My first flights

Hey all!

After our “mini graduation” (a ceremony where we received all our licences) everyone had 2-3 days off, which was pretty cool. The company even organised an “after training” party for us, but to be honest it was one of the worst I have ever had in my life :D. Very small area, no well prepared drinks and lots of crazy drunk colleagues. It was like back in university or even worse, back in high school!  Me and my friend left after 30 minutes, but anyway. Next morning we wanted to wake up early to go to Conrad Hotel, use the gym and the pool, all for free with our new Face card.

On the way to do our first supy! (still dark outside)

So my very first flight was an Amman turnaround. I woke up very early (like 4 am) and I was so so nervous. Before each and every flight we have to check in 2 hours earlier than the departure time. After you go through the e-gate and giving your finger print. Then you arrive in an area where there are lot of touch screen machines where you have to scan your staff ID and  declare you have all your necessary documents with you . It will also display the number of the briefing room where you have to go. Then there is a security check with bag check, exactly the same thing you do as a passenger at the airports.

I remember entering the briefing room, I was shaking, no words could describe how nervous I was. I could hardly even talk. They check your documents, then your image & uniform and the last stage is the “safe talk” where you get an SEP/GMT/safety & security related question. During the briefing everyone introduce themselves and we get all the important information about the flight. The last stage when the flight crew enter the room and they also make a very short briefing. My captain on this Amman flight was a little bit… don’t know what to say but he really scared me :D. He said things like “Dubai is a shinny target”, and “everybody hates Dubai”. He wanted the crew to take safety and security very seriously. Somehow he was right, but still this is not what I wanna hear before my very first flight.

I was in the cabin during the boarding, welcoming the customers just like all the other crew. I was at the back, close to the aft galley and my colleague came to me and told me that she just got a call from the cabin supervisor that there is a lady coming with a huge luggage and probably we have to offload the bag. Basically she wanted ME to deal with this situation, which was not nice at all. First of all, it was her area, she is the one who was supposed to handle this, secondly I was a damn supy, did she really expect me to solve problems like this? She was not helpful at all, I was the only one helping the customers, most of the time she was “hiding” in the galley. I helped the lady and eventually we managed to stow the bag without offloading. I also participated in the welcome service, as far as I remember I was doing hot towels. The same girl I mentioned before was preparing the towels and I was standing next to hear and watching what she was doing and I even asked her to tell me everything, but she was just shrugging and she said “this is my own style”. Khmmm okay, thanks for nothing.
After the boarding I went to the flight deck and I spent the whole take off in there. This is something very amazing from Emirates, that they give this opportunity for the new cabin crew. It was a very special experience, also a little bit scary to be honest :).
The flight was pretty busy and it was full as well. Lots of kinds and elderly people. I was doing meal service and clearance as well. I even had time to talk to a customer, he was a middle aged man, running a car rental company in Jordan. He even gave me his business card :D.

After the first sector we had plenty of time on ground, more then normally. We could eat and rest at business class. To be honest, the economy crew I was working with was not too friendly. They were complaining a lot and they were talking about plans to resign… they didn’t help me much, there was only one girl who was super nice and enthusiastic about the whole job. She even carried big plastic sunglasses and she offered them for children to wear it for Polaroid pictures. How sweet :).
I completely forgot the whole return sector, I am serious, I don’t have memories at all. Again I spent the take off and the landing in the cockpit. After every flight we have to use the e-gate again, that’s how we basically “check out”. When I was waiting for the bus to take me home I was thinking about the whole experience and despite the unfriendly crew, I was happy and proud of myself. I did my first flight!

Next day I had my second supy flight, that time on B777. It was a long Dhaka turnaround and I was not the only supy. There was an Egyptian guy with the same date of joining, it was pretty cool to be with someone else :). The flight crew was very friendly and positive, they told us a lot during the take off and landing, not like on my previous flight. On my Amman flight the captain was so weird and he hardly talked to me.

