One day spent in a beautiful hotel

Hey everyone,

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted, but here I am today :).So I had a flight to Kolkata, India and I have already heard many things about the beautiful hotel where we stay there.

The flight was okay, light load and okay crew as well. Some of the girls were planning to go out as there is a city tour from the hotel. My original plan was to stay inside for the whole day and enjoy my rest. As soon as we entered the hotel lobby a lady put”bindi” on our foreheads, this is a red dot made by vermilion powder (according to Wikipedia) and it actually has many meanings. I believe their purpose was to show us great hospitality and to give a small piece of their traditions.
The staff also welcomed us with juices and complimentary packs of plastic forehead jewelry – the one that ladies usually wear in India. They took a group photo of us, which was a very nice gesture, no other hotels do the same. However some people were whining like “why do we have to do this??”, even the purser were complaining which I believe was not too professional. All of us were tired as it was a night flight, but it took less than a minute and the gentleman who did it, seemed to be very happy and very passionate. It was clear that he loves what he is doing and he wanted to make us happy. That’s it.

The group photo

Eventually I decided to go for the tour with two other girls. We made a plan to come down in 3 hours, so all of us could have a little rest before we would go. I ordered some breakfast before I went to sleep, it calls uttapam and it was yummy, however I was not happy with the size of the portion. This hotel (just like most of them) offers 50% discount on food for cabin crew which is a very generous and nice deal. However some of them are tricky, because the discount doesn’t include the tax, so eventually the price is not that much discounted. I think t’s not so fair, at least don’t brief people that you offer such a big discount because you actually don’t. And I figured out only when I signed the bill. I set my alarm clock to wake up 15 minutes before meeting the others but I didn’t hear the alarm. One of the girls called me from the reception ask me if I was going or not. Eventually I decided to stay as it was raining outside and I had such a nice rest.

My comfy hotel room
I take my teddy bear everywhere
Everything you need
What a toilet roll
Waiting for room service
Tiny uttapam…

I woke up few hours later and decided to have an afternoon tea service. I read about this on the hotel’s website and also in their service book. So I went down to this café area and they told me they don’t have this service for a long time… okay. I started to get disappointed, there is no 50% discount and there is no afternoon tea?! I was craving for a nice tray of scones and other cakes, don’t forget about a great afternoon tea. I eventually ordered a latte and a way too sweet blueberry something. The two girls who went out just came back and one of them joined me. She told me they went to a market and it was okay. That’s all she said, so I stopped feeling myself guilty for not going out. The waiter was a very nice man, he made us some traditional chai, on the same way as he makes it at his home. I used to love the spicy chai a long time ago, it was good to drink it again.

Just a small detail

Later on I went back to my room and tried to watch something. I wanted to order DVD, as my friend told me they give some popcorn and coke for it. First I had to call them and request the list as it was not placed in the room. I’ve got a creased piece of paper with miserably old movies listed. I eventually chose Bridget Jones. I was waiting like 15 minutes but no one came, so I had to call again. Someone came to set something on my TV, so channels got available for me, thus I cancelled the DVD. I was so bored, couldn’t wait for the buffet dinner which was served from 7:30pm. I went down and joined to few of my colleagues. I’ve got many things on my plate and I also ordered garlic naan bread which I absolutely love. It was not bad, but the one I sometimes order here in Dubai is better. The staff was very nice, they offered many things for us, but we were already full. After the meal I went to a small pasty shop (inside the complex) and bought something for breakfast. I went to the bed quite early as we had 5 am wake up.

Buffet dinner

The flight was nice on the way back, a man wrote a page long positive feedback for us and asked all the names of economy cabin crew! The purser took the letter to upload the content on her tablet, however I haven’t heard anything back from my manager… I am afraid she didn’t put our names on the feedback, even though it was all listed with a purpose :(. If she had done it, then I should have heard something back by now as it’s been almost 2 weeks. So after 10 month, I finally had the chance to get something very good for working my ass off, but eventually it didn’t happen. So unfair.

It is extremely rare to hear anything positive back from the passengers. They give verbal comments and feedback many times but it is very rare that they actually write something about our good performance. If they do, that goes to our manager and remains in our files. It is like a big shinny star, makes a big difference if we want to get upgraded or if we need any favor or extra help. It is the actual prove that you are doing a great job. There is an accurate phrase which says

“spoken words fly away, written words remain”

And this is so damn true. If you wanna do something nice to your cabin crew, because you are very satisfied with their job, write about them! Ask the staff number and the name and spend 5 minutes to get on the airline’s website and write a good feedback. People immediately make complain if they don’t like something but if something good happens they don’t do the same thing (I am talking generally and not only about flights) and I really don’t understand why. I have a friend, he was taking care of a wheel chaired elderly man during a flight. Even though he was not alone, his adult and capable son was with him, it was my friend who did everything for him, for example he took him to the toilet. The son was satisfied and wanted to give him money. My friend obviously refused to take it and asked him to write a feedback instead. The man agreed and got my friend’s name. Guess what? He never received any feedback. At least don’t promise if you are not gonna do it. End of my thoughts about this topic.

That’s all for now, have a great evening everybody.




6 thoughts on “One day spent in a beautiful hotel

  1. I agree with you – so many people like to complain about stuff but never give any positive feedback.
    I’m sure I’ve been one of those people in the past as well. I’ll defiantly keep in mind to write some written feedback on flight attendants, retail workers etc… next time I find someone to be really helpful.
    Sucks about the service at the hotel! I hate it when they’re really slow with things. Especially when you’re a flight attendant, they would think that they’d be going out of their way to impress you so you could recommend their hotel to passengers.


    1. Well, I truly believe it is in human nature. I can’t blame anyone or I can not be angry because we all have it. We just need to work on it as you wrote :).
      About the service, I don’t really mind waiting and I don’t really expect hotels to treat us on a different way. Actually I wanna be equal, because sometimes we are not and not on a good way.


    1. That’s true. I think they keep forgetting it and when it eventually comes into their minds they postpone it “Oh I am gonna do it tomorrow”, then they forget again. Later on they think it is too late, the flight happened more than a month ago, so let’s forget it forever :D. This is my theory :).

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