3 times in Senegal

Hey everybody 🙂

After my Bangkok-Sydney-Christchurch post I had the idea to share my best trips with you. Obviously I can not write about all the flights I did, but why not sharing the best ones? 🙂

I got my very first Senegal flight in March and when I saw it in my roster I got super excited, because I really wanted to do this route. Senegal is in West Africa, the capital city is Dakar and the flight itself is around 11 hours long. This is one of the very few nice mainfleet destinations and the layover is fantastic 50 hours long. Who wouldn’t want to do this flight?! I also got this flight in April and May, so I thought that would be great to get resident visa over there :D. Just kidding :P.

To be honest I did not really like the mainfleet at the beginning but now I love it! We are like a family, there’s only 4 crew at economy plus the cabin supervisor. There is only a small galley, you can see the whole cabin from the back and we have less than 200 passengers. Perfect, isn’t it? I don’t wanna be cross trained, I want to be mainfleet as long as possible, but I am afraid they will get me re-qualified after my SEP recurrent :S. Anyway, this post is not about this :).

So the flight is pretty long, but we got like 1 hour 50 minutes long seat rest. We separate the last 2 rows of the right hand side (4 seats all together) with a curtain, so the crew can have a rest there. Very uncomfortable, I wish we had CRC (crew rest compartment) on this aircraft. During the 11 hours we do two hot meal service, but it’s not tiring at all, at least not for me. This is a day flight so I have never got tired, however the way back is different :S. Everyone says the hotel is amazing which is partly true. The food is great, one of the best I have ever had, the pool is also very pretty, the staff is super nice, but the rooms are old, even a bit dirty and not well equipped. The surrounding area of the hotel is AMAZINGLY beautiful and breath taking. It was the first time I saw the Atlantic Ocean and I was so impressed and touched. There is a long pier, you can see huge crabs on the rocks but if you go too close and they spot you, all of them are gonna hide :). Sometimes I saw people surfing or scuba diving there, and there are several fishing boats run across the horizon. Very, very beautiful, Senegal is the pearl of West Africa.


The best thing to do during this layover is to visit Gorée Island, which used to be a slave island. It has a very interesting and sad history, I believe this place is a must for everyone who visits Dakar. We had shuttle from the hotel, the driver was driving crazy, just like all the people on the roads, so I was a bit afraid. We met our very cool tour guide at the port and we took a ferry to the island which was not far at all. Our guide showed us the most remarkable parts of the island, we had a chance to do some shopping in the markets, however the vendors were a bit to pushy, and this is something I hate a lot. We had a light lunch at one of the restaurants where this guy was playing some music for us.

I don’t know why, but he made a big effect on me. He was enjoying his music so much, he was having a lot of fun and every time I caught his eyes he burst into a big, lovely smile. He had the same smile as my twin sister’s boyfriend, so basically he made me thinking of my sister. I think this guy was also a bit high if you know what I mean :D. Anyway, happy and relaxed people make me feel the same way.
After we went back to the mainland, we visited the famous monument of the  African Renaissance which was built by North Korea and made a big indignation in the country. We also passed by a local supermarket, but it was not cheap at all, so I didn’t buy many stuff.
I spent the next day by the pool and got very sunburn, just like all the economy crew. We looked hilarious during the flight back to Dubai.

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My second Senegal was a very good flight as well. I had the chance to fly with one of my dearest batch mates. The crew was even better than the first time, the cabin supervisor was so fun and easy going, one of the best I have flight with so far. We had lots of fun during the flight so everyone was in a very good mood when we landed in Senegal.
I decided to spend the two days with relaxing, after changing, I went out to the pool, sat on a couch next to the pool (in the shadow, I didn’t want to burn again), ordered a huge bottle of local beer, started reading a good criminal novel while I was listening Kings of Leon. After one hour I saw the Emirates aircraft climbing from the airport and I felt myself so satisfied thinking about the following relaxing layover :D.
Next day I took a cab to the city with my batch mate and we discovered a local market but I didn’t feel myself confident and comfortable enough. My friend even “lost” her money so we decided to go back to the hotel shortly.


The third layover was the laziest one, I didn’t leave the hotel at all, I was writing many posts for my other blog, so basically I spent the days on a useful way. I really hope I will get this flight again, because there is a nearby beach where I cold take surf classes and that would be pretty cool.

Thanks for those who are still with me, actually it is a pretty cool feeling to be back :). I hope this time I will not loose my inspiration and I will be able to write on a regular basis. We will see, I do not want to promise anything, but right now I am optimistic :). Take care all!




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