July roster

Hey everybody,

I thought it would be a good idea to share my monthly roster with you guys. We receive our rosters around 24-25th of each months by email. It is a very exciting day for everyone, I always share what I got with my friends :). So here it comes in chronological order:

  • Rome, Italy
  • Chennai, India (turnaround)
  • Rome, Italy
  • Dammam, Saudi Arabia (turnaround)
  • Bahrain (turnaround)
  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Beijing, China
  • Bombay, India (turnaround)
  • Milan, Italy
  • Venice, Italy

It is gonna be a very busy month, I have 103 flying hours (the highest since I’ve been flying), let alone the duty hours. Sometimes the rosters can change due to several reason. The most common one is when you are the most or the second most junior and the load is light, they remove these two people. The reason also can be operational one, for example they need someone who is a language speaker, etc. I was supposed to have a Mauritius flight last month and they cancelled the whole flight for some reason. I got 2 short and very busy turnarounds instead, so you can imagine how I felt… this is a different story, I am might gonna write about this topic later.

Back to my July roster, I have reached that time when I am not one of the most juniors so most probably I am gonna do all my flights which makes me very happy :). I am the most junior only on my first Rome flight, but it is full (I am gonna operate the flight today afternoon) so I am safe! 😀 And one more thing, I was bidding for Italian flights (not for specific cities but for the whole country), that’s why I have so many. I had 5 days of in a row (I also bid for it) and I swapped 3 of them for Beijing. That’s why I have so many flying hours but I don’t mind at all, it means more money and more travelling :).

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!




2 thoughts on “July roster

  1. Omg that is a really busy roster, I thought mine was busy with 5 longhauls! Can you tell by looking at the roster how long people have been online? I can only tell when I get to the briefing room and see the briefing sheet 🙂


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