Assessment day

Hello people,

Here I am again, let’s continue with the detailed assessment day! I hope you are going to find it useful. 🙂

August was a very hot month in Hungary, so I decided to wear my sleeveless blouse, with my favorite (and only 😀 ) black pencil skirt I ordered online from Gina tricot. I made a low donut bun and full make up as usual, but I did not use any lipstick. I used to wear red during my previous interviews – like all the other ladies -, but that’s only made me feel uncomfortable, so I decided not to apply that time. We were due to leave (my dad took me to the hotel by car, because we do not live in Budapest) and I chose to wear my flat, sporty and brown pair of shoes instead of heels. I was like “I do not give a sh*t about 100% cabin crew appearance, all I want is to feel myself comfortable!”

In the hotel I met some lovely girls who I had already known. I saw many similar faces among the others! When someone attend a cabin crew recruitment event more than once, one definitely meets the same people from the previous events. Sooo fun! 😀
I also met a girl (Eszter), I know from the preparation course and a guy (Said) I have worked together in the same cinema 3-4 years ago, and I really enjoyed working together with him. I remember while we were making popcorn years ago, he told me he had wanted to be an Emirates cabin crew but he failed on the open day. It is so weird, that time it was not even an option for me, I was not interested in this field at all. People do change…
So he spent the last 2 years in the US, but he thought he would give it a try again. Both Eszer and Said made it to the final with me, and Said got his On hold e-mail! 😉 Yeeahh!
It was only 100 people and around 50 made it to the assessment day.

The first group task

So the recruiter divided us into two big groups (around 25-25 members). I was in the first one and my reference number was 16 (my new lucky number 😛 ). Then again, she divided us into small groups of three and we got a card with a profession written on it. Honestly guys, I do not remember what our profession was! I am really sorry about that, but if you ever pass the whole assessment day and the final interview, you are gonna forget small details like this one. The professions could be: astronauts, florist, farmer, party planner, singer, etc. These are the ones I remember. So, we had to come up with different useful and essential skills for the certain profession. During the discussion, the recruiter were walking around us and taking notes. At this stage, you need to mind you posture, your body language (you need to have open body language towards your team mates), you need to smile all the time and listen to the others. Have fun, okay?
Then everyone had to stand up and present the ideas we collected. I was supposed to be the first one who talks in my group, but one of the other girls started talking first :/. I did not understand what happened, I was due to open my mouth and start talking, when she – techically – interrupted me. I felt myself confused, but I managed to compose myself when it was my turn to talk. I was smiling and looking around (don’t watch exclusively the recruiter) and tried to talk on the most possible clear tone. My knees very shaking and I felt that my performance was not good enough.
When all the small groups were done, we got another card, with a picture of an average object on it. We had to figure out what could the professional person do with that object during his/her job. Objects could be almost everything; saucer, tomato, candy, bucket, etc. We had to stand up again, but that time, the recruiter chose only one person from each groups to present one idea. The recruiter did’t choose me, I felt relieved.
We only had to wait 10 minutes for the result. I was sure I did not make it, but my reference number was on the paper which got sticked on the door by the recruiter, it made me so happy! The girl who started talking before me, didn’t make it. I approached her and told her that she confused me during the assessment and she was genuinely surprised – during the task she didn’t realize that she interrupted me. She was nice, she apologized, I was not mad at her or something, I simply wanted to tell her what happened thus she can improve next time 🙂 .
After the second group task, unfortunatelly all of my “mates” (except Eszter and Said) didn’t make it to the second task, so we had to say goodbye.

The second group task

I was so nervous before this task, because last time I failed here and I didn’t know how to act this time. Thanks God we had a long break before this task, so we had the chance to talk and get to know each other. This is the key of success; You all have to work together in team and help each other, thus everyone can win. You are not enemies but friends :). When the time came, we went inside like a real team. It was around 17 of us and we got a card with situation on it:

You are the manager of a furniture store and you only have two available sets of one kind of bedroom furniture and you are not going to get new one ever. Who would you give the sets?

