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Hello guys,

JFK, ACC, YYZ, KIX, IKA, GIG, BUD, LIS, LED, PER, NBO… if you are in the same boat as me (joining or already working for a big international airline) probably you gonna find the above codes familiar. These are only few from the hundreds of IATA (International Air Transport Association) codes, each airport has a unique one and the whole aviation industry identify the airports with using these codes.


Personally,  I find easier learning these codes than I had thought before. I don’t even spend much time with it – only when I travel somewhere by public transportation – but I’ve almost known all the codes (except the Indian and Pakistani ones, because it is quite hard for me to memorize those city names). Many of them makes total sense (like Manchester MAN, Sydney SYD, Budapest BUD, Hamburg HAM, etc.) but on the other hand, some simply don’t make sense, at least not for me (like Toronto YYZ, Orlando MCO). Despite of this, it’s not that hard to remember these weird codes at all :). Some people who are already in Dubai say IATA codes are not that important and probably I am not even going to get a single related question during the exam, because all the questions are randomly generated by the computer. They must be right, but still I don’t want to become a cabin crew who has no idea where she is flying to and who doesn’t know the “language” of aviation.

There is one more thing; I have been wondering a lot about the airport names, accurately about the PEOPLE who were great enough to get some airports named after them. What did they do? Who were they? I try to find information about those people I don’t really know. I think it is a great way to widen my knowledge and if anyone ever asks me on a flight who Jomo Kenyatta was, I will be able to answer. Saying “I don’t know” would be embarrassing for me, but maybe it’s me who is too perfectionist :).

I don’t wanna learn full bios or something like that, but if I read through their life story and labour, I will be able to say something about them. My favorite “airport individual” is Queen Alia. She caught my attention probably because she is (was) female, that’s all :D.

Alia al-Hussein | Queen Alia International Airport | Amman, Jordan

aliaShe was the daughter of diplomat, Jordan’s first Ambassador to the United Nations and she was born in Egypt, Cairo in 1948. Due to her father’s career, she had the chance to travel the world and she had also lived in many different countries (Egypt, Turkey, UK, US, Italy). After finishing her education (art and political science) she moved to Jordan and worked for Royal Jordanian.  Only after a few months, she married the king, Hussein bin Talal, they say it was true love and happiness. She took a role in social development projects related to children and women. She visited hospitals, orphanages and national institutions several times. In 1974, Alia called for women to be granted the right to vote and be elected for parliament. On 4 April 1974, a law was promulgated granting women this right. She had two own children, Princess Haya and Prince Ali and she even adopted Abir, a 5-year-old Palestinian girl whose mother had been killed by a plane crash at a refugee camp near the Amman airport. (Source: Wikipedia)

Alia died in a helicopter crash in Amman, Jordan on 9 February 1977. Amman’s principal airport  was completed in 1983 and named in her honour.

Here is a really great article about her: Jordan’s Queen of Hearts 

That’s all for now, I hope you liked this post as well :). I’d like to write about various things in order to make the blog more interesting. Tomorrow I probably find out my where I will be accommodated in Dubai, if I do, I am gonna let you know. Have a great Sunday afternoon-evening everybody! 🙂




2 thoughts on “Airport codes

  1. HI again Dorottya, hope you are well 🙂 Hope you have found out about your accommodation 🙂 Three of the main Pakistani airport codes are LHE, ISB, KHI 🙂 But I understand and agree that some names of those cities are quite tough to remember. I just want to ask you a quick question, when you told your family that you wanted to join Emirates, what was their reaction? Did it take them a while to accept and get used to the idea of you working for Emirates? Because it can be very tough on the family, because it is far away from them.

    Kind Regards,

    Fahad xxx


    1. Welcome back, Fahad! 🙂
      My famaily have been supporting me from the beginning, though my dad had some concerns…I told them few weeks after I figured out the idea :). They are sad because I’m leaving, but they know it’s gonna be good for me there.
      Thanks for the codes, actually Pakistani cities are not that hard to remeber, I have problem with the Indians :D.
      And unfortunately I haven’t found out the accommodation yet :(((.


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