My future cabin crew look

Hi everybody,

Short update about myself: I don’t feel healthy today, I have hardcore sore throat, I wanna do nothing and actually I don’t really feel like writing anything :(. I hope I get better very soon, because I scheduled my first big shopping for Emirates (tomorrow or the day after tomorrow) and I need energy to do it. 

Soooo actually I only intended to share a great photo with you all – this is something which was made by a lovely girl from the Facebook group, I think she made an amazing work, I love it!


I can’t wait to wear my own uniform and get the cabin crew look in reality. I am getting more excited day by day, although I still have some worries.

Have a better week than mine! 🙂 😦


2 thoughts on “My future cabin crew look

  1. By the way, can you please advice if you created your profile on Emirates site before you went on OD or already after your final interview? Thanks! 🙂


    1. Actually I had a profile, but the satus was “unsuccessful” due to my previous AD where I didn’t get through. So I completly deleted my old profile (the username and everything) and made a new one! I wanted a clean and fresh start :D. If you participate an OD, it is totally unnecessary, but if you would like to get an invitation for AD, you need a profile. Good luck dear! 🙂


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