Important documents check list

Hey guys, 😉

So I’m 100% ready now. I had packed all my stuff, my room is clean and I also sorted my leftover things out. I feel myself very calmed and relaxed, never expected to have this feeling :). I guess I don’t have more tears, nerves and concerns after last week, haha.

I don’t care that much about my personal belongings and clothes, because if I leave something at home, I can still buy it in Dubai. But there are some things, which can not be replaced. These are the documents! I made a check list for myself, I’ve got everything and I would like to share it with you, maybe it’s useful for others as well :).

For traveling:

  • E-ticket
  • E-visa

Medical documents:

  • Declaration of Health Form (Part-A)
  • Employee Medical History Declaration (Part-B)
  • Certificate of Dental Health
  • Vaccination Certificate
  • Pap Smear Test result
  • Any additional medical reports

Original documents:

  • Passport
  • Education certificates
  • Birth certificate in English
  • Vaccination certificates

Photo copies:

  • Latest academic certificate
  • 2 copies of passport
  • 1 copy of birth certification


  • 8 passport size photographs
  • 2 photographs for US visa
  • 2 photographs for flying license

This list can be a bit different for some people. If you are married, you need to carry your marriage certificate as well. If you already have flying license or permits to current countries, those documents are also required. These are all together in a big folder and I will keep it with myself during the whole way, in my handbag.

I wanna say thanks for all of you who have been supporting me to write the blog and I’m also very grateful for all the nice comments and wishes :). The day has finally came! Can’t believe I will be in Dubai tomorrow night! I promise I won’t stop blogging, I hope I will find some spare time to write. My next post is coming from Dubai! 😉 See you there! :* xxx




8 thoughts on “Important documents check list

  1. Hi Dorottya, safe travels to Dubai, hope your flight is enjoyable 🙂 I look forward to reading your next post when I’m in Dubai on Monday 🙂 Also look forward to read about your training & what it’s like in
    Dubai 🙂


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