My reserve month

Hello everybody.

It’s been a while, I think I almost passed a whole month without writing anything so I guess it is time to catch up. The reason I was not active is quite simple; I had nothing to write about. Do you remember my previous post when I wrote I would have reserve month? So I am already in the third week and it is very disappointing. Somehow I knew it wouldn’t be too interesting but I did never expect this. This absolute boredom. This absolute nothing.

So after my Cape Town flight I immediately started with four days off in a row. Every day after 6pm it changed in my roster so I didn’t know in advance that I would have this many off days. On the fifth day I had airport standby from noon until 4 pm. I’ve got a very short Muscat flight on A340 which was okay. What happened next?

  • 4 more days off in a row
  •  Home standby from 5pm until 11 pm –> didn’t get a flight
  •  Rest day
  •  Airport standby from 00:30am until 04:30am –> didn’t get a flight
  • Basra, Iraq flight: it just appeared in my roster for the next day. It was supposed to be A330 but they changed the aircraft to B777-200. Three of us in economy had reserve month and all the others had similar month than me (which means no flights).
  • 3 days off in a row
  • Home standby from 9pm until 5am –> didn’t get a flight
  • Home standby from 5pm until 11am –> Around 5 in the afternoon a Bangalore, India flight appeared in my roster with 09:30 departure. I had time to get ready and it was one of the longest night in my life. On this day I woke up 07:30am, I went to the gym and I didn’t rest during the afternoon. I’d got into my bed at 08:00 am, so I was awake for 24 hours without having any nap.
  • 3 days off in a row
  • Home standby from 9pm until 5am: this is my duty for tomorrow, we will see, I don’t have much hope to get anything nice.

To sum up the last 22 days, I only had 3 flights, no more than 13 flying hours plus few more hours on ground. I had 14 days off so far. At the beginning I was very upset and frustrated about the whole situation. If I don’t fly that means I don’t make money. If I spend my days in Dubai that means I spend much more money than in an average month. I have to buy food everyday which can be very expensive. My next month salary will be very miserable and the lack of money annoys me the most. I am financially losing. Anyway, I try to get over with this bad feeling, money comes and goes, I am not gonna starve or anything, so one bad month is not the end of the world.

How I spent my days off? I started cooking on a regular basis. I made pumpkin pie, I made banana cake, I made Hungarian “kifli” (crescent) and right now there is a cheesecake in the fridge waiting to get completely chilled. For lunch I usually made Hungarian “főzelék” which is a vegetable pottage. I made it from zucchini,which became my favorite veg. Once I also made “shakshuka” which is an Israeli dish, it was just amazing. When I was not in the cooking mood, I steamed some mushroom and mixed it with mashed avocado, sliced olives and tuna. This is my fast but super delicious meal :). I eat much more vegetable than before and I start to “get back to life”. I used to be very lazy and tired in the last 2 months but it is gone. I also take very good multivitamins and almost every morning I make a morning boost fruit cocktail for myself; green apple, cucumber and fresh ginger.

Al Mamzar Beach Park
Pool time
My first glam box

Once I’ve been at Al Mamzar beach park with my Hungarian friend and I went to the pool twice with another friend. With the same friend we discovered a very good restaurant which is only 5 minutes away from my accommodation and we go there at least 2 times a week. This is “Piccolo Mondo Bay”, we always take grape shisha with some hummus or something else. The environment is very nice and unique, everyone is smoking shisha and drinking tea, it is full of Arabic people which is a very pleasant feeling after being always surrounded by fellow cabin crew.

I still have 11 days left from this reserve month (plus two days off at the end) and I just can’t wait to finish it. Somehow I enjoy this long rest I am having, it is good to have proper rest, proper food and work out but I also miss flying. I have already got the roster for next month, I am gonna share with you in my next post :).

Have a good night everybody!



6 thoughts on “My reserve month

  1. hi dorottea,

    what discounts does the emirates crew card provide? is it for restaurants in dubai?
    could you possibly write where you usually go to eat out? i´d like to see if they offer european cuisine too. (and what are the prices like 😀 )
    how is it with crew parking? is it provided free of charge at the airport, and at your appartment? and indoor or outdoor?

    thanks for answering bye 😉


    1. Hi Donatella 🙂
      We have a lots of discount all around the country and even abroad. Many hotels, restaurants, shops and salons offer various discounts. Some gives 50%, some gives 30% and so on. Dubai is a very expensive city so I feel myself very lucky. I just need to think about what I wanna do or where I wanna go and most probably they have discount for us. Cinemas, water parks, safaris, clothes stores (like Bershka, Oysho, Women Secret, Promod and even some high fashion brands), you name it.

      I have been planning to write more about Dubai however I don’t have many pictures yet and I insist to put at least few photographs in each and every posts I write. To be honest I am a little bit shy to take photos at public places but I am working on it :). You can find all cuisines in Dubai, even more you would ever need. All crew buildings have free parking building but unfortunately it’s not free in the HQ. Most crew park a bit farther and then they walk 5-10 minutes which must be horrible during the summer.

      I hope it was helpful, keep reading me! 🙂


  2. Hello dorottya 🙂
    could you please tell us how many crew members do operate A380 and B777 flight? you can divide them into classes, im really curious 🙂
    my second question how many % of crew are male. your guess.
    third how many % of pursers are male.
    thanks in advance
    keep up the great work 😀


    1. Hey there 🙂 Sorry for the late answer, I was not in the mood of blogging or doing anything. On a normal B777-300 three class flight, it is 1 Purser, 2 Supervisors, 2 First class crew, 3 Business class and 7 Economy class crew. If it is two class, then it means 9 crew on economy. About the A380 I am not sure as I am not trained to operate that one yet. All together they are around 25 crew, which is a great number.

      I don’t know any % about the genders. You can find more males among seniors, lot of pursers and supervisors.


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