Emirates has several multi sectors which means the same team operates more than 2 flights. Most of them are “short”, only with 4 sectors (for example: Singapore-Brisbane-Singapore-Dubai) but there is one which is quite long; Bangkok-Sydney-Christchurch-Sydney-Bangkok-Dubai. I remember when I was only dreaming about being an EK cabin crew, I’d already knew about this multi sector and it was at the top of my invisible list of dream flights. Most people bid to get this amazing flight, but I got it by chance as a very junior crew.The first sector was on 11th February and it was my very first layover despite of the random sleepover in Sri Lanka.

So how is this trip like? Morning departure to Bangkok where the crew spend a 24 hours long layover. Then night flight to Sydney where there is another 24 hours to spend. On the next morning we do a Christchurch turnaround and we get back to Sydney at late afternoon – early evening. There is a fantastic 48 hours layover, then we head back to Bangkok where we spend our last 24 hours. Night flight back to Dubai with early morning landing. Could you follow it? 😀 Amazing, isn’t it?

I have to say that the crew was pretty amazing. The purser was a Thai woman who was helping a lot in economy during all the sectors. As I mentioned before, these pursers are very rare. I was not the most junior, there was a Brazilian girl who joined just a week after me and also a South Korean chic with the same DOJ I had. So we arrived in Bangkok at the evening and after we changed some of us met in the lobby. First we went to a massage salon and we (me, the Brazilian and the South Korean) tried the traditional Thai massage. It was very cheap and a bit painful to be honest, but after the one hour I felt myself reborn. Then we reunited with the others (they had different treatments) and we went to a nearby restaurant, where the crew usually go. Amazing authentical Thai cuisine and again; very cheap prices.

I ate all of these!

We wanted to go to the notorious Khaosan road but we were all exhausted so we decided to go back to the hotel. I woke up pretty early to have buffet breakfast then I went out with the Brazilian. We took a tuk-tuk to the river bank where we paid lots of money (got scammed) for a private little boat to take us to the Grand Palace. It was so scary, that boat was so old and junk, I was afraid of sinking.
Eventually we didn’t pay the entrance ticket to the Grand Palace. It was quite expensive and we couldn’t really afford after being cheated by the boat driver and it was so crowded as well. So we ended up at Wat Pho, where I originally wanted to go, so I was very happy. It was a lot cheaper and not many people. I was so impressed by the Thai architecture and the Buddhist religion itself which has remarks everywhere at Wat Pho. The statue of the reclining Buddha was my favorite one, I couldn’t stop watching it. All my respect to the Buddhist religion, I do not want to offend anyone but the face of Buddha is totally mesmerizing for me. I think it is very cute somehow. We took a cab to go back to the hotel and it was such a long drive, because it was a huge traffic outside.


We didn’t have much time until the wake up call and I was exhausted already. We had a long and very tiring flight to Sydney and we got into the hotel around 10 am. I went out for food with the Brazilian girl and we ended up eating hamburger. I couldn’t keep my eyes open so I retreated into my bedroom and had an amazing 4-5 hours sleeping. It sucks that you are in one of the most amazing cities of the world but you just can not go out to explore because you would just collapse on the street. At least this is how I felt. Sometimes you can not push your body, it is very harmful for the health. Better to have some sleep first then continue with exploring :).


So at the late afternoon I went out with Toni from Egypt, the only guy at economy and we were walking around the downtown area. We also went to see the famous Harbor Bridge and the Opera House. You won’t believe but we ended up eating hamburger, the second time for me on the same day! I really wanted to have some great local cuisine but Toni wanted to go back to the hotel to rest so we didn’t have time to sit in a restaurant.


On the next day, the Christchurch turnaround was very busy, let’s say hectic. 2,5 hours there and around 3 hours back. The cabin was full and we had to be very quick with the service. It was challenging but we made it. I was  planing with Toni and Yazmine (from Finland) to rent a car on the next day and discover the surroundings of Sydney. We invited others as well but no one was really interested. The Brazilian chic was a bit weird; she made a plan for the whole trip and she was not willing to change it. So basically she was doing everything alone. She even got a little bit offended because we had our own plans :’D. Whatever.

