My sister in Dubai

Welcome everybody!

My sister arrived in Dubai on 11th May. It was the last day of the service assessment, after I got back home from the college I cleaned my bedroom, my bathroom, the kitchen and the living room, so I was ready to welcome my sister. The plane from Budapest arrived around 11pm but it took so long to get though everything. My sister came with a discounted ticket, all the close relatives (parents and siblings)  are entitled for two “ID90” tickets a year. This is a very great price, approximately 30% of the original price, but it can vary, depends on the destination. I myself have unlimited ID90 tickets which is pretty cool. If I had husband and/or kids they would also get unlimited cheap tickets. However I need to highlight that these are all standby tickets.

The flight from Budapest takes less than 6 hours and I am glad that my sister had a good flight. Before she came I gave her short briefing on Skype, because these huge aircraft and its facilities are much more different than the European low cost airlines she used to travel before. When a crew member found out she is a sister of a fellow cabin crew (who is me) he gave her lots of free stuff and he even wanted to date with her lol XD.
On the next morning I had to wake up early to go for my graduation so I left my sister alone with a spare key and some cash for the taxi. For any reasons her phone didn’t work here so I was a bit worried if she had got to the college or not. Obviously she made it without any problems. After the ceremony and everything we went to Dubai Mall which is only one metro station away from my building. We walked around a bit but since she is not a big fan of crowded shopping malls (me neither) we didn’t stay much. We saw the first fountain show outside, which is a very famous attraction here in Dubai. It was very impressive even though I saw it like twice before.
As I wrote in my previous post, we went out to a Spanish restaurant that night, where we had very great food and good time with my friends.

Outside the mall, next to the fountain

Before my sister came I bought two 72 hours long ticket for the sightseeing bus. With the Emirates platinum card I had 50% discount so basically one of the tickets were free for me. Somehow the seller guy couldn’t give me tickets for 72 hours, so eventually he upgraded the 48 hours tickets for free. As you can see I had lost of discount :D. I was so happy obviously, haha. One of the bus stops were relatively close to my place but there was a big problem; it was unbearable hot. During the 4 days she stayed we were suffering a lot, because these days were specially hot, hotter than before or after. Bad timing :/. We went to she the gold souq and the spice souq, we traveled on the abra water taxi, but as I said it was a tough time because of the weather. Later that day we took another city sightseeing bus line which goes to the Palm. It was my first time on the man-made island and my impression in one world: crowded.
To be honest we were not very impressed. Most parts of the island seemed to be abandoned and empty. Lots of luxurious hotels with very fancy beach clubs,that’s it.

My beautiful sister in Madinat Jumeirah
My beautiful sister in Madinat Jumeirah
Just an average car at the Palm
Desert sunset

Once we got back home (already evening) we were both very exhausted so we only had home delivery from Itzza Pizza. Next day we went back to Old Dubai and we visited the Dubai museum. It was very interesting, I wish it was less hot so we could have enjoyed a lot more. Once the weather gets better (which means cooler here) I will definitely go back and check everything properly. After the museum we went to the famous Arabian Tea House, which is a very traditional cafe very close to the museum. I bought Arabic coffee for my sister so she could try it with dates as well. This is how they traditionally serve the Arabic coffee. We finished the day in the Dubai Mall by visiting the aquarium and the underwater zoo. It is worth to see it once however our heart were broken seeing those animals living in a mall.

Arabian Tea House

On next day we went to the Marina which is my favourite neighborhood in the whole city. First we had a fancy cheese cake with latte in the Cheesecake Factory then we were walking around the area. Late afternoon, just 1,5 hours before sunset I took my sister to Al Mamzar beach Park where I had very good time before. Unfortunately this time was different. It was full of men, we both felt very uncomfortable as all eyes were on us, it was a disgusting, humiliating feeling. Dubai is full of men but”not quality men” as my flatmate said it once and she was so damn right. I will write about it in a future post.
So basically after one hour we go dressed and took some photos in the sunset, then we left to go home.

Not a simple cheese cake
My beautiful sister at the Marina Walk
Sunset at Al Mamzar Beach Park

Next day was the last day for my sister. We had a scone breakfast in the amazing French restaurant (I became a big fan of scone) is in my building where we met my boyfriend for a short time. At least I could introduce him to my sister. Unfortunately we couldn’t be together for longer, because we had ticket to the Burj Khalifa. We almost got there too late, we were literally running to make it in time. The ticket is very expensive and non refundable so I really didn’t want to miss the chance. It was pretty cool up there, my first time as well, but it could me more amazing (and romantic) during night time. I am gonna make it with my boyfriend for sure :).

Scone time with the best latte of the city
View from the Burj Khalifa
View from the Burj Khalifa


Our last activity was the Marina again. We went to the beach which is much more touristic than the Al Mamzar so we didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. The water was very warm, but we still spent like 1,5 hours in a row in the shallow water.

We had a last dinner in a very great restaurant which is also close to my building. On the next morning I said goodbye to my sister at the airport and I went home fighting against my coming tears. It was a very great few days with her, she did like Dubai however she has mixed feeling as well. Next time I am gonna take her to Abu Dhabi and to a desert safari in Sharjah.



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