Final interview

Hey everybody,

Sunday has been a long and tiring day for me, because I had some extra work to do, but now I am ready to continue posting with a hot cup of mint tea :).

As you know, my open day/assessment day was on Saturday, and I’ve had my final interview appointment on Monday, at noon. I spent my whole Sunday with preparing, I tried to answer many possible questions which could have been asked during my face to face interview.

On Monday I woke up quite early and I spent long time doing my hair and make up. I wore the same skirt, a long-sleeved blouse and black heals (instead of flat shoes). I do not know why I did not take any photos about my outfit :(. I wish I had done!
I arrived around 20 minutes before my scheduled appointment. I was so so nervous while I was waiting outside, I could not sit down, I was walking up and down in the corridor. Eszter (the girl I had already mentioned in my previous post) came out with a huge smile on her face. She said that she had felt good and relaxed herself during the whole interview and it was like a pleasant friendly conversation. I had to wait five more minutes until the recruiter invited me inside the room. It was a tiny one with a huge window, so I could see the rainy Budapest. First I submitted all the previously required documents and photos, however I made some mistakes while I was filling the prejoining form, so the recruiter had to correct it.
Before we started, we  had a chit-chat about the company where I recently work, because the recruiter knows that cosmetics brand. After this short ice breaking, the real interview had started.

First I had to talk about my current job and all the tasks I do and the responsibility I have. Then I got questions related to my au pair experience abroad, and I thought I had made a terminal mistake:

My host family moved to Israel after 3 months, and I didn’t join them, I wanted to stay in England. The question was, why I didn’t go with them? First I said I have wanted to stay in the language environment and continue my English studies in the UK. Somehow the recruiter was not satisfied with my answer, so I said I haven’t wanted to leave my friends and boyfriend behind. The recruiter was still insisting, when I said something really stupid: I said Israel would have been too far from my home country, with a different language and culture and I simply did not want to move there. I immediately realized how stupid was my answer (who says things like this on cabin crew interview??!), so I quickly corrected myself;
I said I have made the wrong decision, I was too young and nowadays I would have done on a different way. The recruiter was writing like crazy, so I was not sure if she heard me or not. Although I knew I did a very stupid mistake, I did not let myself down, I tried to give my best during the rest of the interview. She also asked about the differences I experienced while I was living together with my host family. She also asked about their customs, I literally had to tell her about their eating rituals. After we moved on my other expereinces. These were the following questions:

– Tell me about a time when you made a mistake during your job
– Tell me about a time when your colleague made a mistake
– Tell me about a time when you had to say no to a customer
– What annoys you during your work?
– What makes you emotional?

The last one was the question when I started to talk about my volunteering experiences. She asked 2-3 questions about it, like what was the saddest story I have heard from refugees, what did they experience during their long journey.

She probably asked more questions, but I have already forgotten the rest :(. When I finished I felt I was bad and I would not get the job. I was not hoping, I simply accepted the thought that I was unsuccessful. I wanted to get prepared to get the unsuccessful e-mail instead of the golden call.
I needed 2 weeks, and a life changing experience (when I almost died) to have a faith in myself. A car accident happened to me during my holiday in Crete, Greece and due to some miracle, I survived safe and sound. It was a really bad and dangerous situation, I could have easily injured or died! Being a lucky survivor gave me the feeling that I would get the job. Somehow I got 100% sure about it, it was a crazy feeling!

Apparently I did not make a mistake with the answer I gave, because (as you know 😀 ) I’ve got the job! Probably they appreciated my honesty, that I was willing to admit that I made a mistake in my past. This is an “adult” and mature thing to do, I did not lie about myself in order to make perfect impression. They are not looking for prefect candidates who never make mistakes during their life, they want people you are ready to take responsibility and be mature enough to face their mistakes. Perfect employee simply doesn’t exist, they know it clearly.

In my upcoming post, I am gonna share with you some tips about how to behave during your final interview. Don’t forget, if you have any questions, I am ready to answer :).




3 thoughts on “Final interview

    1. HEy Nikola! I have only spent 3 months as an au pair and she wanted to know why. That’s how she asked why I haven’t gone to Israel with them. Then I have also got questions related to their different culture and customs.That’s all :).She didn’t have any specific questions.

      Mistakes: When you did not pay attention to details, or something like that. Onve I accidently send wrong e-mail for someone, that was my exaple. Do not mention too big mistakes, small ones are enoug. Make sure to say what did you learn from your mistake!


  1. Hi dorottya, thank you so much for your sharing and when I read about your accident that was totally freaked me out then I know that god bless you and thanks god that you’re safe and sound eventually! Ah, I have questions for you and sorry if I bothered you but what is your answer for these”
    a time when your colleague made a mistake, a time when you had to say no to a
    ,What annoys you during your work? ” . If it was a lot I’m so sorry :((. But If you could , would you mind telling me details about yours. Thank you so much 🙂


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