me surprised. I hope to get this flight (or at least Phuket) as soon as I start flying!


4.) Cappadocia, Turkey

I love Turkish people! I have sooo many Turkish friends, I can’t even count them! 😉 There is something with this people and their country, I have never been there, but I still feel I could move there immediately. I even want to learn Turkish (I was due to enrol in a course, but I got hired so eventually I couldn’t) as soon as possible. I would like to see the whole country (Istanbul, Izmir, Ani, etc.), but Cappadocia is the first on my list. It’s hard to belive that a country has so many beautiful and unique places like Cappadocia! ❤

5.) Petra, Jordan

Petra is on my list for a very long time. I find the whole country very interesting and beautiful, but this ancient city is a MUST. I used to want to apply for EVS opportunity in Jordan, that would be amazing to live there a while. Unfortunately it’s a turn around flight, which means the crew fly back to Dubai on the same day they arrive, so I can only visit this country during my off days. Once I go to Jordan, I’d like to visit Amman and the Dead Sea as well. Few days could be a good beginning.


6.) Casablanca, Morocco

Once I read a romantic adventure novel and the venue was Morocco. While I was reading the book it was like being there. I fall in love with the country and I keep reading how kind the people are there, how amazing the landscape is there, so I can’t wait to see it by myself! EK only flies to Casablanca, but that would be great to see other cities as well, like Marrakesh. Another holiday plan for the future? Definitely!


7.) New York, United States

Well,there is no doubt, New York is a DREAM! Even if I will be trained on A380, I’ve heard it’s quite rare to get a JFK flight. I think there’s no need to describe why I’d like to see this city so much. New York is the venue of many-many great movies and series (Sex and the city, Gossip girls, Home Alone, etc.), it’s the hub of the whole continent, the Big Apple which never sleeps! Somehow I’m pretty curious about the NYC autumn and winter, but I’d definitely like to see it during Summer time too!


8.) Seychelles

White sand, turquoise sea and sky, palm trees and coconuts… sounds nice, doesn’t it? I think all the people dream about visiting an exotic island once in their life, where they can turn off and relax. I also have this dream and my favorite island (which can be reached by EK) is Seychelle(s)! I would be also happy to see the Maldives or Mauritius, doesn’t really matter just gimme an exotic island NOW! 😀


9.) Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town must be a very interesting place with many activities to do. Amazing beaches, amazing places to see. The city itself has a really special location, the corner of a continent!

Aerial View Sea Point

10.) Dublin, Ireland

I love Irish writers, they made me close to this country, just like in the case of Morocco. I find something attractive about this northern Island and their customs. I’d love to walk around the chilly Dublin, get a hot dish in an Irish pub with a pitcher of Guinness of course!

That’s all for now :). What places you would like to visit the most?
Actually there are many places and countries I’d like to visit, the list could be never-ending! 😀 I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you would like to read about something which I haven’t released here.

Have a lovely Sunday evening!

Dorottya xxx

3 thoughts on “Places I can’t wait to see

  1. What a lovely post Dorottya, your pick of destinations are quite diverse it shows you have an adventurous character. I also always imagine the places of my dreams I’d love to visit once I get to become cabin crew fro EK. My top 5 are: New York because its the capital of the world. Tokyo, because I’m in love with Japanese pop culture & street fashion. Rio, because its the home of samba & bosa nova music not forgetting carnival. London, I’m obsessed with the Queen & all the royal family I wanna see Windsor Castle. Lastly Paris, don’t get me started with french accents, city of LOVE vibe & the world famous french cuisine. I can imagine myself there already lol


    1. Your list is also nice, Quin :). Since I’ve written the post, there are other destinations which came into my mind and I think I should have released them in the post :D. They are Egypt (Cairo, Giza) and Iran (Teheran, Isfahan, Shiraz). I’m pretty sure Iran is not a popular place to visit, so probably I gonna go there solo :). London is also nice, I used to spend there 3 months, would be great to go back and spend some time there again :). Ohh, I hope to see you at EK soon! 😉

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