September roster

Hello again!

It’s been September for a while so it is time to release my monthly roster to you.
I was very optimistic about this schedule, because I had my top bid month which means I had the biggest chance to get the flights I want. I had two bids for Rio – Brazil, one bid for Japan and the others for Venice and Zimbabwe.

Top bid or not, I was very disappointed  when I saw my roster as I got very average flights. I completely wasted my two biggest chances for Rio and the third one for Japan because didn’t get any of these routes. Complete waste. I think I am gonna give a break for Rio and stop trying for a while.

  • Medina, Saudi Arabia (turnaround)
  • Venice, Italy
  • Kolkata, India
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Dhaka, Bangladesh (turnaround)
  • Harare, Zimbabwe
  • Tehran, Iran (turnaround)

I have already done the Medina flight (it was nice and easy), and tomorrow morning I fly to Venice. I will go to Murano as I planned before my first Venice trip which didn’t happen die to my sickness. I don’t mind Kolkata, as it’s a layover and I have heard that the hotel is very nice with outstanding hospitality. I am also looking forward to wander around the city. Frankfurt is okay, at least I will be able to do some European shopping, can’t wait to go to Drogerie markt, hehe.
I don’t really know why I bid for Zimbabwe in my top bid month – a total waste as I am pretty sure I could have got the flight anytime. I hope it will be fun though.
The rest of the flights (the two turnarounds) are “whatever” for me. Bangladesh is gonna be a long day and probably a very tiring one but I think it will be fine, at least very good flying hours. I have done Tehran once before and I don’t have good memories but I still try to be optimistic.

Have a good day everybody!



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