And there was a list about different customers below. For example: valued customer, old couple, student who can only afford that exact set, colleague of the factory who would purchase the set without discount, famous interior designer, etc.
The team work was amazing, everyone let the others talk, no one wanted to rule the conversation, not like last time. The key is to smile, smile, smile, all the time, have an open body language, listen to the others but also have your own ideas. We made our decision quite quickly, but somehow the recruiter was not happy with our fast pace. She left a comment: “How many minutes do you have left? No one checked the time? Someone should have!”. So make sure you are gonna check the time when you get to this task, because you could make an advantage of it :).
Then the recruiter put herself into the role of the angry customers who didn’t get any of the two sets. We had to be the manager and told her the situation. Guess what, she choose me first! 😀 She was the student who had no money to buy any other set. I did apologize and ensured her to get special student discount, thus she could afford to buy another furniture as well. She didn’t like any other sets, “So what’s next?” – she asked. There was a moment when I froze for a second. I had to figure out a solution – any solution! – very quickly (within seconds) to solve the situation. A not too realistic idea came to my mind, and I offered her custom designing free of charge, if she buys any other set. Apparently she was satisfied with the outcome, because she asked someone else next. It was 17 of us and she asked only 4-5 to talk. We were close to the end of the assessment and you will not believe what happened next! She called ME, again! Everyone was surprised, me as well, but somehow I felt myself ready for this last challenge. I was in a really special, relaxed mood – I had been smiling like crazy and I felt myself unconquerable and powerful! I put my most amazing smile on my face and turned to her excited.
She was the senior member of the company, and she said she wanted to buy the set for her wife. My answer came instinctively:
“Look, we’ve known each other for a very long time. I know your wife and her taste as well. I am sure I can find her a set she would like”. – Everyone was laughing, even the recruiter was smiling too!
“Ahhh, my wife has such a special and different taste you know. It is hard to satisfy her with anything”.
“Yes, that’s true, but I am still sure I find something she will love”.

That’s all, then we were finished. My team-mates came to congratulate me for my brilliant answer, but I was still not sure I made it. During the assessments I had attended all together (doesn’t matter which airline), I definitely learnt one thing; you can never be sure about your performance here! If you think you were amazing, you might get out. If you think you were awful, they might think you were brilliant!

English test

I had the longest 80 minutes waiting of my life. We were all sitting around a round table, all in silence, sometimes leaving nervous comments. I was so so nervous! I felt I was good, really good during the group discussion but as I mentioned above, you can never be sure! So we got the result, and my number was on the paper, again! I can not desribe the feeling I had! It was amazing!
18 of us went back to the room and stared to complete the English test. I was not really worried about this part, (okay, I was!) I thought it would be easy peasy, and I was right. I finished the whole test within 30 minutes and during the other half an hour, I checked my answers at least twice.
Another 20-30 minutes of waiting came again. I knew I made at least 2-3 mistakes, but I was still damn nervous. She invited a girl inside for 2 minutes then she came out and said:
“Okay, everyone made it. Come inside and we are going to schedule the appointments for the final interview”.
“Did I really make it?” – That’s what all I could ask from Said, I was so exhausted and surprised, it was almost 7pm, which means we had a really long (almost 10 hours long) day behind us with so much stress and excitement.

The end of the day

So we went inside, got some papers and chose our interview appointments. The girl who was previously called back inside the room after the test, didn’t make it eventually, so it was actually 17 of us who made it to the final interview. It was fair and square that the recruiter didn’t announce in front of everyone that the girl failed the English test. I like how they mind these details :).
So I got my appointment… on Monday at noon. I had the whole Sunday to prepare. I wanted to go out for a beer or two (or more) on Saturday evening after my interview, but I had absolutely no energy. I went to bed early and tried to believe I really did it and I was not dreaming, it was the reality!



13 thoughts on “Assessment day

    1. It was mostly reading 🙂 We had a text about dolphins, it was easy to understand and it was interesting as well. Then we had to insert missing words to a text which was about a cafe, or something like that. We also had to find the right meanings of some words and thing like these. Unfortunately I do not remember much :(.


  1. Hey Dora!
    I am living in Croatia and I am planning to go on my first Emirates job interview. My biggest fear is English test because I understand everything on English, but I have difficults with speaking! Does everyone in your group speak english perfectly? Is it better for me to stay home?

    Sorry for all that questions,
    Petra 🙂


    1. Hi Petra, thank you for writing, I am happy to help you! 🙂
      Not everyone is perfect but this is fine, because we are not native and we are nervous as well. During the group discussion, I have heard people speaking with not so good English but they still made it to the neyt assessment. You can not loose anything if you try :). Nevertheless I would suggest you to practice and speak as much as you can! I am sure there are many expats living in Croatia, so try to find their online communities (Facebook groups, Couchsurfing, etc.) and get in touch with them. You can practice English and make new friends as well. This is exactly what I did a year ago, when I also had doubt about my English knowledge. Today I am confident and fluent enough :).

      Good luck! 🙂


  2. Hi Dorot
    After how long time is it possible to reapply, in case I failed in group discussions? I´ve heard it´s 6 months, is that true? Btw how many times did you try to be successfull?
    thanks a lot


  3. wow dorot what a great stamina you had (y)
    so after being eliminated while attending an OD, I have to wait 6 months to reaplly?
    keep posting bye 😉


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