Tips for the assessment day

Good afternoon everybody,

This is weekend, which means I have plenty of time to write posts for you! 😛 I would like to write more details and tips about the whole assessment day, I hope you are going to find it useful.

I guess there is no need to mention, that you need to arrive in time. I totally find it unnecessary to get to the venue an hour before, but if you go there 20-30 minutes earlier, you can have a look around and start to make new friends.
Do not spend the day alone, you have to be friendly and open with all the other applicants. You are not enemies there, you will find the whole day easier, if you have nice people by your side.


After many trials all together with different airlines, I can state, that appearance is not that important than most people would think. In August I wore sporty and brown pair of flat shoes, I did not apply any lipstick, I had no nail polish, no manicure at all. Sleeveless blouse was totally fine, they do not expect you to wear long sleeves in 30 celsius degree. If these things make you feel better, then do not hesitate, get them and wear them, but if you feel yourself uncomfortable (like I did), you don’t need these stuff. You can be the most beautiful girl (or boy) wearing the latest fashion, have a perfect cabin crew look, if the recruiter thinks you are not good for this job for any reason, she won’t choose you.
There was a girl who was wearing casual dress with sandals and she made it to the final interview! You see? The most important thing is to feel yourself confident in whatever you wear.
In spite of all these, I would still suggest you to wear formal and neat clothes, have a bun or a ponytail and apply some makeup on your face. The most important and beautiful accessory is your SMILE! 🙂

During the CV drop off

While you submit your resume, make sure you smile and say hi to the recruiter on a clear tone of voice. You can also mention her name, like “Good morning, Csilla”. When she asks any question, don’t forget to answer in complete sentence like in the example above:

“Good morning, how are you today?”
“Good morning Csilla, I am fine thank you, and what about you?”
“I am fine, thanks. Is this your first time here?”
“Yes it is. I am glad to be here”
“How old are you?”
“I am 23 years old”.
“All right, have a good day, and see you later.”
“Thank you very much, see you later”.

I have heard that once the recruiter asked the same question from a girl and she had answered with a short “Yes”, which was absolute mistake. The recruiter immediately corrected her with the complete sentence and she didn’t choose the girl for the assessments.
Mind each words and sentences you say, make sure she hears what you say, do not want her to ask back! Be professional!

During the presentation

The videos and the presentation itself is going to be very long, like 2 hours. This is quite tiring, but make sure you pay attention all the time. Do not talk to the others, don’t use your smart phone, these things are simply not professional but rude.
Once I was sitting in the first line and the girl who was sitting next to me had unbelievable behavior. She was talking, checking her nails, she was so bored during the whole presentation. After the CV drop off, she was not chosen and she was surprised and angry. I would have told her how to behave next time, but I guess she wouldn’t have appreciated my help. Never mind.
After the presentation you are allowed to ask any question related to the life in Dubai and the job itself. Please, do not ask stupid and irrelevant questions! The recruiter is going to answer you politely, but the others will not be happy. Do not ask information you can find on Google or the Airline’s website. I know many people do this because they would like to get noticed by the recruiter, but this is not the right manner. It can hit back easily.

During the first group task

So this is the first assessment, you need to show the recruiter that you are good team player and you respect other people. When you discuss the solution with your team members, you need to have an open body language towards them, don’t forget to smile, pay attention to what day say. Always have a kind comment before you start talking, like “This is a very good idea Eszter, what about…”

When the discussion is over and the other small groups start to present their ideas, do not forget to pay attention on what they say. The recruiter is going to watch everybody else, not only the people who talk. You are going to be nervous, so probably you will not even understand what the others say, but still try to listen to them with a smile on your face.

When it is your turn to talk, mind your posture and your smile. Talk in a clear, mild tone, but also make sure that everybody can hear what you say. Have a look around, try to catch the others eyes, do not watch only the recruiter.

During the second group task

According to me, this is the hardest part of the whole assessment day. You need some luck to have a good, cooperative team who really work together. If you have a “bad team”, I mean people who dominate the whole conversation and don’t let the others talk, it is more difficult to cope with this task. Good posture, open body language and a smile is a must, just like during the whole day. Listen to the others, do not try to interrupt them, but also make sure you share your own ideas, at least few times.
If the others decide something you don’t agree with, you need the accept the decision. Do not try to argue with the others, don’t force your opinion.
During the role play, you need to come up with a good solution, to satisfy the angry customer. NEVER EVER MENTION, THAT THE OTHER CUSTOMER IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE ONE YOU’RE TRYING TO SATISFY!
A guy made this mistake, and the recruiter didn’t choose him for the next round. All the customers have to feel themselves precious and important, never forget this!

During the English test

The English test is not hard at all, but it depends on your personal English knowledge. Read everything slowly and carefully, start with the easiest tasks. Try to finish at least 15 minutes before the end, thus you can check your answers over again.

These are my tips I wanted to share with you. There is no fix recipe for success, you can never know what they are looking for. Don’t try to be someone else, the recruiter is professional, she would find out if you act unnaturally. If you have any question, I am looking forward to answer! 😉




7 thoughts on “Tips for the assessment day

  1. Hi!
    I found your blog helpful and nice! I also applied 3 times for Emirates here in Italy but did not work. Now I was thinking of trying again in another country.
    I know I made mistakes in the second round because I was so nervous, my voice went down and in the group task I did not know how to deal with different customers. Could you give a piece of advice regarding how to manage stressful situations? I have some experiences as waitress but you know this is quite different from that.
    Thanks a lot!
    Happy new year!


    1. Dear Pauline,
      Just imagine yourself as a cabin crew already. All eyes on you, everybody is listening you, so you need to be confident, relaxed and classy. If you manage to put yourself into this role, I am sure you will be fine. Good luck!


  2. Hello, thanks so much for your post! Could you kindly help me see more about the role-play? How did you/your team convince an angry customer and satisfied him/her in the scenario? Thank you! I appreciate it!


    1. Hey 🙂 It is important to apologize in the behalf of the whole company and ensure that the customer is very important for you, so you wanna make a good solution. Remain calm and offer something. Doesn’t really matter what you offer until you say something which makes sense.


    1. Hey Temilade, sorry for the late reply.

      If this is what the task is about (lack of original accomodation) then it seems to be a good solution however they often make it harder with details like “there is no other hotels in the area”. In this case offer them free access to the hotel lounge with complimentary beverages, free wifi, magazines and stuff until the previous guest leave one of the hotel rooms. Or something like this 🙂


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