Thiruvananthapuram, the evergreen city of India

Welcome my dear readers!

When I saw this flight in my April roster I got pretty surprised. The flight itself is only around 4 hours long but it is still a 72!!! hours long layover. I was like, what?! What am I gonna do there for 3 days? But I was very naive, there is a lot to do in Kerala :).
Another funny thing is that Trivandrum flight exists in a 24 hours layover and also in a turnaround as well. I do not understand rostering, but whatever :). The only negative thing I found that it took 5 days of my monthly roster but the flying hours are less than 10 which is not so good for such a long period. So basically this flight is very bad from financial side but amazing from traveling side ;).

It was a short night flight with surprisingly nice customers and the crew was also a very good one. I like those flights where I am not the most junior anymore, because I can be sure that they wanna discover with me :). We arrived early morning in Trivandrum, it was unbearably hot and humid outside. When I left the building of the airport and got out to the street, I faced with hundreds of Indians, standing and waiting at the other side of the fence. It was like a scene from the movie, Slumdog Millionaire.
I think India is the most humid country I have been in. Even tough we reached the hotel which was a very nice one, it was still extremely hot in the lobby because of the photocell door. I have never been that much sweat and uncomfortable before, I couldn’t wait to get rid of my uniform and to cool myself down with a long shower. I wanted to see some of the city, so shared my plan with the junior crew who told me she would join me. Half an hour later it was not only her in the lobby, but the Lebanese guy from business class as well. I did some research about where to go and I found a zoo, which is the oldest zoo in Asia. This is not the only interesting fact,  this is the zoo which inspired the author of “Life of Pi” so I thought I definitely have to see it. We took a tuk-tuk to the zoo which (thanks god) was not far from the hotel. Maybe I am not adventurous enough, but  I don’t really like tuk-tuk :D. Very dangerous vehicle, and since my car accident in last summer, I am always scared to travel with anyone, specially with crazy drivers in a foreign country.

What a cosy hotel room

The environment of the zoo was beautiful indeed. The entrance ticket was very cheap, like 1 dirham, but the line was very long and there were a lot of people there. I guess it was weekend. Something I didn’t like that they didn’t let me to take my plastic water bottle inside. Water is essential, specially in a super hot country like India, so seriously I don’t see the point. Maybe because they didn’t want people to leave their rubbish inside the park. In India there is no waste management, there are absolutely no trash bins on the streets, people just throw out their domestic waste to the street. I saw lots of rubbish everywhere, this is pity for such a beautiful country.

wp-1463936221984wp-1463938978852wp-1467126793912.jpgwp-1467126853937.jpgIt was – again – very hot, but I could still enjoy. We were literally the only white people in the whole zoo, people were staring at us and I had a feeling they were also laughing at us :D. But we didn’t take it offensive. Probably they don’t see similar humans on daily basis, also our clothes were too western in comparison with their traditional saree. I often smelt the delicious jasmine flower but I had no idea where it was coming from. Then the Lebanese guy highlighted me the jasmine flower that women were wearing in their hair. I was totally impressed. I wish I could put fresh flowers in my hair every day. Would be very romantic :). After a while we took another tuk-tuk (ugh) back to the hotel and we decided to try the buffet lunch. I became such a big gourmet since I am a cabin crew, and I have to say that the Indian cuisine (only the well prepared quality one, and not the fast food one) is one of the best in the world. This buffet was a very good one, and it felt so good to drink a big bottle of beer as well after our little trip in the zoo. When we were all full, we went back to our rooms to have few hours of sleeping. Early evening we met again, that time with more crew and we all took cabs and went to the beach to have seafood. Unfortunately it was already dark, so I didn’t see much about the beach, but the food itself (again) was very good. I wanted to try crab but when I saw how big and “impregnable” was it, I decided to choose squids which is always a good decision for me.


Next day after breakfast, we all met in the lobby and went for a mangrovee boat trip. There was another guy with us, from Kuwait Airways, a crew member of us invited him on the previous day. We was a little bit weird :D. I mean he was nice and ok, but he was addicted to selfies, he kept making photos, forcing us to take one more and one more selfie.
This trip was a pretty good one. The nature of India is very beautiful, however the hygienic conditions are very poor. It was a very special day we spent on a small boat, I really enjoyed it.

wp-1467127251031.jpg12993632_10204806062105086_1689793302343856286_nwp-146394141761413055317_10204806063545122_2193836223073077082_n13043809_10204806064105136_7828570769664014747_n13062137_10204806065945182_4922690529426275321_n13061916_10204806065705176_1988420080677228664_n12998671_10204806066425194_8389129462271392983_nThe next day we went to Varkala Cliff to have a beach day, but for me it was not that much enjoyable. I did swim in the ocean, but I couldn’t bear the sun and the heat which meant no sunbathing for me. I was sticky and sweat but there were absolutely no changing or showering facilities. So I went back to the restaurant where we previously had second breakfast, went to the toilet and changed there. I couldn’t take a shower, I only had wet wipes. I have never felt myself that much uncomfortable in my own skin, it was horrible. Maybe I am too European for much heat, I don’t know. It was only the Lebanese and the Australian guys who were enjoying the sun, but they both grew up in a similar, hot environment, so it was not new for their body. For me it was too much. I couldn’t wait to go back to the hotel, where I spent my evening in my room with relaxing. I didn’t even go for dinner, I only had room service.


wp-1463936228102 (1)

We flied back to Dubai in the next morning, I have to tell you that is was a very nice trip, a mini vacation, the allowance was more than enough, so literally I was paid to spend three days in India :D. Cool, isn’t it?




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