Last day in the office

Hey everybody!

This day has to come as well… yesterday was the last working day of the month, which means that day was my last one in the office as well. I exactly have 3 weeks left until I move to Dubai, the time goes super fast, I can’t believe I’m almost there!


This is me, representing my company during an event

Yesterday I decided to walk to the office through the forest. It has been the part of my routine from the beginning and I wanted to do it one more time. The office isn’t far from my home, so after 10 minutes on the bus, I can get off and do this walk, which takes only 20-25 additional minutes. If I choose to use public transportation during the whole way, it takes 30 minutes longer! I guess it sounds weird and confused, but this is the truth. The bus goes on a long way, so it’s better to walk :). Most of the time I still used public transportation during the whole way, specially when the weather was too hot, rainy or when the soil was muddy.

I took some photos about the forest, this is something I’m gonna miss! Starting the day with 30 minutes walking in the nature, is refreshing and priceless. I’m glad I had this opportunity :).

IMG_1291 IMG_1294

IMG_1296 IMG_1303

Leaving the office makes different emotions inside. I had got my diploma in February and I started working here in April, so it was my very first full-time job ever. I didn’t apply for this position, they offered me the job, which was a big honor for me. I had big expectations and hopes, but unfortunately I got disappointed after a while. Honestly the job itself was too boring for me. Sometimes I had challenges and different type of tasks, but basically it was the same everyday. Sitting on a chair and staring at the screen for 8-9 hours is not easy but demanding.

About the other people; this is a small family business with only 35 employees and it was a good basis for gossiping. Some of my colleagues are not easy to deal with. I don’t wanna get into deep details, unbearable people exist everywhere, I simply tried not to care about them, when they were bitching. Team work didn’t work because of them, the office still have problems because of negligence. I’m glad I won’t see this people anymore.

Despite of this 2-3 girls, I met amazing, nice and kind people, some of them are one of a kind! We had really good time together, I remember the long lunch breaks we had and talked about almost everything!
I also had nice moments here, mostly when I didn’t have to do the basic office paper work. When we had our partners from Bahrein, that was a really enjoyable day for me! Or when I represented the company on a special event, that was also a great feeling. On Thursday I even participated on a photo shooting (as a model 😛 ) and I really enjoyed it!

ilcsi1 ilcsi3

Having green mask during the photos shooting + participating on an event in the behalf of my company

 So sometimes I had great and various tasks to do, but actually I don’t mind to leave the office. This is not me, I’m not the “office type girl”. If I hadn’t been hired, I would have tried to find another job anyway. I miss having direct contact with customers and partners, but I don’t have to wait for this environment anymore :P.



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