My December roster

Hello everybody,

I still owe you with my current monthly schedule. It was not so urgent for me to make this post as there is nothing you could have missed. I landed from Birmingham on the second of December (the departure was 30th so it still belongs to November) and after that flight I had three days off which I mostly spend with studying. Why and what studying?

  • A380 conversion training with SEP recurrent
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • Annual leave
  • Hamburg, Germany

As you can see I will become a A380 crew after more than a year with the company. At the beginning, even before I actually moved to Dubai, this was my dream, however I became mainfleet  crew. As soon as I started flying and I have heard other crew complaining about flying the big airbus, I became comfortable and happy with my “faith”. I knew I would get the conversion one day (as the company was constantly selling the A330/A340 fleet) but to be honest I was not looking forward to it. The half part of my old batch got this training for the beginning of November so I knew I would be the next very soon, specially because it was time to renew my license (we need to repeat all the security, safety, medical and aircraft specific exams once in a year).

I already had the first day yesterday which was only about service and duty free for economy class crew. Today was a day off and I had a great and long night out and tomorrow I do the annual exams. I feel myself quite confident, I have been studying for 3-4 weeks, so I am not too much stressed about it. The only “monster” is the medical part for me, as we need to know lots of information about different diseases, sign and symptoms, medications, etc. Wish me luck for tomorrow guys. Five days ahead of me, can’t wait to finish it, as I need to wake up 5 am every morning and it is gonna be very painful :'(.

Melbourne is a direct flight, 14-15 hours long but I do not really mind it, at least I will have good flying hours, I will  go back to my beloved Australia and I will also discover a new city. The annual leave is the best part of the month, I will spend 9 amazing days at home from 19th of December. I am so happy I can be home with my family during Christmas holiday. I will spend one day in Hamburg (I did bid for this flight) but unfortunately no new year eve party (or drink) for me. We gonna land after midnight so I am literally going to spend the midnight moment sitting on my jump seat. But I still remember how was this night in the last year and I do not mind that I won’t be a part of it. It was hell crazy. The traffic is going to be horrible on this day so I need to prepare for the worst. One or two hours in traffic? Possible.

Have a great evening everybody,



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