Holiday on!

Hey everybody,

Tomorrow is the first day of my 15 days long leave, my suitcase is packed, my hair is washed, I prepared my cloth for tomorrow so basically (almost) everything is done.

Where am I going to?


It might doesn’t sound too exciting for the beginning, it was not planned at all, I mean I wanted to go somewhere where I haven’t been before. The original plan was to go somewhere with my boyfriend – we had Bali or Zanzibar in our mind but very sadly the things had changed. He asked for 30 days long leave (all the available annual leave here in the UAE) but unfortunately he only got like two weeks and it did’t cover the two weeks I got. He also had some sudden and urgent family situation so he had to go to his country and by the way he is still there. This makes me very sad, I haven’t seen him for two weeks and I was really hoping to meet him before my vacation starts.

Anyway I was so disappointed we couldn’t make any travelling together but I still didn’t want to “waste” the two weeks I got, I mean I didn’t want to spend the whole time back in Hungary. I wanna explore and discover new places and things, after all this is why primarily I chose this job. I decided to go alone. Why not, I asked myself. Many people do it. Why Thailand? I decided to start to work on one of my dreams, which is scuba diving. Thailand a great (and cheap) option to do this activity, this is how I made the decision. I go to Koh Tao (Turtle Island), which is the best diving destination in the whole country at least this is what they say. There are approximately 70 diving schools in the island, so I did some researcher before I chose one. There are big, medium and small diving schools and according to the article I found, the big ones are not so good even if they are a bit cheaper. Too many students, less attention. So I chose a kind of medium school, their website and description was the most likable for me and they also have amazing review on Tripadvisor. This is the New Way diving school and they offer PADI open water course for 9000 THB which is less than 1000 AED. I have already checked, the same course costs around 2000 dirhams here in Dubai! This is an international diving course and it takes only for 4 days with four diving. They gave me offers for various accommodation and I picked Koya guesthouse. I will have my own room with fan, TV and double bed and obviously own bathroom. Nothing fancy, very simple, not like the 4-5 starts hotels I was checking for me and my boyfriend. All I need is a clean room, I would only feel myself lonely and depressed if I had to stay in a beautiful and romantic hotel by myself. This room costs 800 THB for each night which is round 85 AED. Quite cheap and reasonable. They also have wifi which is one of the most important things for me :D.

I will arrive to BKK airport around 6pm tomorrow and I take a bus from Khao San road with 9pm departure. These buses are nice and big with A/C, snacks, toilet and steward. This is the most common way to travel inside the country. The bus drive takes 10 hours which is shocking me, but hopefully I will be able to sleep as it is going to be a night drive. Then there is another 1,5 hours long ferry ride, which makes me excited. I am gonna arrive at 08:45 in the morning and I start the course at the afternoon on the same day. I wanted to travel by Bangkok Airways but unfortunately they don’t have standby tickets available at least according to the staff portal where I tried to book the ticket. It would have been much comfortable and almost the same price I paid for the bus+ferry combo ticket (1300 THB) but I don’t want to upset myself, I mean I am going for a vacation or what :)).

I am still not sure how I am gonna come back to Dubai (and when) but the plan is to stay only 4-5 days, as I wanna go home to Hungary as well. I was supposed to travel today but I made stupid mistake and didn’t check the bus company which allows you to book ticket at least 2 days before you would travel. I got back from Lisbon yesterday and it was too late to buy ticket for today. So I missed one day but this is still something I don’t want to worry about.

To be honest I feel myself nervous right now. This is going to be the first time for me going for vacation completely alone, I will have no one else to rely on, if anything happens I am the only one who can solve the situation. Today I even had the thought – am I crazy???? It looks so scary right now but obviously exciting as well. I also feel very sad as I couldn’t meet my boyfriend before – I really really need him and this feeling is killing me. I hope I get better as soon as I start my journey. I wish he could come with me!

I am not sure I will be able to write posts in Thailand but I will definitely try. However I will be active on my Instagram, so you can check my profile for new pictures. My profile has been private for a while, so you need to send me a request if you would like to follow me.

Have a good night everybody!



6 thoughts on “Holiday on!

  1. I’m sure that you’re fine now that you’re in Thailand! So many people go there, especially people of your age. Just talk to lots of people, stay in hostels (If you haven’t already booked you accommodation) and just have fun!
    Travelling by yourself is actually sometimes a lot more fun than travelling with someone else because it really pushes you out of your comfort zone.


    1. Hey Sarah 🙂 Sorry for the late reply, busy days I had. Unfortunately I only stayed for the course, I am already in Hungary! I am definitely need to work on my “out of comfort zone skills”, but it’s in progress :).


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