Third day in Koh Tao

Hello again everybody!

During the previous (second) night at Koh Tao, I had horrible stomach ache. I was shocked when I woke up, because I still had it! I went back to bed for 15 additional minutes then I put myself together and headed to a breakfast place – just few buildings away – which was recommended by Joel, my instructor. On my way I met my buddy, Joseph, he also wanted something to eat. And guess what, when we got there, Joel was sitting there eating his breakfast! I only took an americano coffee which was really really good and a mango coconut milk pie, but I ate it much later because of my stomach pain.

We had some chit chat during the breakfast and I found out that Joel had been on the island for two years and this is where he completed the dive master course and the instructor course as well. So basically you can be a very professional instructor in a very short time which made me thinking… There was a chicken around us, he was so curious, it was so funny. Joel told us that they keep them as pets around the whole island and it is amazing how they treat animals here. This is something I also noticed; lots of cats and dogs but they are in a good shape and they are loved. Many people even take their dogs on their motor bikes and ride with them.

At the dive center we went through section 4 and section 5, we had a quiz again and I was much better :). During the lunch break I still couldn’t eat so I went back to my room for a short rest. When I appeared at the dive center they told me that something happened with their big boat so we would go an hour later. I was glad because I could have some more rest. When everything was ready   we headed to the Japanese Gardens diving spot (with the smaller boat), and before we embarked to the boat, I’d got a sea sickness pill which was very helpful. You wouldn’t imagine, but traveling on a small but fast boat can make you very sick. It was even hard to remain standing and dry.


The Japanese Gardens was a nice spot, the maximum depth we went was 12 meters. We had several exercises, for example we had to remove the mask and swim without it (obviously under water). I was a bit nervous about this task as I really hate water in my eyes. But eventually I managed to keep my eyes closed so it was okay. We also had to do some buoyancy control task, which was very difficult for me. My legs were cramped a lot and it made everything very difficult (and painful). Finally I managed to do everything. We saw some nice marine animals again; trigger fish, goby shrimp and longface emperorfish just to mention a few.


When I was on boat already, I had my milk pie and some fruits. They always prepared fresh pineapple and water melon slices with some cookies which felt so good to eat after diving. Your mouth got very dry and there is no way to avoid consuming some salty water, so eating something sweet and juicy is life saving.  When we got back to the mainland I got very exhausted. We wanted to set a plan with Joseph, he said he would try Thai box then he would write me to go out. I felt my whole body very heavy and I was craving for a good massage. Eventually I took a shower and I immediately went to bed. I just wanted to have some nap, I didn’t even turn off the light but suddenly I fell asleep. I woke up like 2,5 hours later, it was already 9 pm. Joseph didn’t contact me so I decided to go for massage or go eating but I still had no energy so I had a long and nice sleep. I also had something to worry about. My left ear got blocked and I was not able to equalize. I got a bit worried because if you have blocked ear you can not dive.

I am gonna tell you the outcome in the next post :).

Have a great day everybody!


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