August roster

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since I posted anything, but my month became super busy with many flights and minimum rest between. It’s been a little bit tough, I really need longer rest now, but on the other hand I don’t mind that much, because I’ve been in amazing places and my salary is gonna be better than ever :).
I only had a slight change in this July roster – instead of Bahrain, I got Doha, which is a “never mind” situation. I did all the other flights without being removed, and I fly to Venice tomorrow morning, that’s the last flight of this tiring, busy month.

We received our August roster later than usually. It was a bit annoying, because I needed to plan my vacation but it was hard without knowing if I got days off before/after my leave or not. On the 26th evening, we finally got the next month schedule, here it is:

  • Lisbon, Portugal
  • 15 days long annual leave
  • Lisbon Portugal
  • Auckland, New Zealand

Aaand, that’s it! 😀 Short, isn’t it? I start the month with 3 (basically 4) days off right after my Venice flight, which is amazing, makes me happy, because I am really tired now. It will be good to catch up with my friends, because I hardly met anyone due to my busy schedule. I fly to Lisbon after and I am gonna arrive back to Dubai on 7th in the morning, that’s when I start my amazing vacation. First I am gonna travel somewhere beautiful to work on one of my ” Emirates dreams”, but let me keep it in secret for a while :). Then I spend the rest of my leave at home, in Hungary. Can’t wait! ❤

My leave lasts until 23rd of August, then on the 25th I do one more Lisbon flight. After Lisbon I am gonna operate the world’s longest haul flight to Auckland and I am gonna spend amazing 53 hours there. This month was my second top bid, and it makes me very happy that I got two of my dream destinations.

Thank you for reading my post, have a great day!




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