After the final interview

Have a lovely day everybody!

I’ve just got home and my first thought was to write a new post! Feels like I am getting addicted to my blog :).

I would like to share with you what happened after the final interview. As I have written before, I felt I was absolutely wrong and I made a big mistake. Only 5 days after the interview I traveled to Crete, Greece, which was an amazing week for me (in spite of a car accident) and I simply didn’t have time to think too much about the whole interview. I didn’t check my status on daily basis, I was not active in the Facebook group chat which was made by one of the other girls I had the final interview with. She made the chat for those who had their final interview in Budapest. I was too busy with the sea, the sun and the Greek cuisine.

New photo required from Dubai

On Wednesday, in the middle of my holiday, we had a car accident. It was the most terrifying moment of my life, I would never ever wish the same to anybody! We survived safe and sound due to some miracle, my friend (she was the one who drove) got shocked and she was crying like crazy. Somehow I remained composed and I kept my cool. I have no idea how did it happen under the circumstances. While we were waiting for the police, a strong divination came into my mind; I was 100% sure I would get the job after being a survivor of that nightmare! Guess what? When we got back to our accommodation, I had 3 missed called from Dubai. I could not believe my eyes. On the following day I managed to talk to them, and they required new full length casual photo. As it was already Thursday (the last working day in the UAE), they said I had time till Sunday. On Sunday morning I sent them many photos, but I didn’t get any feedback.

Waiting for the “Interview completed” status, which never came

If you ever get to the final interview, you need to complete an online application and create a profile as well. That’s where you can follow your current status, which is quite important regarding to the application process. After the final interview, everyone is waiting for the “interview completed”status. No one really knows what it means, but it is definitely a good sign. Those who never gets this status unlikely get the job :(.
There is something I have learnt during the months I spent with preparation; the most important things happen on Sundays in Dubai. So on Saturday night, most people are waiting for the next day to receive a new status. I was still sleeping when I got a Viber message from Said, who wrote he had got the IC status. I quickly checked mine, but it didn’t change. It was like a cold shower. I started worrying a bit, but I still had hope; I sent my pictures to them on the same day, which meant they probably hadn’t seen them yet, that’s why I hadn’t got the status yet.

Joining formalities in progress

On Wednesday night I had a beautiful dream. It was about getting the “Joining formalities in progress” status, which is the bestest status ever! It means you’ve got the job and you can expect the famous Golden call within few days. So I had this dream, but when I woke up on Thursday morning and realized it wasn’t real at all, my heart broke. In the office I checked my status at least twice, but nothing had changed. I had a Viber conversation with Said, when I decided to check it again. I didn’t expect anything, it was simply natural to check it over again :D.

When I saw my new status…. that was the most incredible feeling I have experienced in my life. It was so sudden and unexpected, it literally left me in absolute shock.


I quickly grabbed my phone and run upstarts to the attic, where no one could hear me. First I have called Said and told him what just happened. It was a challenge, I could hardly talk, I started breathing heavily and I also collapsed. I started crying like a kid and called my parents as well. They were so happy, just like me. I tried to compose myself as much as I could, and I went to the other building, where I told everything to one of my colleagues (she is the one who knew about my flying dream), but I was still crying as hell. It was sooooo unbelievable and amazing! I also called my sister (with less crying haha) then I told to my boss that I had to go home. Everyone saw my read, puffy eyes, so they thought something bad happened with my family. I ensured everybody that nothing terminal had happened, but I have still needed to go home!
I was simply not able to stay and work, it was impossible! I was thrilled and happy during my whole way back home, I called my friend Dorisz, and after her another dear friend of mine, and my elder sister as well and told them everything. I needed like 2 hours to get calmed again, but it was still so fantastic!

The golden call

I expected to get my golden call on Sunday but I didn’t. Another girl who I had the final interview with, got the call and that made me extremely worried and nervous. “Why haven’t they called me yet? Maybe it is a mistake, and I didn’t get the job” – I was full of thoughts like this one, and I am sure I drove everyone crazy with my annoying concern (sorry everybody!). I could hardly sleep but all my worries were irrational. On Monday I had got the call!

Golden phone

It was a lady calling from Dubai around 11am (CET). First she congratulated me to get the job with Emirates, then she offered me a date of joining, which is 20th November 2015. After I confirmed I could join that day, she had additional questions which had to be answered by me (are you single/married, do you currently work, which city would you join from, which city is your annual leave destination, etc.). She said they were going to send me an e-mail during the following 3 days with the access to the HR employment site. Eventually I’d got the e-mail on the next day, so I could start the joining process only a day after my golden call.

In my next post I am going to write more about the whole joining process, which sometimes (most of the times 😀 ) can be quite nerve-wracking. Good night everybody!




5 thoughts on “After the final interview

  1. Congratulations on getting your Golden Call Dorottya! Unfortunately I received a rejection email 3 weeks after my FI 😦

    I have a query that I truly hope you, or any kind soul out there, could answer.

    If my FI date was on the 22nd Aug, do I have to wait till after 22nd February ’16 before I can apply again? Or does the 6 month ban does not include the date?


    1. Oh, I am sorry to hear that. I believe everything happens for reson, your time might have not come yet. Don’t give up and try again! 🙂 You don’t need to wait exactly 6 month, it can be a bit less, like 5,5. Good luck!


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