Rain, snow and sun in Dublin

Hello again,

So I spent one day in Dublin in the middle of November. The flight is more than 7 hours long but it was a good one, with great crew and customers. The supervisor was a lovely girl from India, she was fair and square and all the time she gave instructions to us. I personally like this way to work because if they (the supervisors) don’t assign tasks to crew members then the crew tend to get lazy. On some of my flights I end up being the only one who is checking call bells and so on and it can be very annoying. But with this girl everyone had to work :).

I’ve got very sick for the flight and it was a big struggle. My nose was constantly running, I had to blow it all the time so I literally wiped the foundation down from half of my face. It was pretty obvious that something was going on with me. I’ve got blocked ears during landing and I was so worried I had got barotrauma but luckily my ears popped out later on.

We arrived early evening and I went out for dinner with other cabin crew and the flight crew. We walked approximately 15 minutes from the hotel to the “Temple bar” area. Most of the places were full but after waiting 10 minutes we got a big table in “Elephant & Castle”. I ordered risotto but the size of the dish was disappointingly small. Everyone ordered wine or beer, I was the only one who chose hot chocolate. Some of the crew were teasing me which I did not really like. If I don’t drink it doesn’t mean I am not cool enough or whatever. I felt myself too old for those poor jokes but I took it easy.
So the crew decided to continue in a night club/bar but I had enough and generally I was not in good mood so I walked back to the hotel with my music on.

When I woke up at 8:30 am it was still dark outside and it was heavily raining. When I came back from breakfast it was snowing :). It made me so happy and excited. I was prepared with my wellington boots, umbrella, hat, gloves, scarf so basically with everything but it was still cold. My plan was to walk to Trinity college and on my way I ended up in the wax museum. I have never been in such a place before so it was a good experience specially because I was (almost) alone at the whole place. I really liked the historical sections and obviously the horror one :). When I finished, the sun started shinning. I continued my way to Trinity college where I bought ticket to see the “Book of Kells” exhibition and the “Old library”. The library was smaller than I expected but still amazing. The whole environment made me relaxed and calmed. I even did some shopping in the souvenir shop, I bought a beautiful pocket calendar for 2017.



I had a “Trinity coffee” from the campus’s coffee shop and I continued my way to cross the river. I was looking for “Primark” (or “Penney how they call it in Dublin) for some more shopping. Eventually I didn’t buy much and it was time to go back to the hotel as I was already very tired. I was looking for a Tesco nearby the hotel but somehow I didn’t find it so I ended up without any grocery shopping. Never mind. We had a night flight back to Dubai and we landed in the morning hours.I spent most of my day with sleeping, that’s how much destroyed I was. My cold got a little bit better, apparently the European weather did its miracle :).


That’s all for now, I hope you liked the post and the pictures.




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