Seychelles – Paradise on Earth

Welcome everybody,

Seychelles is one of the most precious layovers ever. The flight is only around 4 hours long but we still sleepover. The stay is not too long though, there is a 14 and a 16 hours layover for cabin crew, 24 hours for flight crew. On my first Rome flight the cabin supervisor of the economy class was from the Seychelles. I asked him why the SEZ flight is a layover if it’s only 4 hours long? The answer is actually pretty obvious; Seychelles is a archipelago in the Indian Ocean, the flight above the sea takes at least 1,5 hours which is very stressful for the pilots. They need to have rest before heading back to Dubai, too much stress for a day wouldn’t be safe for none. I even heard that they gonna change the cabin crew layover for 24 hours, which is pretty great. Unfortunately 16 hours not enough for many things, you can only stay in the resort, no chance to go out and explore more of Mahe Island, where we stay.

So I was bidding for the flight and I got two, both with 16 hours stay.This flight is never full, and I was the second most junior, so obviously I was very easy to get removed but for any reasons, it didn’t happen. It was only around 70 passengers on the way there and about 80 on the way back, so I really don’t understand the reason, but I am happy.

Easy-peasy flight, no stress, no drama, the crew was super nice, specially the cabin supervisor, a hilarious girl from Thailand. She was so cool, all of us had so much fun. I have never been in a resort before and this one was very impressive, one of the most beautiful hotels I have stayed in. “Do I really deserve this?” – this is what I asked from myself. The journey from the airport took like one hour to the hotel (maybe a little bit less) but I didn’t mind, the landscape was amazingly beautiful, worth for the long ride. The resort is huge, they took us to our guesthouses on a buggy (small automobile), it was fun. The whole economy crew met like 30 minutes after and we all headed to the beach. It was Sunday which means open day for everybody (not only resort guest) so unfortunately it was quite busy at the beach, but never mind. I ordered pina colada and we took lots of pictures of us and the beach itself. I was the only one who eventually swam in the Ocean, it was a bit chilly, but very refreshing. On the way back to the rooms, we checked to tortoises and we did some souvenir shopping (only magnets). For the dinner they reserve a huge table for the whole crew. The food was quite good, buffet with huge selection, too much to eat, haha. After the dinner there is not much to do – I went back to my room to have a sleep before the morning flight. There is a walking path in the resort which leads you to a waterfall along the mangrove forest. This was my plane for my next Seychelles, but guess what? They removed me -_-. The funny thing that the flight was even fuller than before, so I really don’t understand why and how they manage the rostering. Anyway, I got two day of “can use reserve” so I was ready for a busy turnaround but then it became sick leave, again… gonna explain the story of my health in one of my following posts. It has been stressful and annoying lately.

Well, this is the shortest layover post I have ever wrote, but the shortest layover I have done so far, that’s why. Enjoy my photos instead :).


I hope you all having a good day, please free to ask about anything. xxx




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