Important things to do before the joining

Hey everybody!

Only 17 days until I move to Dubai… really hard to believe :). I don’t work anymore (which is great!), but I can’t completely rest, I still need to do many things before the big day. This is what I would like to write to you, so you can get one more glimpse of the whole joining process.

Before I start, I would like to share something with you; I had so many visitors on my blog yesterday, it was the busiest day in the life of the blog 😀 ! Thank you very much for all of you who are following me, I really enjoy writing about my experiences and I promise I won’t let you down during the training! 🙂 I might won’t be as active as I’d like to be, but I will do my best to come up with new post on regular basis. 🙂


This post is about the really important things we ALL have to do before we go to Dubai. Probably other airlines have different requirements, so I can only talk about my future airline :).

1.) Get your birth certificate translated into English or Arabic
I think it’s one of the most important things. You have to prove that your parents are really your parents! This is important for the discounts that our family members will receive from the airline. The translation has to be done by authorized signatory.

2.) Photos for HR/ other records
You exactly need 8 photos in passport size (4,5×3,5 cm) with white background, taken in business attire with a big smile. This is the one you have already submitted for the final interview (or later when they required new one), so all we need to do is to get additional onces printed.

3.) Photos for the US visa
Yes, this is something we also need, and it can’t be the same as the one ehich is needed for the HR team, because these photos have different requirements. You need 2 photos in the size of 5×5 cm with white background and with neutral expression, which means no big smiles here. They also suggest for the ladies not to wear too much eye make up.

4.) Photos for flying license
You need 2 again in the size of 3×3,5 cm. They also require neutral face, so I guess you can get the same photo in different size as the one for the US visa.

IMPORTANT: All the photos have to be taken by professional passport photo service, self-taken photos with regular digital camera are not acceptable. That’s what they say.


Here is the sample which was provided by Emirates 


My photos… I look so sad and serious on the one which is needed for the US visa and the flying license :(.

5.) Get colored copies of all the certificates and personal documents
These are: passport (2 copies), academic certificates, E-ticket, E-visa, birth certificate, etc. If you have additional documents, like US visa or so on, you need to carry everything to Dubai. SOmetimes they don’t mention that colored copy is the one they take, but I think it’s still better to get everything in colored :).

6.) Pap smear test for ladies
This is also a must, and you need to take the report to Dubai. This examination can’t be done in Dubai, you need to have it before the joining.

+ 1: My personal, not that important list:
– Take my blazer to dry cleaner
– Get the last blood test done (to check my hemoglobin level)
– Buy all the leftover stuff I’d like to take to Dubai
– Get my nails done (the plan is french manicure 🙂 )
– Get some of my bags washed and cleaned
– Plant my baby cactuses 🙂
– Spend as much time as possible with the people I love
– Donate bunch of toothpaste I still have from summer
– Close my bank account
– Notify my moving to the related authorities
– Clean my room and sort out my stuff (books, clothes, etc.)

I am pretty sure I will find out all the important information (aircraft type, accommodation) within a week, because the people who join only a week before me, they already have all these information. It’s getting exciting :).




9 thoughts on “Important things to do before the joining

  1. Oh, Thank you so much for such useful information! I got my GC yesterday, and today I got the letter with further steps! I was so confused with all that information! And after reading your blog I know what to do next! Thank you! And see you in Dubai! My DOJ – 1/01/16 !!!!)) Marina, Saint-Petersburg, Russia)


    1. Oh wow, what a great news, congratulation Marina! 🙂 I am so happy for you! And I am also glad I could help you! If you have any questions during the whole joining process, I am happy to help!
      See you in Dubai! 😉


