My new year roster

Hello everybody,

I wanted to wait with posting my next roster, because I have been expecting some changes. I intended to (still do) swap some flight but I haven’t been able to do so, that’s why I post he original one and let’s see, it might gonna change. I am in Hamburg at the moment and I am gonna land around 02:30 am back in Dubai which means I celebrate new year at 36.000 feet in the sky :). The team is very amazing so I don’t mind. We were supposed to land like half an hour after midnight but there are some serious delays from Dubai which means our flight got also delayed with 2 hours. This is a very foggy season in Dubai, this is the reason behind.

  • US visa interview
  • A380 supy flight
  • Bombay, India (turnaround)
  • 5 days off in a row
  • Manila, Philippines
  • Brussels, Belgium
  • Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Cairo, Egypt (turnaround)
  • Dublin, Ireland

So this is it. Let me talk about it one by one;
I am very happy to got the US visa interview as I can’t wait to discover those destinations. Being a mainfleet crew means no US visa until you get pretty senior which is not too fair. All the others with the same date of joining had the interview back in June or July, my batch was the only exception. I am the last one by they way, the rest of my “buddies” had the interview in October or November. I have told you before, I haven’t been lucky with work related stuff lately. Anyways, I hope 2017 will bring me something nicer :).

I am very excited about my A380 supy! There are five blocked days in my roster so I likely get a layover. It is supposed to be updated very soon so I will know where I exactly go. If it won’t be updated in 2-3 days, I need to email the relevant departure. I know someone who did the conversion more than 1 week after me which means he has supy flight later than I have, but he already got the destination. You see? It’s always me -_-.

I can’t wait for my 5 days off, my sister (the older one) comes to visit me! Can’t wait to be a tourist in Dubai once again :D. We will go for a safari, to the beach, to to souq, to the Burj Khalifa, so all the must see and must do things will be completed. I am very excited.

I don’t want this Manila flight 😦 The layover is super short, only 17 hours long, but the flight is more than 8 hours on the way there and longer than 9 on the way back. So basically there is nothing at all to do but sleeping. Maybe I get a massage if they have an offer from the hotel, let’s see. I am trying to swap it but I have only got “Jakarta” offers which I rejected. I already have one Jakarta, I do not need another one. The only good thing about Manila is the hours. Hours means money :D.

Brussels also makes me skeptical. I don’t really wanna go to Europe in January (bad luck, I have many flights) as this is the most depressing month ever. Also Brussels is a city which is not attractive for me at all. My sister has been there and she said it was boring and we have the same taste in almost everything. I also got Jakarta swap requests but again, no, no, no. I’d rather go to Brussels than Jakarta. I will not give up, I am pretty sure I will be able to swap it for something nice. If anyone has any good tips where to go and what to do, please share with me, I might change my mind about Brussels :).

Jakarta is something which I don’t mind, but I would be happier with something else. Like Singapore or Bangkok. I haven’t been there so it is a new destination, however I have heard there is not too much to do, except massage and shopping. If there will be someone willing to go out with me, I would go to the city for sure but not alone. We will see.

I try to swap my Dublin as well, but I don’t mind keeping it. I did really like and enjoyed the city last time but I would be happier going there when the weather will be milder. What to do :).

That’s all about my January roster, I wish everybody to have a wonderful new year, see you all in 2017! :*





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