Hello everybody,

At the beginning of April I did my second multisector, the 5 days long Singapore-Brisbane-Singapore one. I was on leave for 10 days and I did this flight after one day  I came back to Dubai. You can imagine how I felt myself after me leave, being back in my country… I was very sad and very lonely. This flight was a great “beginning”, good way to not be homesick anymore. The crew was pretty good, I specially got alone with 2 girls, a very junior one from Russia and a super nice one from Ukraine. I had lot in common with the Ukrainian girl, my boyfriend and her fiance have the same nationality so it was really good to talk to someone who is much more experienced in this topic.

We arrived in Singapore at the afternoon, and I spent some time next to the pool, drinking cocktail, enjoying the sun. The hotel is a very good one, in the middle of the city center, close to everything. I went out for a lunch-dinner with two fellow crew member and we also checked the famous lion statue. I really wanted to see the Gardens by Bay monuments but it was still daytime, but I couldn’t wait until the sun went down. We were all very exhausted, so we went back to the hotel after food. I am living on Sheikh Zayed Road, so I know how is it to sleep with the sound of traffic, but it was much worse in Singapore.


After the not too relaxing sleep I went to have breakfast, and we flied to Brisbane on early afternoon. We had some issue on the flight; a family took another family’s seats and they were not willing to go to their original place, because they were separated. The cabin was full so we couldn’t find other seats for them. Anyway, all the seniors were at the back trying to solve the problem while the whole economy class forgot to do the welcome service duties. The cabin supervisor was a lovely girl, but after take off she did a team talk with us and she was very angry. Some girls were shocked but personally my mood was not changed at all. Yes, we made a mistake, but it was not the end of the world, we did the welcome service after take off and everyone participated in everything during the whole flight and the customers were happy. Problem solved.

Brisbane hotel room

We landed around 1 am in Brisbane, so we all went to the bed straight away. I had lovely breakfast in the morning, then I met the others in the lobby. While we were waiting there, many pretty girls and boys showed up in black and white with tight buns and red lipstick… It was so familiar then we realized it was an Emirates open day! Somehow I was so touched by the moment, it took me back to those times when I was visiting interviews and wanted to get hired so badly. It was hard to believe that I really made it and at that moment I was sitting in a hotel lobby in Australia on my layover!
So we took a taxi to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary to see the koalas, kangaroos and other Australian animals. We even got discounted tickets as airline crew.

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My favorite animal was definitely the platypus! I have never thought I could see any in reality, I was so amazed and impressed. They are much smaller I expected (I’ve always imagined the size of an otter) and they are super fast in the water. I could have watched them playing forever, but we had to move on. All the kangaroos were having nap in the shadow and they were totally skeptical about humans. The be honest, I didn’t really like them. In this park there is a chance to get taken a photo while holding a koala. It was super expensive and sawing the long line I felt sick; that poor koala is spending its days (whole life basically) with getting “hugged” by humans in every 2 minutes. All the people are willing to pay a fortune and wait 20 minutes just to hold an animal for 2 minutes so they can have a professional photo which can be uploaded on Facebook and Instagram. So they can show their friends and follower that they are so cool thus they can get lots of likes and get popular. Ugh.
Hugging koalas, petting drugged lions, riding tortured elephants, all the shit that cabin crew like doing and they simply don’t care about the consequences. Those animals are suffering and they all support this cruelty by giving money for this “experience”. All is for a cool Facebook profile picture. This is something I don’t wanna be involved in. End of the topic.

After we discovered the park, we took the local bus and went to a ferry station where we tried the “city cat” the ferry line of Brisbane. It was pretty cool to sit outside, enjoy the sun and explore the city from this special angle. Brisbane was beautiful, but Sydney is still my favorite city in Australia (and in the whole world) so this city couldn’t capture my heart that much.
After our tour, I had an á la carte dinner in the hotel with some of the girls then we all went to the bed for few hours as we had a night flight back to Singapore.


We landed in Singapore in the morning so I could go for early breakfast. I decided with the Russian girl and the Ukrainian one to go to Sentosa Island after few hours of sleeping but the other two girls who have been together with us didn’t like the idea. They are the kind of “I even go if I am dead tired” people, so they left the hotel straight away, without any rest. They even got offended because I didn’t join them, which is super ridiculous. I wrote about the same thing in my previous post, that crew tend to be offended if you don’t share their layover ideas.
So basically I only had one hour of sleeping then I went to a small shopping center which had an entrance from the hotel. The allowance was very good for this sector, so I decided to do some shopping. Then I met the girls and we went to Vivo shopping center by metro to take the train to Sentosa Island. We discovered a super cool Korean cosmetics shop in the mall where we spent at lest half an hour. I am a big fan of Korean brands and I have know these brand before but I only had the chance to order their products from e-bay, so I was super excited to be in a retail shop. It is super cheap, super cute and the quality is very outstanding. Love for Korea <3.

Sentosa Island is basically a big entertaining island, like an amusement park. Lots of things to do, but we were the most curious about the Universal Studio. Unfortunately it was already late afternoon and it was open only for 1,5 more hours, so the money wouldn’t have worth for the ticket. By the way it was super humid and hot outside but we still had fun. Eventually we decided to try the two lines of the cable car which was a very good experience. I saw the beach from above, but it was so fake and the view was not pretty at all, so I was glad we did something different on the island. We went back to Vivo by twilight where we had great Asian dinner. I had Miso soup and the main dish was something “Kitsune” but I don’t remember to be honest :D. I also tried a slice of Matcha tea cake which was very delicious. This time it was too late to see the Gardens by bay, so I guess next time when I go to Singapore :(. I was very disappointed but I didn’t want to get fatigue on the last sector. Eventually we ended up in the supermarket next to the hotel for another 45 minutes , so I got to the bed very late.

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The wake up call was early in the morning and during the whole flight I was dead tired. I couldn’t concentrate, I couldn’t use my brain, but thanks god I had aft position, so at least I didn’t have to face the customers when I was sitting on my jump seat during take off and landing.

This multisector was a very great one, but it was more tiring for me than the Bangkok-Sydney-Christchurch one even though it was shorter. Most of the time we were flying during the night, so I guess this could be the reason and obviously the lack of good sleep. So Brisbane is not my favorite place to be, but I definitely wanna go back to Singapore shortly!





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