  2. Hi Dorottya, how are you? hope you are well 🙂 My name is Fahad, I am a business student at university in Melbourne, Australia. I have come across your blog, because I really enjoy reading blogs from Emirates Cabin Crew Members. I am enjoying reading your blog, it was very well written. Really like the way you have written about the things you need to do before joining. Also I think it amazing how Lilla the friend you made during the process you went through is going to be on your flight to Dubai. I am apply for Emirates next year when I complete my university business degree. I really like Emirates airline, my favourite airline. I frequently travel with Emirates, the cabin crew for Emirates is the best, they are really friendly & take good care of the passengers to enable them to enjoy the flights. It is a little ironic that I will actually be having a stopover in Dubai a couple days after you arrive there 🙂 I think for myself it’ll be very tough to get through the whole process. But your story is very inspiring, the way you have worked hard to achieve your goal is amazing. It is a very good example to everyone not to give up on their dreams and goals. Two quick questions, how and when did you decide that you wanted to became an Emirates Cabin Crew Member? Also how much luggage are you allowed take with you? I know generally it is 30kg but wondering if it is different for you as you are relocating to work for Emirates. Just before I finish (I hope this comment hasn’t bored you because it is quite long, sorry if it has) I want to congratulate you to get to stage, it is a brilliant achievement. I wish you all the best with your new and amazing Emirates adventure, I am sure you are going to be very successful, people who have worked as hard as you end up getting success they deserve 🙂

    Fahad xxx


    1. HEy Fahad, thank you very much for your comment, I didn’t mind the length at all, it is a big honour actually to have people like you who don’t mind the time to write such a a long comment :).
      I really appreciate every single words you wrote me, my heart was melting while I was reading it. You made my day and I mean it! 🙂
      Sometimes the whole journey I made is still unbelievable for myself as well. I wouldn’t do anything on another way, I would not wish to be successful for the first time, because working hard for this dream made be better if you know what I mean. I’ve learnt a lot about myself and not giving up but working very hard gave me pricless skills. I am very lucky to have this achievement in this early age of mine (23). I remember my first assessment day, I had been preparing a lot and my appearance was perfect, but as I saw the other 120 people, I only had one thing in my mind: “What the hell I am doing here? I am not good enough to get the job”. I made a very long journey till I got successful :). I would encourage you to prepare and try and don’t give up! IF we really want something in our lifes, we are gonne get it :).

      The idea came in December of 2013 when I read a blog about a fellow Emirates cabin crew. That blog gave me so much motivation, that’s one reason why I’m also blogging 🙂
      We are allowed to take 50 kg but in separate luggages :).
      And again, thank you very-very much for your comment and your wishes! I also wish you the best, if you have any questions, feel free to ask antime, and I hope you are gonna follow my blog on regular basis because it is amazing to have followers like you! 🙂

      See you in Dubai! 😉


  3. You are most welcome, Dorottya 🙂 I understand what you mean, when you work hard to achieve something even struggle, it actually makes that thing more rewarding. Which I guess is the case for you. I am very happy for you that you have achieved your dream, I am sure you will be very successful, you seem very dedicated to me from reading your blog 🙂 I can understand how seeing 120 people striving for the same objective goal as you be daunting. But you great credit you for going through the long journey to achieve your goal 🙂 I got the idea of wanting to go for this position last November when I was preparing to travel with Emirates from Australia to Pakistan. I was reading information about Emirates, came across a video of cabin crews talking about what it is like to work for Emirates and the lifestyle in Dubai. I will go for this position next June. I at least want to try so that later on in my life I don’t regret that not going for it. I want to go for it because of the different challenge and living abroad, it would be a good life changing experience for me. The thing I really love about Emirates is how they are friendly with their passengers and always wanting to make the experience more enjoyable. They include hotel accommodation to economy tickets for 8 hour plus layovers at good hotels like Copthorne & Arabian Park hotels with meals included. No other airline does this for economy passengers. When I travel with Emirates I really look forward to the flying part & the layover in Dubai 🙂

    I read your blog about the aircraft types, very well written 🙂 I’ve traveled mostly on the B777, I once traveled on the A380 when flying directly from Melbourne to Dubai, it was an amazing experience. I will be traveling on it again at the end of January when I travel back from Pakistan, on my flight from Dubai to Melbourne.

    Anyway, I look forward to continue to follow your blog, keep the posts coming 🙂 Once again the best of wishes to you for your new amazing Emirates adventure, I am sure you will be successful with your hard working attitude 🙂 See you in Dubai, you might be the part of the cabin crew on my flight from Dubai to Melbourne at the end of January 😛

    xxx 🙂


    1. Ohh, I haven’t known about the passengers’ layover allowance 🙂 This is very amazing indeed! It is gonna be a huge honor to work for such a great airline! 🙂 I hope you gonna get this position when time comes for you :). I start to fly at the end of January, so there is a chance to see you on board! 😀 Would be fun 😀 !


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