Photos for the interview process

Hi there,

I have written a post about how to make a successful CV, so I thought I would share my advice about the photos as well. I am referring to those photos that you are going to submit for the final interview. I think the pictures you upload when you apply online are not that important. I don’t think that anybody would ever check them, so you don’t need to worry about those :).

What photos do you need before/after the final interview?
– Full length photo in business attire
– Passport size photo in business attire
– Full length casual photo
– Shoulder + head cropped photo in casual wear

I would highly recommend you to go to a professional photo studio to get at least the business attire photos taken. Those are much more important than the casual ones, because the HR team would like to see your professional, cabin crew look. It also gives them an idea about your physique which is – sorry guys, we have to face the truth – important for all the cabin crew. I mean none of us have ever seen fat (I am sorry, I know this word is harsh!) or too cubby stewardess ever. I do not think it is all about the appearance but they need fit and strong crew for the job. This is quite fair I guess because this job is very demanding for the health.

Make sure you tell all the standards to the photographer (I think those who need guidelines are not that much professional, but never mind…) and if you don’t like your photos, do not hesitate to tell them! You are the one who pays, so you have every right to ask for new ones! I have heard many stories, when the photographer was not cooperative at all and did not give instructions how to stand, where to put arms, hands, how to hold chin etc. They just made few shots and that’s all! I keep seeing photos like these in the big Facebook group (Emirates approval in progress status) and those are close to horrible 😦 (sorry everybody). If you decided to invest money in your photos, make sure to find a good photographer.

Full length business photo:

10 x 15 cm or 4 x 6
– Top of your head and shoes must be visible
– Facing the camera
– Clear but not retouched
– Pale/white background
– BIG smile (showing your teeth is a MUST!)
– Hands relaxed and visible on the side
– Standing straight with both legs together
– Wear buttoned up jacket
– Neat hair tied at the back (no visible pony tails or bun)
– Conservative/minimal jewellery, visible make up
– Fitted knee-length skirt with skin color stockings
– High heel court shoes

Well, I know there is a lot to keep in mind, but it is totally manageable. Here is my own one, personally I love it, and I am so satisfied with it! Once I even got a positive respond from the recruiter when I gave it to her with my CV ;).


Passport size business photo

4,5 x 3,5 cm or 1,5 x 2
– Same grooming guidelines as per full length photo
– BIG smile mandatory

Full length casual photo:

10 x 15 cm or 4 x 6
– Fitted style clothing (jeans an T-shirt preferred)
– Standing up, facing the camera
– Photo needs to be taken within the last 6 months


This is the photo I submitted before my final interview. On 26th August, only 9 days after the interview, they called me from Dubai and asked for new one. The reason was that on this one I was not completely facing the camera, they could hardly see my face and the lady also suggested me to wear T-shirt instead of sleeveless. I was in the middle of my holiday in the hot Greece and I did not take any T-shirts with myself, so I had to find a simple and basic one in one of the souvenir shops (there were no regular clothes shops in the city where I stayed), which was a big challenge! Finally I managed to find a pretty good one :).

casual8 casual7

casual5 Casual3
                       These photos were taken by Iphone 4s

Eventually I sent many new photos them, so I have no idea which one they chose. One of these for sure :D.

Casual close up photo:

This is the one I gave them. Somehow I don’t really like this one, but it was good for the application. I did not get any feedback, so probably wearing sleeveless was not a problem in this case… who understand them?!


As you can see, my casual photos were taken at home, I did not use the help of any professionals. Casual photos are not that much important, I have seen many with not the best quality, but those people also got the job :). That’s all for now.




10 thoughts on “Photos for the interview process

  1. Hello Beauty, Last time I attended an AD, but I got eliminated, I think the reason is that I dont have a nice smile; I’ve got some gaps in between. So I decided to fix them for the next AD. But is it acceptable to have dentures or crowns on the front upper teeth?


    1. Dear Mira, I truly believe, that all smiles are unique and pricless, so it can not be a problem! If a smile is honest and happy, it is beautiful as well! :*

      But if having treatment makes you feel better and more comfortable, do not hesitate, go for it!
      “Dentures if applicable should be in good condition and fit properly. Crown and bridgework, if present, should be in good condition.” —- That’s all what the official dental standards say. I wish you the best of luck! If you have any further questions, feel free to ask! 😉


      1. Thank you so much for your answer 🙂 By the way I love your blog, it’s so inspiring, I found great tips and advices by reading your articles. I really wish that someday I’ll join Emirates Cabine crew.


      2. Thank you very much Mira, I am very glad that you like my blog and find it useful! 🙂 As you can see, I was not successful at the first time nor the second one. I had to try many times but finally I made it, because I was determined. I am sure you also have this determination and it will make you successful ;). Just never give up!


  2. Hi Dorottya,
    do you need all the casual photos etc already printed on the assessment day? or only if they call you for an interview? I’m getting prepared for the OD in Düsseldorf on Tuesday, last things 🙂



    1. Hi Regina, you don’t need those photos until your final interview. Even if you get there, you can submit the photos within a week via e-mail. So actually you don’t really need printed photos, however I believe it is better to have everything ready at the final interview :).

      Good luck for the open day! 😉



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