What a great team 🙂

So this flight was totally different than the first one. Very nice crew and even the purser was so good. She was doing bar cart in economy class and guys, those pursers who help in the economy cabin are very rare. Most of them don’t even come to the back during the whole flight, but this Portuguese girl was just amazing. She showed me and the other supy a lot of things, she guided us during the whole flight. The cabin supervisor was also very cool, it was a perfect supy flight. On the ground me and the Egyptian guy joined to the captain who checked the exterior of the aircraft. He told us what he was checking, it was very interesting.  On the way back it was a full cabin and after boarding I was walking on the aisle to the cockpit when a passenger stopped me. “Take my coat”, this is the only thing he said and gave me his jacket with his boarding pass. I asked him on the most possible polite way; “Would you like me to put your coat in the overhead locker?”. And he got so mad at me, he was so so rude I couldn’t believe my ears. “What?! You don’t know what to do with jackets?! Are you trained at all?! Show me your ID card, what’s your staff number?! I want to talk to your cabin supervisor NOW!!!”…
Jesus! I managed to remain calm, I was smiling and everything, but inside I was shaking, I was so shocked and scared. If they give us their jacket with boarding pass, we are supposed to hang in a closet but as a supy I didn’t know it. I told the purser on trembling noise and she said she would call the cabin supervisor to talk to the man. I went to the cockpit, still shaking and shocked and I did tell the flight crew what happened. They were laughing and told me not to care. Even my flatmate told me that some passengers make lots of drama without any reason cause they wanna get free upgrade or at least free stuff. And also because I am a pretty girl who would never even talk to this kind of men in my private life, which is true. After take off I asked the cabin supervisor what the man said but he just ensured me that all is fine now. I was relieved. This man couldn’t ruin my experience, it was still a nice supy flight for me.

My firs operational flight was a very special one. It was supposed to be Karachi, but due to light load they removed me and I got home standby. In the middle of the night I woke up and checked my roster and I saw I got Colombo, Srí Lanka, long turnaround with early departure. I was not happy to be honest :’D. Anyway, the crew was very nice, the aircraft was full with polite European tourists, but it was still busy. During the landing I saw how excited the passengers were and I felt a little bit envy. I saw  tall palm trees around the airport and I felt like I wanna come here for holiday. On the way back we had tanned and relaxed passengers coming from their vacations, the cabin was full again. We were already sitting on our jumpseats, but the take off didn’t wanna come. We had a passenger announcement from the captain, apologizing for the delay but we had some problems with the aircraft. It was very hot in the cabin, the problem was with the AC I guess. We were serving drinks constantly so we got another problem;our stock got almost finished. After like one hour still on ground, me and my colleagues got excited; what if we stuck in Colombo? Two hours passed when we finally sat on our jump seats again. Still on ground, still on ground, when… PA from the captain: “Ladies and gentlemen I am very sorry but we are unable to take off, I apologize for the convenience but safety come first”.
I was so so happy, whooping inside. My very first operational flight turned into a layover at a very nice place. They accommodated us in a very fancy hotel, because the crew hotel was full. We didn’t get allowance, however we had buffet dinner, breakfast and lunch for free. None of us had any clothes so we were in uniform during the whole stay. I wish I had some stuff with myself, because basically I was a “prisoner” in the hotel – in uniform we are not allowed to go out anywhere. I got my first full roster that night which also gave my reason to be super excited, because I got the amazing 8 days long Bangkok-Sydney-Christchurch multi sector! I was sleeping until late, then I had a very long breakfast, talking a lot with a fellow crew and the captain. They even started preparing for lunch when we left. I was walking around the hotel and made friendship with the boy who was working in the souvenir shop. I only had like 50 dirhams with myself but the hotel staff was so cool, they changed it for the local currency so I could buy some small souvenirs at least.




For a long time we haven’t had information about the expected departure or about how we gonna go back to Dubai. Finally we had our “wake up call” at the late afternoon. We had to wear the same uniform and I had no make up at all to apply, only red lipstick. I looked horrible, but what to do. Obviously we were not operating any airplanes, we traveled on a completely empty aircraft, no passengers, no other crew. We were all sitting at first class and business class, economy was completely dark it was a bit scary :D. I watched a movie and I had some nap, we landed around 11 pm in Dubai.It was such a special and fun experience.

That’s it, I can’t believe I wrote such a long post :D. I hope there will be someone who is gonna read the whole :).




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