We got back in Sydney at late afternoon and we got accommodated in a different hotel. The first officer invited us to his bedroom to have some local drinks but after I while I left with Yazmine and Toni and we went to the supermarket to buy some stuff for the next day road trip.


We woke up very early to meet at 7 am in the lobby. Guess who was late? Toni :D.
We walked to the car rental place where got our car for the day. Sydney was beautiful in the early morning glow, still quiet and peaceful. It took a while to get out of the city because the morning traffic just started. Yazmin used to live in Australia for a year so she was confident with driving on the other side of the road :D.


We didn’t have strict plan, all we wanted is to go to the Royal National Park and to the Blue Mountains. To be honest I don’t really find words to describe this beautiful place. I totally fell in love with Australia, specially Sydney. The nature is very special and close here, a lot more different than in Europe. When I was running on the Garie Beach, the cold sand was crackling underneath my feet, the wind was blowing and I felt the smell of the ocean in my nostrils, I knew this is something I will never forget. This is the place where I’ve never thought I would ever come in my life. Felt like this place is the end of the world, the real nature, where you can find all the elements. I was totally impressed, speechless and very grateful.


On the next spot, Toni climbed to a rock to jump into the water along a small, artificial water fall. We were finally swimming in the ocean (okay, the Tasmanian sea), the water  was already a bit chilly, but still okay. I got dressed in abandoned house which was the changing room and the shower, but it was kind of ruined. Thanks god no one attacked me :D. When I was walking back to the car with Toni, a snake appeared on the path, or let’s say quickly disappeared. It was so quick and sudden so I couldn’t help myself, I had to scream loud :D. I always had to remind myself that this is the wild Australia where you can meet dangerous animals, reptiles as well. It was crazy for me, but on the good way.

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When we reached the Blue Mountains I got very tired. It was a 2 hour long driving from the Park and it was already late afternoon. We still did some hiking, then we went to see the Three Sisters. That was the point when I started to feel bad. I was shivering, I felt dizzy and I also had headache. The typical symptoms of heat exhaustion. We watched the sunset then we headed back to Sydney. Before the long journey we went to a nice family restaurant, which was so old school, not fancy or pretty at all, but the food was good :). Even the lasagna didn’t make me feel better, on the way back to the city I was struggling with fever but I could sleep a bit at least. Toni was so worried, even though we were already back and I was about to sleep, he texted me and offered me to go to any pharmacies to get some medications. I kindly refused his offer; I knew the only thing I needed was a good and long sleep. I woke up quite late so I missed the buffet breakfast, but at least the sleeping was actually helped me to get better. I woke Toni up and we went together to have some breakfast in one of the nearby coffee shops. We found a simple but very nice one, with great coffee and tasty, fresh omelette. We were walking around a bit, went into a drug store to buy some local stuff but then we returned to the hotel to have some sleep before the night flight back to Bangkok.

During the flight I had very good experience with some customers but this is something I do not wanna write about. Not because it is a secret or something, only because it would take sooo long to tell the whole story and I am already lazy and I can’t wait to finish this post :D. Well, me and Toni made a very good experience for few people and I even made friendship with one of them. It was my best flight ever.

It was very late in Bangkok when we arrived so I went to the bed straight away. Started the day with buffet breakfast and then I went out with Toni. He ordered custom designed suit so we went to collect it from the tailor shop. We had chauffeur and everything. When we got back to the hotel we took a cab to a shopping mall where the crew is usually going to. It was more like a market, full with cheap and fake stuff and I don’t really like this kind of things. After our quick “window shopping” we had a lunch in one of the restaurants at the food court, then we went back to the hotel.


After a short nap we went back to the same massage salon and we had relaxing oil massage. It was not bad but nothing special. This is how I spent my last day of this multi sector, it was time to fly back to Dubai where we landed around 6-7 am. These multi sectors are fun but very demanding to be honest, I felt myself very exhausted for the last 2 days. I was very lucky with the crew, everybody was nice and we didn’t have drama at all, I even made friendship with Toni, but this might be an exception. They say that dramas always occur during multi sectors; you spend days with the same people and if the crew is not so good then the whole trip sucks :S. I would do it again, because there are still many thing I wanna do in Sydney but I am not sure I would bid for the trip. Anyway.

I hope you enjoyed the post, have a great day! 🙂




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