Birmingham with my best friend

Welcome everybody,

Birmingham. The flight I was really looking forward only for a reason; I could fly with my best friend! We had the same date of joining and we were both in the same batch. We are also lucky enough to live on Sheikh Zayed Road, 1.5 metro stations away from each other which is no more than 20 minutes on foot. We used to go to the gym together, sometimes pool, bars and clubs but most of the time we smoke shisha in a very nice place only 5 minutes away from my building. We have been through lots of things together and she has been a huge support for me in the last month. She is my best friend in Dubai, it’s that simple! ❤

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Rain, snow and sun in Dublin

Hello again,

So I spent one day in Dublin in the middle of November. The flight is more than 7 hours long but it was a good one, with great crew and customers. The supervisor was a lovely girl from India, she was fair and square and all the time she gave instructions to us. I personally like this way to work because if they (the supervisors) don’t assign tasks to crew members then the crew tend to get lazy. On some of my flights I end up being the only one who is checking call bells and so on and it can be very annoying. But with this girl everyone had to work :).

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The gift of my reserve month: Vietnam

Hello everybody,

As I wrote in my previous post, I’ve got an amazing surprise flight at the end of the last month, beginning of this one. People are bidding to get this flight (it is a knew Emirates destination and the layover is about 30 hours long) but I was lucky enough to get it without asking. I had home standby from 9pm and the flight already appeared in my roster around 8:30pm. The departure was pretty early (or late?), around 3-4 am but I don’t exactly remember, so I only had few hours to rest. Needless to say, I couldn’t sleep at all, but I was happy and excited. The crew was pretty good, with 2 guys in economy which I believe gives a good balance for the team. Don’t get me wrong, I am also effective working only with females, but sometimes it can be a little bit (I don’t know how to describe) tiring to work with your same gender. I think this is the same with all kind of jobs. Anyways :).

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I’m back with my November roster

Hello everybody,

It’s been three weeks now, I know. I wrote the post about the miserable reserve month and on the same night I’ve got a gift from the rostering team – a Hanoi, Vietnam flight with amazing 30 hours long layover. All people are bidding to get this flight and I was pulled out from standby. It is a mini multi sector with a stop over in Myanmar which makes this whole flight very long and tiring. I spent an amazing layover with visiting Halong Bay. I am gonna make a post in the close future.

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My reserve month

Hello everybody.

It’s been a while, I think I almost passed a whole month without writing anything so I guess it is time to catch up. The reason I was not active is quite simple; I had nothing to write about. Do you remember my previous post when I wrote I would have reserve month? So I am already in the third week and it is very disappointing. Somehow I knew it wouldn’t be too interesting but I did never expect this. This absolute boredom. This absolute nothing.

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One of the best destinations: Cape Town

Hello everyone!

I just got back from my second Cape Town trip so I am gonna summarize my experiences. I have always wanted to visit this city but I haven’t bid for the flight. Both times I got it by chance which was a nice surprise. We have three daily flights to Cape Town and I operated the one with the most challenging timing. The departure is 03:50 in the morning which means the crew need to check in at 01:50. I have had some other flights with the similar timing and I have never been able to sleep before. Imagine, you wake up in the morning, let’s say 9 o’clock. You can go to gym, you can try to make yourself tired, you can do whatever you want, it is extremely hard to sleep again on the same day. I always spend like 5-6 hours in my bed without the success of sleeping.

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Somewhere in Europe – Photos

Hello my dear readers 🙂

I just realized I haven’t posted anything about any of my European trips even though I had several in the past 3 months. I have visited Portugal, Italy (3 cities) and Germany. I could enjoy the unique European summer, I had great shopping and better food.

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