October roster

Hello again 🙂

We got the next month roster quite early (during the weekend which is rare) and I prepared for the worst. After top bid month, crew usually get “reserve” month if we don’t have leave or any other personal activity related to our job (like US visa interview or upgrade training). I was hoping that I would be different but I had no luck :'(.

So here it is :

  • Istanbul (turnaround)
  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • RESERVE (from 10th to 10th)

I haven’t heard much positive about Istanbul, very long and demanding day but I need hours, so I will not even try to swap it. I am happy for Cape Town, there is still a lot to see there (I’ve been once) and it also means good shopping. Cosmetics are much cheaper than here in Dubai and I need some products.

So how a reserve month look like? You don’t have any flights, but you can get basically anything. It can be a very good and a very bad month either. It is all about home and airport standbys. Many crew call sick on Pakistani, Indian and on other long turnarounds (like Cairo, Beirut) so the poor standby crew has to go instead of them. My month will be probably full of turnarounds and maybe 1-2 layover. Sometimes, if you are very lucky, you can get long and nice flights, multisectors as well. It also contains many days off as well, most crew usually starts with 3-4 days off and have the same amount between flights. I like being in Dubai but if I spend too many days here it means I have to spend more money as I would spend during a normal month. And I really try to save as much as I can, so it is definitely not a good thing. Anyway, we will see. Somehow it is exciting as well but more like pain in the ass. Usually people can’t wait to finish reserve month. I believe I will feel the same way. I am gonna find out very soon.


Ps.: I just got the notification from WordPress that I had my first anniversary of blogging two days ago! Actually I really miss those times; all the excitement I woke up and went to bed with every day, all the preparation and planning I made. That was the best and mos exciting period of my life as well as the first 3 months here in Dubai :). I wish I could do it once again, haha.





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