Birmingham with my best friend

Welcome everybody,

Birmingham. The flight I was really looking forward only for a reason; I could fly with my best friend! We had the same date of joining and we were both in the same batch. We are also lucky enough to live on Sheikh Zayed Road, 1.5 metro stations away from each other which is no more than 20 minutes on foot. We used to go to the gym together, sometimes pool, bars and clubs but most of the time we smoke shisha in a very nice place only 5 minutes away from my building. We have been through lots of things together and she has been a huge support for me in the last month. She is my best friend in Dubai, it’s that simple! ❤

We met like 15 minutes before our e-gate opened to take selfies together :’D. We went together to the briefing room, we sat together so it was really amazing. The rest of the team was okay, unfortunately the supervisor was not in her best mood I guess, no one really liked her. But with my friend we made the 8 hours long tough flight! It was super busy with lots of alcohol order and unfortunately we ended up with an intoxicated passenger but overall it was a good flight. Very tiring but still good. British people are very polite  🙂 (and God bless them for the scone).


So we occupied our bedrooms and I met my friend after half an hour. There is an outlet mall right next to the hotel so we went there for a drink. The shops were already closed but the restaurants and bars were still open until late. Somehow we ended up in another hotel’s sky bar, I really loved the atmosphere, specially the Christmas lights. We shared a bottle of white wine from New Zealand and a “typical bar platter” full of nice bites. We had nice time, we wine was good, the food was good and I was with my friend, so it couldn’t have been better.


Next morning we had a great breakfast together. It was more expensive than any other European hotels in general but I think it was a really good one. I did really like the coffee maker; touch screen machine with lots of coffee option, you just press the desired button and voilá, your fresh coffee is ready. After breakfast we walked to the train station which was quite close but it still took a while for us to reach it, because we stopped every minute to take selfies together. My friend was a little bit lost but for me it was so easy to buy ticket or whatever. Not a rocket science :D. The train was super fast and we got into the city centre in less than 10 minutes. The Christmas market was right next to the station which means we didn’t have to go far. The market was lovely with lots of “typical” festive stuff. I bought orange chocolate flavored coffee for myself and Irish cream for my family. We all love coffee so I am pretty sure they will love this one as well. The whole market was very “German” (on the good way of course) and I absolutely loved it. There was an old school but charming carousel with music, horses and everything. Only children and their parents were using it but we still decided to go as you can never be old enough for a carousel ride :D. It took only like 3-4 minutes and we paid 2,5 pounds but it totally worth it. I would have loved to drink some hot spicy wine but it was already too late. We are not allowed to consume alcohol minimum 12 hours before any flights. Fair enough.


Again I couldn’t miss Primark and Tesco, then we went for “boots hunting”. Eventually my friend found a pair she liked which was a big relief for me. She is very picky in everything, all the time when we are in a restaurant or bar it takes at least 10 minutes to her to pick from the menu. I am very easy going and I can decide in such a things very quickly but she is the total opposite. But I still love her :D.


On the way back we couldn’t catch the fast train but the journey was still not so long. As it was still not late, we decided to quickly check the outlet mall. We went to the Lindt chocolate shop and finally I found an advent calendar for myself. I was looking for it when I was in Budapest in the middle of November but I couldn’t find any in the supermarket where I went to. They removed me from my Oslo flight due to some legality reasons so I lost that precious destination. My only chance was Birmingham to find the chocolate calendar and I did it :). Happiness overloaded.


Once we got back to the hotel, my mood became very bad and lethargic. I felt myself very lonely and miserable and this bad feeling didn’t want to go away during the whole evening I spent alone in my hotel room. The flight was super duper busy and I was with my friend again, so it became better. We had a very bad turbulence, I think it was the first time I got scared about it. Generally I really like turbulence, I enjoy it somehow, but there is a point when it’s not fun anymore. We even had some vomiting passengers but everyone was safe and sound.


We landed around 8 am in Dubai and I was dead tired. When I reached home I still took my time to take a shower, to unpack my luggage and for the first time ever (I mean after night flight) I made myself a cup of coffee as I was very excited about the new special one I bought. I only had like 2 hours of sleeping because I went to a salon for manicure, then one more hour of sleeping and I met my friend again for dinner. That’s all about my Birmingham trip, I hope you liked it :).




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