Aircraft types

Hello everybody,

Only few days left until I get the information about the fleet type I’m going to operate on in the future. There are many people who have no idea about the differences and the destinations, so these reasons made me to write this post. 

Basically there are two different fleet type, these are the following:

  • Main fleet (A300, A340, B777)
  • Crossed fleet (A380, B777)

As you can see, everyone will be trained for Boeing 777, which is great, cause this aircraft flies to many amazing places. Most of the applicants want to be crossed trained, cause Airbus 380 is a legendary enormous bird with amazing destinations and I guess it is also about prestige to be a cabin crew on this aircraft.

Airbus 330 and Airbus 340: Emirates use these aircrafts mostly on short-haul flights to the Middle East, Asia and Africa and A330 operates to some European destinations as well. According to Wikipedia and Emirates website, the airline currently has:

– 21 of A330-200
– 4 of A340-300
– 1 of A340-500

Airbus 330-200

Airbus 330-200 | 58,8 m length | 14,4 m height | 237, 278 passengers

Airbus 340-300

Airbus 340-300 | 63,6 m length | 16,85 m height | 267 passengers

Airbus 340-500

Airbus 340-500 | 67,9 m length | 17,1 m height | 258 passengers

Boeing 777: Actually B777 also have more types, but I have found only this picture :(. This aircraft has the most extended routes, so basically everyone has chance to travel the world, to has layovers, because – as I have written above – everyone operates on this fleet. B777 is the main reason why no one should complain about what fleet type they get.

– 142 aircrafts of B777


Boeing 777-300 | 73,9 m length | 18,5 m height | 364 passengers

B777-200 has capacity of 290, 346 passengers, while B777-200LR has 266 passengers.

Airbus380: Here comes the all-star favorite one :). There is no wonder, why most people would like to fly on this one: this is a real and luxurious aircraft, the biggest on the world, with bar, shower, etc.

– 67 of A380


Airbus 380-800 | 72,72 m length | 24,9 m height | 544 passengers

Mainfleet advantages:

  • Most of the flights are short, which means you don’t have to work whole day long, so you can have more free time during the day
  • You can sleep in your own bed at the end of the day
  • Friendlier environment among the crew (that’s what I’ve heard)

Mainfleet disadvantages:

  • Short flights mean less flying hours = less money
  • Short flights mean no layover

Airbus380 advantages:

  • Prestige to fly on this huge aircraft
  • Amazing and unique destinations
  • Long haul flights = more flying hours = more money
  • Less crew who operate on this aircraft = better chance to get upgraded to work on business class

Airbus380 disadvantages:

  • Long haul flights are very tiring and demanding for the health
  • Jet lag when you arrive
  • Horrible passenger profiles (for example on all the British flights and even on the New York flights!)

What do you get on B777? Everyone works on this airplane, so basically everyone gets the same after all. You can have many turnarounds and layovers as well, B777 also have amazing destinations (not only A380) and they say it has big galley as well, haha!

Personally, (no surprise) I would like to be crossed-trained, just like everyone else. But on the other hand, I’m not a forever unsatisfied person, I am very happy and more than greatful to work for this airline, so I wouldn’t mind to work on mainfleet either. I am gonna be satisfied with the one I get and I will work very hard to be the best cabin crew for all the passengers who are going to travel with me :).

(By the way, I have heard that in the following 1-2 year, Emirates is gonna train everybody to operate on A380, which means sooner or later everyone has the chance to work on this huge iron bird!)



6 thoughts on “Aircraft types

  1. Thanks for the insightful post about different aircraft types pros & cons. And your new blog theme is seriously gorgeous. We can’t wait to read up on your adventures in Dubai, you never miss out the small but important details 😀


    1. I am glad you liked the post Quin :). I am still working on the theme (since the morning haha), it is not ready yet but thank you very much :)). I do my best to feed your interest 😛 Only 2 weeks, and my first post from Dubai arrives :D.


  2. Hello Dorottya!
    I accidently came across your blog and stuck here for almost an hour reading your posts. They’re very helpful and you’re truly inspiring! 🙂
    I wish you all the best with you training in Dubai! Come and get your wings))
    Unfortunately I’m only 20 years old so I have to wait at least one year to go to OD or AD. On the one hand, it’s a good thing ’cause I still have time to prepare (like improve my English skills or get more working experience), on the other hand I just can’t wait to make my dream true!
    P.S. Hope oneday I’ll be given a chance to fly with you 🙂


    1. Hi Ann, thank you for your comment! 🙂 One year is nothing, it’s gonna pass very quickly. But I know what you mean, I used to feel the same and now it’s unbelievable that I’m joining only in 2 days! I also hope to fly with you one day, would be amazing! 🙂 Let me know if you have any questions, any time! xxx


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