Christmas at home

Merry belated Christmas everybody! ๐Ÿ™‚

I requested annual leave for Christmas long long time ago. It is extremely hard to get it as most cabin crew ask for the same date and would like to go home for the holiday. Once in a year, when we request leave, we can add an option which is “priority leave”. This one should enhance the chance to get those days. This is what I used and even though being fresh new that time, I’ve got Christmas leave! I was super happy and excited. Approximately 2 months ago I manage to add some extra days to my leave so after all, I’ve got 9 days in a row plus days off. I also used my first annual leave ticket (which is not standby but confirmed ticket) just to be 100% sure in everything.

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Nightmare journey from Bangkok to Budapest

Hello everybody,

As I mentioned in my previous post (which was released a long time ago, I know) I had a pretty adventurous journey back from Thailand. So the ferry left at 10:15 am so I left my tiny room like an hour before. I walked to the taxi meeting spot where they told me that for a single person taxi costs 400 baht, which is a ridiculousย price for such a short drive. They said for 4 people it would cost 100 baht so I should wait for others. A couple showed up and we were waiting together but no one came – seemed all the tourists had their arranged drive from their accommodation. So we paid the money which was still too much but at least I didn’t have to pay it all by myself. The ferry left in time but the 2 hours long ride was hell – the sea was so angry, I got very seasick. The staff distributed plastic bags and when I took one, the girl sitting next to me started looking for something in her bag. Suddenly she got seasickness pill and offered to me. It was a nice gesture and however I didn’t really get better (during the whole way I kept my eyes closed and I was listening some music to occupy my mind) at least I didn’t throw up.

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