Christmas at home

Merry belated Christmas everybody! πŸ™‚

I requested annual leave for Christmas long long time ago. It is extremely hard to get it as most cabin crew ask for the same date and would like to go home for the holiday. Once in a year, when we request leave, we can add an option which is “priority leave”. This one should enhance the chance to get those days. This is what I used and even though being fresh new that time, I’ve got Christmas leave! I was super happy and excited. Approximately 2 months ago I manage to add some extra days to my leave so after all, I’ve got 9 days in a row plus days off. I also used my first annual leave ticket (which is not standby but confirmed ticket) just to be 100% sure in everything.

The day came and I have never been happier hearing my Christmas alarm at 5:45 am. I am always excited when I travel as a passenger (I love it) but this time all my feelings were more intense. While I was waiting at the baggage drop kiosk at the airport, the airport staff came to me and asked me if I worked with Emirates as a crew. I said yes and then he opened the separator (sorry, I have no idea about the English word) and let me go before everyone else. I felt myself like a celebrity :). The aircraft was full of travelling cabin crew, I saw some familiar faces but the most important thing is, that one of my good friends was operating the flight. The whole crew gave us (to the travelling staff) extra attention, for example some of us got hot meal before everyone else, so they were really amazing, it was a great flight.

It was freezing cold in Budapest, no more than -4 Celsius degree. I live in a village quite close the the capital city but the difference was huge. As the temperature was lower, we had frost everywhere on the trees and bushes. Even though it was not snow, it was still beautiful, looked like a winter wonderland. I felt myself lucky coming home for something like this.


“Sweet doing nothing” was amazing at home and I also managed to meet many of my friends. I did some shopping as usually, I had drunk couple mugs of mulled wine, so I couldn’t be more satisfied. Christmas eve was great, I’ve got a beautiful scratch world map from my parents, I can’t wait to put it on the wall in my Dubai bedroom. Yesterday Β I went to see the new Harry Potter movie in the cinema with my sister and tonight I go to the theater to watch “Billy Elliot” the musical. This is my last day at home, tomorrow I need to leave the house at noon to catch the afternoon flight back to Dubai :(.


Leaving Hungary always leaves mixed feelings inside me. One part of me wants to stay but the other one wants to go back to Dubai which is my new home. I am excited and happy to fly again, to discover new destinations, to meet up my friends and to enjoy the nice weather in Dubai, but on the other hand it is extremely hard to leave my family here. It is never going to be easier I guess.
That’s all about my Christmas. I fly to Hamburg on the 30th and I am going to spend new year’s eve on the plane and also in the traffic once I land in Dubai. But never mind, this is the life of a cabin crew. I have already got my January roster, I will try to post it as soon as possible :). Have a good day!



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